24 Unique Newborn Baby Gift Ideas For Boys & Girls

Searching for gifts for a newborn baby is a task in itself. Indian parents do expect unique, useful and amazing gifts. One can totally go wrong with their ideas of gifting any showpieces for a newborn baby as it will not be of any use for them.

As said by Steve Prefontaine, “To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift.

This is a common scenario when it comes to searching special and personalized gifts for an infant which should be as cute as that infant.

To overcome this scenario, one should think of some practical gifting options, and for helping you choose the perfect gift for new born babies, we have made this amazing list. You can choose from any of these uniques gift idea which is suitable for both boys and girls.

List of 24 Unique Gift Ideas for Newborn Baby:

1. Disposable Diapers

Disposable Diapers

This is one of the most practical gifting options one could think of. Lots of money per year is spent by a parent on these diapers. They will be more than happy if you gift them one. As these diapers are disposable, it reduces the task of cleaning and drying them.

2. Baby Wipes

Baby Wipes

These wipes come in two forms i.e. cloth wipes or paper wipes. They are used for hygiene purposes, and gifting baby wipes will be a great option. Baby wipes are disposable and hence less or no maintenance required.

3. Baby Healing Ointment

Baby Healing Ointment

If babies are wearing diapers, then there are chances of them to get diaper rashes and there is no fury like a baby with diaper rash. This ointment will be of great help in combating with itchy, cracked or rashed skin of the newborn baby.

4. Newborn Arrival Gift Set

Newborn Arrival Gift Set

Baby Care Product comes in handy and it will be a great gifting option for a newborn baby. It consists of all the products which a newborn may need such as, Gentle baby shampoo, Nourishing baby oil, Diaper rash cream, Moisturizing baby soap, Baby lotion, Baby powder, Gentle baby wipes, etc.

5. Diaper Disposal System

Diaper Disposal System

Diaper Disposal System will be a unique gifting idea. Apart from being unique, it is also a very practical option as it will great for containing odour. It reduces the task of Bending, Twisting and Squishing the diapers. Apart from being useful, it is really simple to use.

6. Steaming Bags

These bags are really useful in the case of newborn babies. It will clean and disinfect all those teeny and hard-to-clean things. Apart from all this, it also disinfects pacifiers and cups. These bags are very helpful in maintaining hygiene for the baby.

7. Diaper Bag Cum Portable Crib

Diaper Bag Cum Portable Crib

This will be a great option to gift it for a newborn. It will be a multipurpose gift that can be carried as a diaper bag with things stuffed in it and it can be converted to a crib when required by opening it.

8. Baby Carrier Sling

Baby Carrier Sling

Babies always want to be carried by their moms and this ultimately leads to achy hands, especially for those parents who go out on travel very often. These Baby Carrier Slings should be chosen according to the age of the baby as infants are very delicate and hence need more support for their neck

9. Baby Bather

Baby Bather

Newborns are very delicate, hence their mothers are worried about bathing them. Therefore, it will be great to gift a baby bather as it will help moms to bathe their newborns with ease and with all these, it is practical and portable.

10. Baby Clothes

Disposable Diapers

Gifting baby clothes for a newborn baby will be the safest option as it is both practical and useful at the same time. Babies never have enough clothes and it will be a good addition to them. Baby clothes come in a wide range of varieties i.e. from plain to fancy, from less costly to very expensive.

11. Baby Laundry Detergent

Baby Laundry Detergent

As babies can easily be infected by germs and require much softness in their clothes as compared to grown-ups, it becomes necessary to use something which fulfills their need. There comes a savior for this condition i.e. Baby Laundry Detergent. It will be safe, soothing and with a great fragrance. This will lead to easy stain removal and also keeps the fabric soft.

12. Mittens And Booties

Mittens And Booties

Mittens and booties will be of great use for the tiny tots. It will keep them warm when taken out for a walk or any visit. These are designed to provide a soft and warm touch to the baby. It can be used for different types of weather and looks cute as well.

13. Baby Stroller Pram

Baby Stroller Pram

Prams, also known as Modular Travel System can be transformed into many different forms according to the need of the hour. They very safe, comfortable and easy to carry wherever you want to take them. These are lightweight, which adds to its advantage and make them more popular among parents of infants.

14. Beddings/Blankets


Gifting a Bedding set/Blanket set will be a good option which comprises a crib mattress, sheets, pillows, blankets etc. Bedding set can be chosen in various attractive colour, pattern or cartoon characters. Nowadays, even blankets for babies come in various types such as fleece, quilted or swaddling blankets.

15. Cot/Cradle

Cot/Cradle can also be gifted if the baby is from your close family. They come in various sizes and with railings as well so that the baby doesn’t fall down. It comes with a cover of good quality fabric which is removable as well as washable and also protects infants from mosquitoes.

16. JJ Cole Bundle Me

Generally, newborns are loaded with so many layers to keep them warm, but this becomes a hassle sometimes. Bundle Me comes with cozy shearling lining which keeps the baby warm. It comes with a chain which can be opened to avoid overheating for the baby once you are indoor.

17. NoseFrida Snotsucker

This will good for newborns as they can’t blow their own noses and get stuffed up miserably which doesn’t let them breathe properly. It consists of a tube that helps to draw out the mucus from the baby’s nose.

18. Bassinet Mattress Covers

These mattress covers will of great use for the newborns. Since newborns tend to spoil mattress way more than grown-up kids, hence water-resistant mattress covers are required. This will avoid mattresses to get dirty easily as they are difficult to clean.

19. Portable Baby Stuff Organiser

These Organiser comes in handy and is multipurpose as well. They can be of various sizes, designs, colors, etc. such as big canvas storage, basket, and boxes. It will help in organizing stuff and utilize the space in a better way.

20. 3D Hand and Foot Impression Casting Kit

Some parents like to preserve their beautiful memories forever. 3D Hand and Foot Impression Casting Kit will be a good way to do it. Because of this gift, they will always cherish these beautiful moments for their entire life.

21. Baby Photo Album

Parents of the newborn will love this gift idea as they will definitely click more photos now. Your gift will be with them for years to come and make them happy every time they open it. So if you want to gift some genuine and quality things to your friends or family, here is one mentioned below.

22. Silver Jewelry for the newborn baby

Gifting silver jewelry to the infant or toddler is both a tradition and trend nowadays. Parents in India also expect and wish to buy jewelry for their young children.

If you are also planning to buy a similar kinds of things than you have plenty of options. There are accessories like bracelets, anklets, pendants, a pair of earrings(if the newborn is a girl), bangles, spoon, etc.

23. Rattlers and Musical Toys

Toys have always been a common gift option for babies. But before you buy any toy, you should always follow safety precautions in mind when choosing toys for children of any age. Here are some of them:

  • Check for choking hazards
  • Pay attention to toy labels and age recommendations
  • Ride safely
  • Be cautious with batteries
  • Help prepare toys for children

24. Baby Pacifier/Teethers

Baby pacifiers and teethers satisfy a baby’s need to suck, right after birth. If you want to buy such things than you can shop from a wide range of teething rings and toys at great prices.

These were some of the Unique Gifting Ideas for Newborn Baby Girl and Baby Boy. I hope this list comes to your and help you in searching some usual and unusual gift as well as useful gifting options and stand out from the rest.

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