Best Gas Stove in India to Cook Faster & More Efficiently in 2022

Kitchen appliances have become one of our most important things in daily life. In order to make good food for healthier living, we are urged to have good appliances in our kitchen and by no doubt, the Gas stove is among the most important things in our kitchen. 

Everything we cook relies on the gas stove. By the advancement in technology, we have come across a variety of gas stove that has been serving us well to live a productive yet healthier living. 

Gone are the days when we have to search for wood or cow dung to make food for our family. We are now blessed with a gas stove that can be turned on easily and makes our life more easier. 

Basically, when we are going to take something new to our regular use we need to check some quality of that particular product. Here if we are going to take the best stove available in India then we need to check the quality of stoves as well.

Here are the features to look in the Best Gas Stove:-

  • Rigidity and Stability

A gas stove material can be made from steel, metal and many alloys but basically what is the important thing that should be considered while buying one, is the rigidity and stability of the stove. You will be handling lots of loads in your stove, even if it for a smaller family or a joint family. You want the stove to last long with you. 

  • Position of the inlet connection

The position of the inlet might not seem to be an important point to check out while buying a gas stove but it might make your position of the gas a lot easier if it is within the area you want to fix the stove in your kitchen. 

  • Gas consumption and energy saving

There are various sorts of gas stoves that are bound to save your energy intake and in this era of faster global warming, you can help the earth from your hand by using less gas. Choosing the same type of gas stove is appreciable and will help in your expenses as well. 

  • ISI Certification

Many gas stoves are a copy of varieties of others and choosing a normal gas stove can be daunting if in case they tear down in their way of serving you. You should always choose the one that is certified by the ISO as they are verified and checked well under various major conditions which can be helpful for you too. 

  • The finish of the product

The finish of the particular gas stove can give your kitchen a good vibe. There are many stoves with a glassy finish or one with polished material that shines well and reflects your kitchen. 

Best Gas Stoves in India:-

Product Name Features
Glen 4 Burner Gas StoveBrass Burner Check Here
Sunflame Pearl Gas Stove 3 Burner and Glass Top Check Here
Prestige Marvel Plus Gas Stove 4 Burner and Glass TopCheck Here
Pigeon by Stoverkraft 3 Burner Manual litCheck Here
Elica Vetro Gas StoveGlass Top 3 Burner Check Here
Glen Alda4 Burner Glass Auto IgnitionCheck Here
Prestige Premia Gas StoveGlassy top and 3 BurnerCheck Here
Eveready TGC2B Gas StoveGlass Top 2 Burner Check Here
Suryajwala GT04 Stainless Steel 4 Burner Black Design Manual Gas StoveCheck Here
Lifelong 3 Burner Gas StoveISI CertifiedCheck Here

1. Glen 4 Burner Gas Stove

Glen 4 Burner Gas Stove

Glen GL 1043 GT gas stove is one of the most demanding gas stoves in the market. The body is basically made up of steel, the material is a rich matt steel body. The glass settled on the body is toughened 6mm thick black glass. On this burner, the tray is of matt steel drip. The pan support on this is an extra 4 mm. The burners of this stove are made up of aluminum alloy.

Because of 4 burners, this is the most popular in the market as it makes easy to cook more things at one time. Most of the burners of these are of 1-year warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase. It includes 4 gas stove.


  • Stainless steel, hence no rusting
  • Strong pan support for heavy vessels
  • Brass Burner
  • Tough glass top for easier cleaning and strength


  • Supports only LPG gas
  • Manual lit

2. Sunflame Pearl Gas Stove

Sunflame Pearl Gas Stove

Modernize your kitchen space with a contemporary Sunflame 3 burner gas cooktop. Embracing a stylish design along with advanced features, this excellent cooktop by Sunflame eases your everyday cooking efficiently. It has 3 burners set up to give you a smart and safe cooking experience. The Sunflame cooktop comes in a stainless steel mirror finish body to make the kitchen space look for the appealing

You can easily place this compact cooktop over your kitchen counter without taking much of space. The brass alloy burners of the cooktop ensure even heat distribution for excellent cooking at low gas consumption. You can easily clean the Sunflame cooktop with a clean cloth to maintain it 100% clean and hygienic cooking. The Sunflame cooktop ensures fast and efficient cooking. It also helps you to save on your gas. Relish the joy of cooking with Sunflame and prepare your favorite dishes easily in less time and more effectively.

