Best mattress in India 2022 To Get Relief From Back Pain & Good Night Sleep

Still sleepy? Were you feeling refreshed when you woke up this morning? If not, your mattress could be a reason.

In this fast-moving day to day life, one hardly gets the time to take a sound sleep. It is scientifically proven that an individual needs to sleep for at least 6-8 hours comfortably to work better for the functional hours and lead a healthy life. Moreover, a mattress plays a basic role in providing the same. Therefore, it is really important to pick the right mattress for yourself.

Half of our lives are spent in bedrooms and mostly on the mattress. From sleeping soundly to watching tv, we do everything on the mattress. Thereafter, it becomes really important to buy the best mattress in India with all the best in class features. Buying a low- cost sub-quality mattress may entertain budget needs but you may end up spending a lot lately. On the top, the lack of getting a peaceful sleep has been a common problem with the majority of the population.

Our Indian markets are full of multiple brands of mattresses but you need to have the best among them. With this thought, we have shortlisted the best of the best mattresses for you, so that you can get that hour of sound sleep. In addition to this, we have mentioned the different kinds of mattresses and the buying guide. We hope this may help you!

What to consider while purchasing the best Mattresses?

  • Size of mattress

It is obvious, mattress size is the most important factor to be considered and so we have listed it first. Whenever you buy a mattress size is the first thing to inspect. Picking the wrong size of the mattress can badly affect your sleep. One can develop many disorders which may lead to irritating and crust behavior in our day to day life.

The size of the mattress also depends on the number of people you will be sleeping on. We know how in inda many people adjust in a single bed when there are relatives in our house. You might also have gone through this thought and might be looking for a larger size mattress. For the same, you can choose the one from the list that is larger and yet still gives you the comfort and looks.

  • Comfort

A bed is the only thing that is our love when we come from a tiring day. We through our things and jump right into the bed and all we want is a night of sound sleep. Sleep can be hindered by the uncomfortableness you get due to some mattress underneath and choosing a comfortable one is not only helpful to have a sound sleep but there are various mattress in the market that are specially designed for sound sleep and back pain relief which is one of the major issues in todays generation or either after a long tiring day.

Again an important thing to look upon while purchasing a mattress is the comfort level. It is necessary to judge how your bed feels. There are multiple mattresses in the market which are comfortable while sitting but are not able to match the same comfort level while sleeping or lying on. So it is advised to make a complete check before purchasing the mattress.

  • Warranty

Yet another important factor to consider. As you are investing in a mattress and choosing your comfort you need to make sure that any wear and tear can be taken care of. If you are among the individual who chooses the mattress for special spine injury or wants to stay with the same mattress for the long run, the warranty must be considered closely. Changing a mattress also changes the way we feel around on a new once. Also, we invest quite a money that we opt to see be utilized as long as it can hold and choosing a durable mattress is one of the prime importance while shopping for the best mattress in India.

Best Mattresses in India

Product NameFeatures
Kurl-On Dream Sleep 6-inch Spring Mattress Queen Size View Here
SleepyCat – Foam Mattressorthopedic Gel Foam Mattress at affordable priceView Here
Linenwalas Microfibre Mattress Padding Microfibre mattress View Here
Foams India Brands Portable Mattress Natural Latex material View Here
Sleepwell Enovation Single Size Foam Mattress Spring base View Here
Wake-fit Dual Comfort – Hard and Soft Queen-sized MattressMultilayered high- density foam.View Here
Nilkamal Value+ 4-Inch Double sized Foam Mattress  Suitable for backbone problem peopleView Here
Dreamzee Orthocare Memory Foam soft comfort Eurotop Mattress Heat sensitive material suitable for spine problem individual View Here
Coirfit Beetle Mattress 4-inch Double Size Coir View Here
Sleepwell SleepX Brill PU Foam Mattress Brill PU Foam Mattress with a free pillowView Here

Here is the list of Best mattresses in India:

1. Kurl-On Dream Sleep 6-inch Spring Mattress 

Kurl-On Dream Sleep 6-inch Spring Mattress

Kurl- On is a well-known name to offer the dream mattresses which provides sound and comfortable night’s rest. Kurl-On Dream Sleep 6-inch Spring Mattress is made from a spring material and comes in multiple sizes and colors.

