Best Ceiling Fan in India 2023 That Cool Rooms Quickly

The weather in India is such that you would have at least one fan operating almost all the time. Ceiling fans have been available for so many years already and feature developed to have unique variations.

In India, as each winter and summers strike at their maximum. Therefore, we need to make our homes adapt to each season similarly well. Ceiling fan as mostly checked out to quiet down the environment temperature. On the opposite hand, there are sure sorts of the ceiling fan to be had to boom the room temperature.

Everyone needs fan whether its pedestal fan or ceiling fan, as we recognize ceiling fan is one of the most usual home appliances you will see in the listing. Ceiling fans are the most left out appliances when people consider reducing power intake of their home. Most people focus on lights to restore their high power bill payments, but ceiling fans intake lots greater than lighting.

Instead of burning your cash on buying an Air-conditioner, if the temperature isn’t too warm, ceiling fans might be a better alternative. The energy intake of fans is far low compared to that of air conditioners. Gorilla fans, Havells enthusiasts, V Gaurd fans are some of the leading brands in ceiling fans. Here, in this article, we have furnished you with the key features of ceiling fans, the way it works in conjunction with the different sorts and a complete customer manual. Further, you may also find the list of 10 fine ceiling fans in India.

Best Ceiling Fan in India

Product NameFeatures
Gorilla Efficio Energy Saving Ceiling Fan Wireless, low power consumption with durable motorView Here
Orient Electric Aero Ceiling FanNoiseless with a unique design and glossy finishView Here
Usha E Series EX9 moonlight back Ceiling FanNoiseless and attractive design View Here
Crompton Avancer Ceiling Fan Anti-dust High-Speed Ceiling Fan View Here
Havells Leganza Ceiling FanFour blades View Here
Lifelong BLDC Ceiling FanNoiseless, wireless, low power consumptionView Here
Panasonic 12XAA Ceiling Fan Most secular with a fabulous finishView Here
SUPERFAN Super X1 Ceiling Fanremote controlView Here
Jupiter Energy Efficient Ceiling FanRemote-Controlled Snow White 4 Blades View Here
Crompton Himalayan Ceiling Fangrey Aura Prime Anti-Dust 1200mm View Here

1. Gorilla Efficio Energy Saving Ceiling Fan

Gorilla Efficio Energy Saving Ceiling Fan With Remote Control

Gorilla Energy Saving BDLC white Ceiling fan is one of the pleasant ceiling fans. It saves on each power and your finances! It is also stated to be one of the greenest ceiling fans in India, due to its remarkable performance. It simplest consumes about 28 watts of energy, that’s its maximum electricity usage.

Along with such excessive strength overall performance, Gorilla Energy Saving BDLC white has a superb looking format as well. Gorilla additionally offers you an unfastened issuer and maintenance for the product for the number one three years right now.

It offers terrific overall performance and has the very best airflow fee in keeping with a unit of power fed on. It does no longer have a tendency to make noises or supply out warmth even after the use of it for many years. In addition to this, it has an aluminum alloy body an excessive-performance brushless DC motor. It additionally comes with a smart manipulate faraway with sleep mode controls.


  • Comes with remote control
  • 3 year of warranty.
  • 5-star rated motor
  • Boost, sleep and timer mode
  • Low power consumption


  • It’s remote is the product of a cheaper kind of plastic.

2. Orient Electric Aero white Series Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric Aero white Series Ceiling Fan

Orient is every other huge call known for the ceiling fans. With the promises this fan is making, it’s far on the third spot of the pinnacle ceiling fans within the modern market. This fan comes with an appealing appearance that may complement the interior of your location. It comes with a complicated aerodynamic blade which goes perfectly to offer a high-quality airflow.

The company additionally claims that the fan comes with 100% rust-loose blades which make sure to keep the eternal appearance of the fan. Orient Electric Aero Series fan comes with the 18-pole heavy motor because of which you may assume a powerful overall performance. It also has a  double ball bearing which lets in the fan to rotate in a much smoother way for noise-unfastened airflow.

Looking closer to the price, it is slightly overpriced as you can also get comparable specs at a less expensive rate. Still, folks that are searching out a powerful overall performance with top physical seems can go for it.


  • Noiseless operation.
  • 2-year warranty.
  • Aerodynamic blades
  • Durable
  • Glossy finish


  • Comparatively expensive.

3. Usha E Series EX9 moonlight back Ceiling Fan

Usha E Series EX9 moonlight back Ceiling Fan

Usha Fans are regarded for the pleasure they are handing over through the years, and that is the most effective cause why Usha is main this particular class of home equipment from the front. Their latest flagship E-series has received the expected reaction from the buyers.

Usha E collection EX9 Ceiling Fan with 3 Blades also gives 3 attractive shades to select from. It has brilliant torque motor and aerodynamic design which promises the highest quantity of air for optimum comfort. The makers of this fan designed it in the sort of manner that it operates smoothly without making stressful noise as compared to exclusive other fashions. This flagship model of Usha provides a miles-improved air with the help of its tremendous motor that is scalable to 240 cubics per minute.