Sunflame classic 3b burner gas stove has basically the toughened glass cook-top with 3 high-efficiency brass burner. The burner dimensions are of size dimension 85 mm x 85 mm x 68 mm. The base sheet of Sunflame classic 3B burner gas stove is of the powder-coated metal base. The pan support of the stove is euro coated. the tray is stainless steel drip. Mostly it comes with black color.

3. Prestige Marvel Plus Gas Stove

Prestige Marvel Plus Gas Stove

The design of Prestige marvel glass top 4 burner gas stove is spill-proof.  The efficiency of tri pin burner is very high. The glass top comes in black elegant. Glass top is toughened. Mostly it comes in black color. The material that is used to make this stove is basically powder coated. And the body is with glass top.

This clean glass top gas stove with four burners adds charm to your kitchen. The four knobs are designed for ease-of-use and the tri-pin burners come in different sizes so you can use various different utensils on it. The glass top on this stove is designed to spill-proof and makes it easy to clean, also giving the stove a sleek and elegant look. The Prestige Marvel Glass Gas Table is made basically to operate manually, making it affordable.

The intensity of the flame can be increased or decreased according to your cooking requirements without any hassles. As the knobs operate smoothly, you can operate this stove effortlessly and with ease. This gas top is elegant, stylish and modern. With its finish, it becomes easier for you to clean. Keep your stove looking as good as new by using a mild soap and some lukewarm water to wipe off food and oil stains with ease.


  • 4 Brass Burners
  • Spill-proof
  • super comfortable and decent knobs
  • Blacktop glass
  • MS powder coated body


  • Ignition type is manual

4. Pigeon by Stoverkraft

Pigeon by Stoverkraft

It has rustproof powder-coated sss body which makes it more effective and different. The burner of Pigeon troika glass-ceramic is tri pin brass for even flame distribution. The top of this stove is of glass with a front glass stove. It has a triple burner to make cooking more convenient. The material that is used to making it is stainless steel with glass. Mostly you will find this burner in black color.

The product has a unique black glass on the front panel. It is a very cutely designed Gas Stove uniquely designed pan and knobs super quality brass burners powder and coated with Stainless steel body. The top of this burner is of glass and stainless steel which makes it look more elegant and attractive. The product is basically supplied with rubber legs and rotary knobs. Along with all these unique features that come at unbelievable prices


  • Rustproof body
  • Easy to clean
  • Tri pi burners
  • 2-year warranty
  • Budget-friendly


  • Manual Ignition
  • Some user complained about body quality

5. Elica Vetro Gas Stove

Elica Vetro Gas Stove

What makes this stove popular in the marketplace is that it has a different facility of auto-ignition. The burners of Elica glass 3 burner gas stoves are heavy-duty brass and knobs of this stove are designer which make it more effective and attractive. In this stove body, you will find three sizes of stove that are 1 medium, 1 large and 1 small brass burner. The material which is used is basically aluminum. This cooktop has a toughened glass top which makes it durable and long-lasting. The build quality of the body is a major concern here as it is strong enough to deal with any sort of minor scratch.

This LPG stove by Elica is equipped with burners made of premium quality Brass burners that consume lesser LPG and give more heat as compared to TRB burners of hobs or aluminum alloy burners. Apart from their good looks and higher efficiency, they are long-lasting as well.

Elica Patio series comes with auto-ignition feature for easy operation, you can ignite the gas top through the electric method.

The Gas Stove from the house of Elica is designed with Stainless Steel support plate below the glass to maintain its sturdiness and durability. The Metal Base is strong and made up high quality non-magnetic stainless steel. Stainless steel as a metal is also resistant to rusting and thus keeps your stove even safe from corrosion.


  • Glass top finish
  • Rust resistance
  • Stainless steel for durability
  • Autoignition


  • Installation must be done carefully
  • Support is ok

6. Glen Alda

Glen Alda

The body of this stove is made up of rich matt steel which made it easy to clean. The top of Glen 4 burner gas stove is toughened glass. The pan support of this burner is strong as compared to other stoves. The try of this stove is also of stainless steel drip. It supports only LPG(on request convertible to PNG Gas on chargeable basis). It has four-burner to make cooking convenient and fast. It is efficient in the brass burner. The nozzle of this stove is 360-degree swivel the revolving intel nozzle

The Glen 1040 Glass Gas stove adds a look to your modern kitchen. There are 2 big burners and 2 small. The strong pan support makes it easier to put heavy vessels. It comes with a stainless steel drip tray to clean the spillover easily. Equipped with fuel-efficient brass burners, this gas stove is the best asset in the longer run. The ergonomic black knobs allow firm grip for most convenient usages.