The primary material of this mattress is spring wherein, the upholstery material is made of polycotton. In addition to this, it comes with a knitted tapestry, which adds to the comfort. The product delivered is already pre-assembled and so assembly is not required. Moreover, it is double side usable product which increases its durability and life span and ensures better airflow circulating.


  • Pocket spring mattress.
  • No assembly.
  • Comes with a warranty of 5 years.


Little or no cons for this mattress as it is among the best quality that the manufacturer serves.

2. SleepyCat – Foam Mattress

One of the most popular picks on Amazon, Sleepycat has revolutionized the foam mattress in India as it offers a new generation orthopedic gel memory foam mattress. It is perfectly firm to entertain different sleeping habits of people. It is a high-quality mattress that is a layer of various sheets and foams that helps to keep your body healthier. The 5-layer mattress is among the affordable range mattress that serves amazingly better for every one of your sweet dreams.

You will be able to grab this mattress at a much lower price when bought from Amazon, other than offline as there is no involvement of third-party vendor. In addition to this, Sleep cat offers a  30 days trial facility, which means you can return the mattress if you are dissatisfied between 30-days of usage. The quality of the mattress could be judged by the fact that the manufacturer provides a 10- year warranty on this product.


  • Memory foam gel mattress
  • 30 days trial.
  • 10- year warranty.
  • High-quality mattress at very affordable price


With what it has offered to be the best quality product, this mattress has invisible cons to be listed out.

3. Linenwalas Microfibre Mattress Padding 

 Linenwalas Microfibre Mattress Padding

Linenewalas was established in 1994, since then they are winning customer’s heart throughout India by their amazing range of products. Linenwalas Microfibre Mattress Padding gives a 5-star hotel kind experience. It is made from imported quality super micro-fiber fillings which grant a gentle and comfortable touch while sleep. It comes with elastic straps on the four corners to provide a perfect fit while the square box stitching makes the fiber spread at an equal amount on all the sides. Overall you are sure enough to enjoy a sound sleep with the soft feel of this mattress.


  • Made from super quality cotton fabric.
  • Comes with elastic straps for a perfect fit.
  • The perfect spread of fibers along with the nooks and corner for a healthier body
  • 5-year warranty.


With what it has offered to be the best quality product, this mattress has invisible cons to be listed out.

4. Foams India Brands Portable Mattress 

Foams India Brands Portable Mattress

Foams India Brands Portable Mattress is one of the best mattresses to sleep on. They offer a wide range of mattresses that are highly durable and comfortable. This mattress comes with a washable protector which is made of natural rubber.

Foams India Brands Portable Mattress are made from high-quality cotton material, which makes it ultra-flexible and so you can roll it easily and store it even in minimal space. This product comes in various designs and bright colors so that it could complement your room interiors. In addition to this, it comes with an antibiotic property, that keeps the unwanted microorganisms and bacteria away from your mattress


  • Made from natural rubber and comfortable cotton foam.
  • Has air circulation mechanism.
  • Antibacterial property.


  • No warranty

5. Sleepwell Enovation Single Size Foam Mattress 

Sleepwell Enovation Single Size Foam Mattress

End your search of the perfect mattress, with Sleepwell Enovation Single Size Foam Mattress as it completely defines its name and provides a wide range of mattresses that offers utmost comfort and sound sleep. It is made up of spring and comes in a pearl white color, which matches your status and enhances the interior of your home. In addition to this, this mattress does not require any assembly as it comes in a pre-assembled state.


  • Made from spring.
  • Pre-assembled state
  • 5- inches thick mattress


  • No warranty for the product.

6. Wake-fit Dual Comfort – Hard and Soft Queen-sized Mattress

Wake-fit Dual Comfort – Hard and Soft Queen-sized Mattress

Wake- fit dual comfort mattress is uniquely designed to provide sound sleep and can end all your sleep-related issues. It is composed of a highly-dense foam and top quality cotton fabric cover, which makes it one of the best mattresses in Indian markets.

Moreover, it has an amazing feature of being firm on one side and medium soft on the opposite side. So, you can choose your side according to the need. Thought, it highly-dense foam helps it to last longer and provide a great sleeping experience for multiple years. Its features like durability, comfort, support and temperature control make it the best choice in terms of choosing a mattress. In addition to this, it comes with a warranty of 5 years from the manufacturer.


