Best Water Purifier in India to Provide you Completely Safe and Clean Drinking Water

Water is the most important aspect of life. It should be clean and ok for drinking as it impacts the wellbeing. This is a fundamental requirement for everybody and staying away from it can bring numerous risky medical problems. This crucial gift of life is probably the best solvent. Dissolving any substances is its ability. It would be a dangerous condition of an individual if contaminated water is consumed.

Infections, microbes and dangerous microorganisms in water can cause a major issue in one’s well being. Such water may cause waterborne disease that can hamper in a devastating manner.  To keep these sort of this away and stay blessed with clean water, one requires the Best Water Purifier.

People use water purifiers to get clean and solid drinking water for utilization.  Along these lines, this is an unquestionable requirement to have an apparatus in your kitchen.

The best answer to have the delightful nature of water is to put resources into a water purifier which can remove all the dirtying and toxic substances from the water and makes it safe for drinking and healthier life.

There are a lot of manufacturers in this water purifier business in India. Thus, numerous inquiries go through one’s mind like which of them is ideal, which isn’t and which of the water purifier brands satisfy all the required guidelines. A few producers even give a false commitment to the working of water purifiers. Hence, it is important to pick simply the best water purifier so as to allow safe drinking water.

We know multiple types of water purifiers use a number of purification technologies like RO, UV, UF, filters like carbon and sediment to purify water, making it free from all kinds of contaminants. Knowing the type of purifier and choosing the right one is a vital thing that will change the way you drink water.

One must know which the best water purifier for acquiring cleaner and healthier water is. All things considered, the undertaking has been made very simple as we have recorded the best brands and models of Water Purifiers for you, following is the rundown:

How to choose the right water purifier?

  • Water Quality: 

You have to get the water checked at home earlier than buying a water filter. The TDS level and water hardness will be paramount in this appreciate. If the water delivers at your home has excessive TDS and is hard i.E. The salt content material in water is higher, then choosing an RO water filter is better. While if the water is soft and, with low TDS, a multi-level carbon filter out will do the important purification.

  • Water infection: 

If the water has an excessive contamination degree, going with a UV+UF+RO can be the right preference. But if contamination is best in the nature of sediments and micro organisms then a carbon filter out with UF will do the job nicely.

  • Storage Capacity:

The water filtration and storage capability ought to be capable of in shape your each day necessities for drinking and kitchen use. 

  • Warranty and Certification:

Always take a look at the certifications of the water filter you’re going to shop for. It will assist you to become aware of a genuine and real brand and nice product. Along with this, it’s miles essential which you test for the warranty of the product.

You have simply gone through an exhaustive shopping for a guide for the high-quality water purifier. Having visible the features of different water purifiers; you’ll have were given a fair concept of what to anticipate in the marketplace. Now, you may recognize that buying a high-quality water cleaner isn’t always that simple. You ought to study lots of factors. This shopping for the manual has blanketed every component in detail.

Best Water Purifier in India

Purifier NameTechnology usedLink
Faber Galaxy Plus9 Liters, 8 Stage Mineral Water Purifier with Upto 2500 TDSView here

A.O.Smith X8 Green
9 Litre Wall Mountable, Table Top RO+SCMT with 9 Litre tank Water Purifier with Baby-safe water purificationView here

A.O.Smith Z8 Green RO
10 Litre Wall MountableView here

 KENT Grand

RO and UV with TDS ControllerView here
HUL Pureit Classic G2 

RO + UV 6 Stage purification with 6 liters tank water PurifierView here

Blue Star Majesto Water Purifier

8-Litre RO + UV Water PurifierView here

KENT Wonder Water Purifier

RO and UV with a detachable tank for efficient cleaningView here

Havells Max Alkaline
RO and UV along with added natural minerals for extra absorptionView here

Eureka Forbes Dr. Aquaguard Magna HD RO Water Purifier
RO and UV, fully automatic with elegant desingnView here

R. K. Aqua Fresh India Water Purifier
RO and UV View here

1. Faber Galaxy Plus

Faber Galaxy Plus

Faber Galaxy Plus water purifier has the capacity to purify & store 9 liters of water in its tank. With Faber Galaxy Plus you get a warranty 1 year on the product so you don’t need to worry about its working. The technology used in it is RO, UV, Mineralizer water purification.

One of the best features of this fabulous product is the 8 stage mineral water purification that helps to eliminate all the bacteria and germs in the water and give you the absolute pure water for drinking. You will receive a user manual, warranty card, and installation kit. It is available in white color.


  • Low wattage and compact design.
  • Water capacity is 9 liters, sufficient for 1-day consumption.
  • 9 stage water purification
  • Economically priced.   
  • Electric purifier  


  • Hard to contact customer care.
  • Taste enhancer is minor.