  • The glass top is stronger so that you can place heavy vessels too
  • Autoignition for comfort
  • Thicker pan support
  • Stainless steel tray for no-rust
  • Aluminum burner for longer life span


  • Knobs handling might be uneasy
  • Knobs are tighter

7. Prestige Premia Gas Stove

Prestige Premia Gas Stove

Prestige Premia Gas Stove knobs have an ergonomic design making it easy to use them. The brass burners are easily removable and hence maintaining them will not be a problem. The design of this stove is spill-proof. The TRI-PIN brass burner ensures its uniform heating, consume less gas as compared to other stoves. 

The good thing in Prestige Premia ensures precision flame control and safe usage of the Gas stove is the ignition system ensures precision flame control and safe usage of the Gas stove the knobs of this stove are The ergonomic design that makes turning the knob, easy on the fingers gives supports individual to the pan. The brass burners are of high efficiency which makes it more reliable. Basically, it comes in 2 colors white and black. The material that is used on its body is glass.

The Tables come with the expertise of SCHOTT with German manufacturing standards to ensure you get the finest and best quality glass. The SCHOTT glass is firstly tested to withstand higher thermal shock and mechanical. The burner design allows you to cook faster and more efficiently and make cooking convenient. these gas tables add efficiency and modern looks for your beautiful kitchen.


  • Simple to use knobs
  • High-efficiency brass burner
  • Beautiful design
  • Glassy body


  • Manual ignition

8. Eveready TGC2B Gas Stove

Eveready TGC2B Gas Stove

Eveready TGC2B Gas Stove has a premium finish toughened glass which makes it more effective. The glass on this stove is a 360-degree swivel-type inlet. The burners are with high efficiency. It has basically 2 burners. The design of this stove is made in keeping mind top wash and handle it easily.

The design of this stove is spill-proof for easy cleaning.  The pan support which is given in this stove is powder-coated. the material that is used in the manufacturing of this is stainless steel. It consists of a rectangular shape. It is a Sleek finish and rugged build for hassle-free cooking with TGC 2B. Spill-proof design for easy cleaning. The tray is also of stainless steel.

Basically the knobs are designed to provide comfort and safety during cooking. With two knobs, one can easily adjust the flame and heat of the burners.  The burners have manual ignition function so you need a lighter to start the burners. The Powder coated pan supports are for durable finish standards, reliable performance and rigid construction. 


  • Tough glass top for heavier vessel
  • 360-degree gas type inlet
  • brass burner
  • Rust-proof
  • Easy for cleaning
  • Powder-coated pan support


  • Some user complaint about the knob
  • Customer service is weak

9. Suryajwala GT04

Suryajwala GT04

This glass top gas tables from Suryajwala is one of the compact gas tables are thoughtfully designed to consume less space in your kitchen. This gas stove comes with toughened glass top for clean.3.

ing convenience and to make it more effective. The burner design of this stove allows you to cook faster and more efficiently. It is basically Crafted with a stainless steel body, this gas stove is a combination of performance and efficiency with good looks. It has an elegant heat resistance designer toughened glass coat. The burners of this stove are heavy-duty cast iron. It has the comp[act design which suits your kitchen. It is user-friendly and has abs knobs. And it is for LPG  cylinder use. The design of this stove is made to make it easy cleansing and maintenance.


  • Heat resistant glass
  • cast iron burner
  • Easy to use the knob
  • Compatible design for every kitchen


  • LPG compatibility only
  • Manual ignition

10. Lifelong 3 Burner Gas Stove

Lifelong 3 Burner Gas Stove

Lifelong gas stove with three burners is one of the highly efficient gas stove. The glass top of this stove is toughened to be shatter-proof. It looks elegant and adds charm to the kitchen. The burner stands are designed to be spill-proof, so you don’t need to worry about your vessels toppling, etc.

The knobs are ergonomically designed for easy use. they are made to avoid leakage of gas to give you safe and efficient cooking experience. basically The compact design of the stove saves you a lot of countertop space. It has 6mm beautiful black toughened glass top. 3 burners are settled in this. The dimension of the gas stove is  690X410X130 (mm). The knobs are made up of nylon. Nylon is covered on the knobs for the heat resistance. It has anti-skid feet for easy operations.


  • Gorgeous black design
  • Spill-proof and easy to clean
  • Compact design for less space
  • Easy to use knobs


  • Manual ignition


SO now change how your kitchen looks and how you serve yourself various delicious food in your dining table with all the best gas stove we have jotted down for you. Now not only your kitchen will be delightful but you will also enjoy your healthier life. Now all the Indians across the nation can enjoy every sort of modern kitchen facility under this same list. Happy Gas stove shopping.

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