Best UPS for Computer in Power Protection for Home & Business

Back in the days when computers came up and were getting the hike in the market, the user felt one situation that was a big problem. They were not basically having a good time when accidentally the power cuts off or anything happens with the electricity. What they faced was a huge data loss when the power suddenly goes off while they were working with their data and this was a huge loss. 

To control this situation, companies workaround to provide a device that gives us some amount of time to save our data and maybe work a bit longer when this sort of situation aroused. 

We were blessed with “UPS”. 

It is an external power supply that will provide you a certain amount of battery life to hold your data for an accidental loss during a power cut or electricity cut off. 

Indian electricity is great by no means but many of the times the power goes off suddenly. We are still not in the days where we do not have any electricity cut off but hope in the near future there comes some time when we are blessed with full-time electricity. 

The power cut may be due to some wiring issues that might be going on or some damage to the transformers in the locality. But what is important is that we might be on our computer with some seriously important data and being in such a situation might be the last thing we might dream of. 

If you are a computer or a PC user you might have faced the issue of data loss many of the time and in modern days you can see a rectangular box that occupies your computer desk and provides you the backup battery life your system needs in such situation. This is the UPS and for every Indian house or office with a computer, this is an integral part of a computer desk.

How to choose the Best UPS for a computer?

  • Outlet

The outlet is what you get at the back of the UPS that can be used to power other appliances. These are the section that is used to power either your PC, camera or wifi routers. The more the sockets means that you can utilize the UPS for various appliances charging or running. At the least, a single power outlet is what you get but more of the sockets mean that you are blessed for connecting other appliances other than PC.

  • Runtime

The runtime is what a UPS is sought out for. Basically runtime is the backup time that you get to make all your finalization to save your workload. It is the wrap-up time that you get to shut off your work safely. Hence

  • Price

UPS price may vary according to the outlet it is serving and also varies in the battery time. Choosing a UPS within the price range varies according to our need and requirement. For home and personal use, you can go for a low range of price but don’t give up on the features if you lack them.

  • Usage Type 

Usage type is one of the matters you might on to keep in mind while buying. You might be a normal regular home user or a gamer who might want to save the game progress or at the office desk, the usage depends on. There might be some other outlets you might be attaching with it like the charger or any other appliances hence you must choose one depending on your usage type. 

  • Noise 

UPS produces some sort of processing noise and it is obvious because the power consumption is huge. You must keep in mind that you should not get irritated or uncomfortable with the pitch of noise. There are silent ones too and choosing a silent one is a good one. 

  • Warranty

When you buy a UPS you might want that to stay along with you in every of your workload situations. You put a price on it and you want it to stay as long as possible. One year warranty is minimum that you will be getting for a maximum of UPS but if you find one that serves more of that period, it is always acceptable. 

Best UPS for PC in India

Today we bring you the best UPS that you can buy in India for your computer. Let’s see what makes them out of the box to be the best overall.

1. APC BX600C-IN 600VA


APC is one of the leading brands in the UPS world and APC BX600C-IN is no doubt an amazing product by them. With BIS certification and 2 years of the warranty period, this device contains 3 battery-backed outlets with supreme surge protection.

With battery saver it helps to increase the battery life up to 3 times and the user can easily work with consistency throughout the battery life. You can always run the pc on 0v to 90 v of power difference which means you need not worry if there is high voltage or low voltage. It is specially designed to be paired with PCs but you can also use along for LED TV, router and other home appliances. 


  1. Audible alarms for notification of power and UPS conditions
  2. Automatic self-test to check battery conditions 
  3. Automatic voltage regulation along with boosts in case of voltage fluctuation 
  4. Charging Indicator 
  5. Faster battery charging


  1. Average backup time 
  2. The alarm system may degrade unusually 
  3. Not for heavy workload or gaming 

2. Circle Power Backup 600VA Microprocessor Control UPS

Circle Power Backup 600VA Microprocessor Control UPS

Circle Power Backup is another in the list that is cheaper and guarantees high reliability. It has some unique features like a boost in the automatic voltage regulation which basically means you can enjoy a healthy continuous battery even in the changing voltage scenario. This UPS automatically restarts when the AC power is on. It is itself a DC start processor and is highly based on the microprocessor controllers. This is a small 600V compact UPS that can fit anywhere and weighs 4.5 Kg along which you get a year of warranty.


  1. High reliability 
  2. AVR booster
  3. DC start functionality 
  4. Small and compact 
  5. Budget-friendly 


  1. Shorter life span 
  2. Not heavy workload-friendly 

3. APC BX1100C-IN 1100VA 230V Back-UPS

APC BX1100C-IN 1100VA 230V Back UPS

The BIS certified battery backup is an ideal choice not only for PC but for many other appliances. It provides a full fledge 45 mins of back up for a single PC with voltage window ranging from 0-90 volt. The inbuilt AVR gives the necessary power supply and helps in running the equipment smoothly under high and low voltage.

APC BX1100C-IN 1100VA 230V Back-UPS contains 4 battery-backed outlets that give the required voltage at a continuous frame. There are also battery indicator, audible alarms to notify about the power change and condition of the device. It also features faster charging along with a self-test in case the battery is draining. 