2. A.O.Smith X8 Green

 A.O.Smith X8 Green

A.O.Smith X8 Green is the best RO purifier available in the market today.

A.O.Smith X8 Green has excellent features like it automatically turns off power once the water tank is full. It has the capacity to purify & store 9 liters of water in its tank. It also has a water level indicator.

The technology used in it is advanced RO, UV, SCMT purification. The best part about this product is its Free Installation service. along with the baby-safe water that makes it favorable for every member of your family.

With A.O.Smith X8 Green, you will receive Water Purifier, ZX Double protection filter along with A.O. Smith Z9 Ro water purification to ensure all the water goes through the purification and makes the drinking much safer.


  • Beautiful design.
  • Baby-safe water
  • Completely silent with auto shut technology.
  • RO, UV, SCMT purification
  • Automatically turns off when the tank is full


·        Installation not provided on time.

3. A.O.Smith Z8 Green RO

A.O.Smith Z8 Green RO

This water purifier is available in the Black color. The best part of this water purifier is that its Mineralizers adds essential minerals like Calcium and Magnesium back into the water which ensures that the water tastes fresh and natural and has a balanced pH. This is an essential requirement for drinking water. Another amazing feature of this water purifier is the HOT WATER at a press of a button that gives you purified hot water with added minerals at two temperature choices of 45°C and 80°C. The water tank capacity of this water purifier to store purified water is 10 liters.


  • Water tank capacity is 10 liters.
  • Water temperature ranges from 45°C and 80°C.
  • Child lock facility available. 


  • Filtration process wastes a lot of water.
  • Expensive in comparison to other water filters.

 4. KENT Grand 8-Litres

KENT Grand 8-Litres

Discuss water purifiers and the primary name that strikes in the mind is Kent. With lakhs of positive audits, KENT has become famous in the market with its superb products. Every one of the channels is uniquely built to cooperate, delivering the most secure best-tasting water you’ll ever drink. It is available in White color and the power consumption of this purifier is 60W. It has the capacity to store purified water in its tank is 8 liters. Tank is made up of Food Grade Plastic material.  The best part of this product is that the manufacturer provides a free installations service with this product. With KENT Grand you get a warranty of 1 year plus additional 3-year service with no service charge.  The technology used in this RO+UV +UF+ TDS Mineralizer water purification. With this product, you will receive Water Purifier, Installation kit and User manual.


  • Comes with a UV fail alarm, which notifies the user to change the filters.
  • Perfect for hard water.
  • Great water taste with 100% purity assurance.


  • High maintenance cost.
  • Ro filtration process wastes a lot of water.

5. HUL Pureit Classic G2 Water Purifier

HUL Pureit Classic G2 Water Purifier

On the off chance that one is searching for the best water purifier, at that point, HUL Pureit Classic G2 water purifier is the best that you can bring home in. When you have introduced this item, you would not require some other water purifier for a long time. On account of its high sturdiness, you can utilize this purifier for quite a long time without confronting any grumblings or issues. HUL Pureit Classic G2  comprises a tank that gives a limit of 6 liters.

Auto shut off alternative is highlighted in this water purifier. It likewise empowers higher purging with 6 stages refinement utilizing the PP Melt Blown Pre-Sediment Filter, Pre-RO Carbon Filter, Post Carbon Sediment Filter, Reverses Osmosis Membrane, UV Chamber and Post-RO Carbon Filter. Discussing the guarantee, at that point, this water purifier is well-bolstered with the 1-year guarantee period. The working of the water purifier depends right this minute cleansing procedure of RO and UV working.


  • Leakproof with non-toxic plastic.
  • Less water wastage.
  • 6-stage purification
  • Water is purified twice.


  • Makes loud vibrating noise.
  • Has an external filter which looks cumbersome.

6. Blue Star Majesto MA4BSAM02

Blue Star Majesto MA4BSAM02

Blue Star has acquired its enchantment in the water purifier section. The Blue Star Majesto 8L (RO+UV) Water Purifier is the ideal case of a water purifier that changes over polluted water to unadulterated water with its highlights and functionalities.

With the astonishing Aqua Taste Booster innovation of this water purifier, you will never need to bargain with the water taste and quality. To guarantee that the water is free from every one of the pollutions and debasements a 6 stage cleansing procedure is trailed by this water purifier. It likewise accompanies a child lock include which guarantees the minimum or no wastage of water.


  • 8 Liters storage of water tank
  • Sleek and attractive design.
  • Works well even with high-level TDS water.


  • Doesn’t work well with low water pressure.
  • RO filtration wastes a lot of water.