  • Multilayered high- density foam.
  • Flexible, so it can be rolled easily.
  • Durable
  • Temperature control
  • 5 years long warranty.


  • With such facility and technology engraved, it is quite expensive than others in the category

7. Nilkamal Value+ 4-Inch Double sized Foam Mattress  

Nilkamal Value+ 4-Inch Double sized Foam Mattress

Nilkamal value + 4-inch foam mattress makes its name in the list of one of the best mattresses in India 2021 because of its amazing features like comfort level and durability. Made from evlon/lux foam,  it provides a sound sleep after a long tiring day. It is a pre-assembled multi-layered double bed size mattress which comes in a maroon color. It is the best pick for the people who have a regular backache or a spine injury as it is medium-firm in nature. Nilkamal value + 4-inch foam mattress offers all these qualities with a bonus of 2 years of warranty.


  • Pre-assembled multilayered mattress.
  • Lux foam for the best sleeping experience.
  • Suitable for backbone problem people
  • 2 years of warranty.


With what it has offered to be the best quality product, this mattress has invisible cons to be listed out.

8. Dreamzee Orthocare Memory Foam soft comfort Eurotop Mattress 

Dreamzee Orthocare Memory Foam soft comfort Eurotop Mattress

Dreamzee ortho care memory foam euro top mattress is yet another mattress that gives you a healthy and sound night’s rest and is built specifically to relieve you from stress and body pains. It has an attractive design which comes with 2- inch Visco memory foam.

In addition to this, it comes with a Euro top finish quilted cover, which adds to the comfort while resting and a heat-sensitive material that is recommended for people with spine injuries. It comes with a warranty of 5 years to ensure maximum buyer’s satisfaction.


  • Made from heat-sensitive material which is highly recommended for people with back pains.
  • Imported Euro-top finish quilted cover.
  • 2-inch Visco memory foam.
  • 5 years of warranty.

9. Coirfit Beetle Mattress 

Coirfit Beetle 4-inch Double Size Coir Mattress

Coirfit magic 4-inch mattress is made from rubberized coir which provides medium comfort and magical sleep. The coir is quilted by a drill fabric on its top. It is available in multiple colors and sizes. It saves a lot of time and efforts of the buyer as it is preassembled and so it gives the mattress an upper edge as compared to other mattresses.

Coirfit magic mattress is mostly preferred by the buyers because of its amazing looks, attractive price and a year of warranty. It is a double bed size matters and so does not have any division in between.


  • Double bed sized.
  • Pre-assembled, and so save a lot of time and effort.
  •  Comes in multiple sizes and colors.
  • 1 year of warranty.

10. Sleepwell SleepX Brill PU Foam Mattress

Sleepwell SleepX Brill PU Foam Mattress

As Sleepwell mattresses justify their name, they don’t need much introduction and are already popular. Sleepwell Sleepx brill PU foam mattress comes with a dimension of 182.88cm, 91.44cm and 12.7cm in terms of length, width and height which is made from premium quality foam which helps in getting read of sleeping problems and abnormal sleeping back pains.

Inside is made from upholstery material which is quilted with foam on the top. It is a single bed mattress and comes in a preassembled state and is ready to use. The warranty of the product is of 3 years which ensures the customers to get hazel free service in case of any defect or wear and tear of the mattress. In addition to this, it comes with a Neem fresche technology which is introduced while crafting this mattress that means it maintains its freshness and hygiene, even after continued use for years. An air mesh fabric is installed on all sides of this mattress to improve the air circulating to avoid sweat in the mattress.


  • Made from upholstery material.
  • Neem fresche technology to maintain freshness.
  • Air mesh fabric.
  • 3-year warranty.


Sleeping is the optimal thing in life as functioning of the body is dependent on it. The more we rest, the more our body is able to progress in a positive way. A sound sleep is necessary to be active all day long and where we sleep makes it possible.

After hours of the tiring day, we get the time to relax our body and mind by taking sound sleep. So after a long study of best mattresses in India 2021, we have shortlisted the top 10 mattresses for you to meet your requirements. We hope this will be useful and helpful for you to decide the best pick for your family.

Go grab one from the list and have a healthier and soulful body with the best mattress in India listed above. Happy Mattress Shopping!

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