  1. Audible alarms for notification of power and UPS conditions
  2. Automatic self-test to check battery conditions 
  3. Automatic voltage regulation along with boosts in case of voltage fluctuation 
  4. Charging Indicator 
  5. Faster battery charging


  1. Average backup time 
  2. The alarm system may degrade unusually 
  3. Not for heavy workload or gaming 

4. Champion UPS 800VA For Computer

Champion UPS 800VA For Computer

Champion is an 800VA UPS that is capable to handle a single PC load up to 20 minutes according to the workload with its 12V 9Ah battery. While this may seem like short battery life and stand by time it is used across many home and offices as a backup for desktop computers in India. It is ISO 9001:2008 certified and you get a whopping 2 year of warranty with this. 

We have seen a black box in every computer desk in our recent days. This is the shadow of the same device that you imagine as a UPS in your desk which lets you safely shut down your computer after saving delicate of information indecent amount of backup time.


  1. ISO certified 
  2. Protection from short circuit and overload
  3. 20 minutes of time to safely turn off the computer
  4. 2 year of warranty 


  1. Shorter battery life span
  2. Smaller backup time 

5. Microtek 800VA UPS For Computer PC

Microtek 800VA UPS For Computer PC

Microtek UPS is an 800Va double battery that has over-voltage protection feature to protect the computer in case of high voltage. This also has automatic voltage regulation for lower voltage.

One of the main features of this UPS is the fuse protection that has a pulse to pulse electronic protection. The sockets can be used to charge any of your smartphones in case of emergency or other smaller load devices like a wifi router. You also get a year of warranty which is decent for all sort of single PC use. 


  1. Double battery 
  2. AVR method for voltage protection
  3. Fuse protection
  4. Supports smaller load like smartphone, camera and wifi router also


  1. Outlets are limited to connect 
  2. Smaller backup time 

6. Numberic UPS Digital 600EX-V

Numeric UPS Digital 600EX-V

This Numberic Digital UPS is a very unique piece of UPS that you will fall in love shortly. With cold start features and extended battery runtime, you also get the battery management.

Another great feature of this is the super boost AVR that helps in managing the voltage fluctuation that happens around our nation. At the bottom line, you get a decent amount of time to safely save your data and soundly shut off your system. Along with this, there are 3 sockets of 3 pin that you can use to charge or power up any other appliances too. You also get the 1 year of warranty from the manufacturer.


  • Cold start function
  • 3 sockets with 3 pin
  • Advance AVR technology
  • 2-year warranty inclusive of batteries


  • Does not support lo power loads

7. Luminous UPS Uno 6

Luminous is a company for manufacturing batteries of high quality and this is no exception. This Luminous UPS Uno 6 is a microcontroller-based UPS that has a smart and intelligent charging which is fit to give you the longest battery life. Apart from this, this can also cold start allowing your PC to start from the UPS itself along with the no shut load shutdown that further prevents battery discharge saving a lot of energy consumption. The smart charge in this means the battery are charged faster within 4-5 hour.


  • Durable UPS
  • Smart and intelligent charging
  • Faster charging within 4-5 hour
  • Cold start function
  • Shutdown if no load for power consumption
  • Works as a voltage stabilizer


  • Shorter backup time

8. Intex Gaama UPS

With the battery type of 12V / 7AH X 2 and battery capacity of 1000v/500W Intex, 1000V Gamma UPS is one of the best UPS that you can buy in India. The voltage handling capacity range from 140 to 300VAC. The backup time is 50 min on a single PC. While the charging time can be a little daunting for someone with frequent power cut in their locality, the 9-hour charging time can be helpful in some case.


  1. 1000v/5000W battery 
  2. Wide voltage range
  3. 50 minutes of backup time
  4. Flexible voltage range 
  5. Longer battery life span 


  1. Charging time is huge 
  2. A little heavier 

9. Intex Protector 725 UPS

The Intex 725 watt UPS is a compact size up that is very helpful in serving at the time of need. This microprocessor-controlled system guarantees high reliability over the time period and is backed up by boosted AVR methodology for stable voltage supply. 

It has also the feature of auto restart while the AC power is charging. If there is no load to server, this gets auto-shutdown and saves power consumption. The methodology is the simulated sine wave that helps in the cold start function and off mode charging. While the recharge time might be huge for a battery of this site, you get a year of warranty which serves well. 


  1. Boosted AVR technology 
  2. Auto shutdown functionality
  3. Off-mode charging with cold start function
  4. One year of warranty


  1. The charging time can be wide for some
  2. Traditional methodology 

10. IBall Nirantar UPS-612V 600VA UPS

IBall Nirantar UPS-612V 600VA UPS With Power Protection little and compact product is a lifesaver when it comes to protecting your data in power cut off the situation as it serves you for 40 minutes stand by time. The battery back up might vary according to the load provided. The voltage range is up to 230 volts and weighing 4.2 kg it is a perfect fit for all of your desktop need. You also get a year of warranty along with it. 

Apart from this, the UPS is also used for a backup device for almost 4 cameras without a monitor. Add this to your desk and preserve your data from insecurities and enjoy the best even at the power cut.


  1. Longer backup time of 40 minutes (Single PC)
  2. Serves well under extreme of power cut conditions
  3. Voltage range of 230 
  4. 1 year of warranty 


  1. Longer battery charging time


Now that we’ve been through the whole scenario, what you can do is, take a second look at the things that you must look for when you choose a UPS and go to the list of best UPS we have jotted down, click on the buy now of any UPS that fits your requirement to bring home and make a great attachment in your work desk. Happy UPS Shopping!

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