7. KENT Wonder RO Water Purifier

KENT Wonder RO Water Purifier

The brand has kept on conveying an enormous number of water purifiers that were adored by the majority. Kent Wonder 7-liter wall mounted countertop RO water purifier accompanies a huge limit of the water tank, around 7 liters which guarantee that the whole family gets a nonstop supply of pure water.

Likewise, the item additionally accompanies numerous appealing determinations that you should know about before investing in the item. These highlights incorporate the nearness of completely programmed task, an implicit SMPS, and push-fit segments, ensuring that there are no spillages and in this way guaranteeing higher execution. Most importantly, it has a 1-year guarantee + multi-year no administration charges.


  • Diaphragm type pump gives silent operation.
  • Removable tank with top split lead.
  • 7-litre detachable tank for easy cleaning
  • RO, UF, and TDS water purification


  • Late installation provided by the company.

8. Havells Max Alkaline Water Purifier 

Havells Max Alkaline Water Purifier

Turns around Osmosis and Ultraviolet decontamination are the best procedures accessible today to refine water in India. Havells Max Alkaline 7-Liter RO+UV Water Purifier highlights both these frameworks. Consequently, you get perfect and refined water each time you utilize this apparatus. Most importantly, this water channel has a brilliant appearance, whereby you can balance it in a conspicuous corner of the kitchen divider.

This framework accompanies a seven phase water sanitization process. Where the sediment filter dispenses with enormous polluting influences from the info wellspring of water, the pre-activated carbon channel evacuates natural contaminations to decrease the heap on the RO channel.

The RO filtering framework is the core of the machine. It deals with overwhelming metal contaminations like arsenic, lead, antimony, and other destructive contaminants. The post-activated carbon channel expels the hints of natural pollutants that stay after the RO separating process. It likewise kills awful scent and makes the water delectable to drink. The Ultraviolet chamber guarantees to dispose of microbes and infections to make the water sheltered and sterile to drink.


  • Excellent body type and appearance.
  • Provides healthy alkaline water.
  • space for utensil while filing water
  • Enhanced natural mineral for extra benefits
  • Extra hydrating and mineral absorption


  • Requires replacement of filters in every 2 years.

9. Eureka Forbes Dr. Aquaguard Magna HD RO Water Purifier

Eureka Forbes Dr. Aquaguard Magna HD RO Water Purifier

Eureka Forbes Dr. Aquaguard Magna HD RO Water Purifier accompanies the free installation and does not require any master help to introduce it. The water purifier accompanies a RO+UV water decontamination innovation that ensures that you get the most perfect type of water with all the required minerals.

It accompanies an enormous limit, of around 7 liters, which ensures that you get a high amount of water while keeping up its characteristic taste. This water purifier from Eureka does ponder by keeping every impurity out of the water, regardless of what source it originates from.

The minimal space saver configuration makes it considerably increasingly appealing, as it could fit anywhere in your kitchen. Other astounding highlights of this water purifier incorporate an auto brilliant fill include that guarantees that the water is naturally refilled and along these lines give a consistent supply of drinking water.

It is very advantageous to use as this one of a kind water purifier comes with no manual function and is all programmed. This guarantees even the youngest individuals from your family can get pure water for themselves. Aside from these exceptional highlights, the company additionally offers a whole year of guarantee along with the filter to guarantee total consumer loyalty.


  • Easy installation.
  • Fully automatic, no manual operation needed.
  • 7-liter water tank
  • Nutrition and Biotron cartridge for healthier water


  • Wastes a lot of water during filtration.

10. R. K. Aqua Fresh India Water Purifier

R. K. Aqua Fresh India Water Purifier

R.K. Water Fresh is an outstanding name in the business which focuses on all the normal needs of the clients in the most advantageous way. The high reasonableness of this water purifier makes it helpful for the greater part of the individuals to purchase this item. The propelled water sanitization innovation of this water purifier makes a point to clean every conceivable pollution from the water. It accompanies water stockpiling limit of 15L that makes it an ideal fit for little just as for enormous families.

RO and UV innovations evacuate the microscopic organisms, infections, and debasements from the water while the UF and TDS guarantees to adjust and keep up the required measure of characteristic minerals in the water. The reduced and appealing plan of the water purifier makes it advantageous for the clients to benefit as much as possible from the water refinement process. It is well-secured with a 1-year guarantee.

Pros :

  • Check with the best quality.
  • Unique 15 liters storage tank.
  • Low-power consumption
  • 1-year warranty
  • Advanced filtering technology along with TDS controller


  • Poor customer support.


Now the bottom line is, you must be healthy and a heathier living can be maintained if we make sure the basic necessities of life are pure among which is the water. The water we intake must be clean and clear. We have jotted down all the best water purifier with different specification. You can choose from the best and make a happy living. Happy Water Purifier Shopping.

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