  • High torque motor.
  • Attractive design.
  • Aerodynamical blades for better airflow
  • Noiseless


  • Rod provided with the fan is small.
  • Wireless

4. Crompton Avancer Ceiling Fan

Crompton Avancer Ceiling Fan

Here is every other stunning product you could remember to compliment your interior. Crompton Advancer acquired a superb response in the marketplace for the quantity of unique design and effective overall performance it offers. The three massive blades with an aggregate of stable specifications ensure that the buyers can get the most comfort. Exploring the available options, the fan comes in 4 beautiful colorings.

The unique fact about this ceiling fan is the size of the blades that are 1200mm in size. These larger and aerodynamically designed blades cowl a bigger area of the room to deliver the extended range of airflow as compared to the opposite many different models with a comparable fee tag.

Again this ceiling fan has almost the entirety which makes it to the list of top fans, and with the more desirable in hues, the interior designing enthusiasts can effortlessly pass for the suitable option to be had for their region.


  • Anti-dust fan.
  • 370 RPM speed motor.
  • 2-year warranty
  • Color variants available


  • May produce sound.
  • Minimal functioning
  • Wireless

5. Havells Leganza Ceiling Fan

Havells Leganza Ceiling Fan

With the extensive type of products from Havells, this product Havells Leganza 1200mm Ceiling Fan (Bronze and Gold) comes on the pinnacle 10 positions. It has a blade size of 1200mm(forty-eight inches) which offers a very good blade span to unfold air calmly to a larger region. It is suitable for any room with a place of 65 square to 100 square feet.

This offers superior air transport and you will no longer experience warm. With the metallic paint end of the body, it makes your room appear stylish and elegant. It is available in two iconic colorations like pearl white-silver and bronze-gold which suits the decor of any room and makes it aesthetically attractive. It comes with the blade length of 1200 mm which offers a higher blade span proving to be superior in its air transport. Each fan comes with 4 blades and four-speed settings, you may pick out whether you need high-speed air or low air.


  • Comes with four long blades.
  • 2-year warranty.
  • Unique design
  • Metallic finish
  • Fabolous airflow


  • Installation is difficult.

6. Lifelong BLDC Ceiling Fan

Lifelong BLDC Ceiling Fan

Lifelong BLDC High-Speed Ceiling Fan, 1200 mm, Brown (Energy Saving BLDC Motor with Remote Control) comes with high-pace superior performance which guarantees uniform air delivery to a bigger area. It comes with a remote so you can manipulate your fan settings without getting up.

The BLDC (brushless-dc motors) is an electricity efficient motor that doesn’t cause heat loss. It enables in saving cash. This is quite a dependable product that users can pick out. The remote has velocity, sleep mode, and timer. On high speed, it consumes the handiest 28 watts.


  • Comes with remote control operation.
  • Does not create any humming sound.
  • Low power consumption
  • Sleep mode, timer, and auto-off mode
  • BLDC motor for energy efficiency


  • Only has a 1-year warranty.

7. Panasonic 12XAA Ceiling Fan 

Panasonic 12XAA Ceiling Fan

Bring home a ceiling fan that offers you a natural, relaxed and effective breezy surroundings. Panasonic 12XAA 1200mm Ceiling Fan (White/Silver) promises that this fan offers you the most effective air shipping(260 CMM). In addition to it, it presents you with a safety cord that prevents it from falling off from the ceiling.

The appearance that this fan has will improve your home-decor because it has a fashionable finish on its body. It comes with two years of assurance. The electricity consumption is 70 watts.

Overall, this fan may be the concept of shopping for through the users because it gives you a whole lot of features. Now, you’ll be capable of blow off warmth as soon as you turn it on.


  • Comes with a safety wire. 
  • Attractive design and color combinations.
  • The long-lasting finish on blades and motor
  • High-speed performance for fluent airflow


  • The blade may become noisy after some time.
  • No wireless

8. SUPERFAN Super X1 Ceiling Fan

The Superfan Super X1 ceiling fan comes with a completely unique layout within a different way formed blades. The contrasting color combinations make it appealing to examine.

 The highlight of this ceiling fan is that it comes with remote control. So there is no need to operate the switches, particularly at night. In addition to this, it comes with a 5-yr assured warranty and consumes less electricity than its peers.


  • Consumes less power.
  • Comes with remote control.
  • Aluminum finish
  • Elegant design
  • Higher airflow around the nooks and corner of the room


  • ­­­­­Brand not so popular.

9. Jupiter Energy Efficient Ceiling Fan

Jupiter Energy Efficient Ceiling Fan

Usually, you spot ceiling fans with three blades. However, fans include four blades as nicely. More the number of blades longer are the air throw. The brushless motor ensures low noise whilst rotating. This fan comes with an effective Brushless DC motor able to excessive air throws. The dynamically balanced blades deliver air to all corners of the room whereas the smart motor era used prevents overheating of the motor.

The motor inbuilt is powerful enough to serve every nooks and corner of the room with good amount of airflow. The dynamics of the blades are made in such a way that you will enjoy its every moment. And with a durable material along with smart motor technology, this ceiling fan will last for years with you.


  • 3-year warranty.
  • Comes with four-blade.
  • Smart motor technology
  • Low noise
  • No overheating
  • Low power consumption


  • No wireless

10. Crompton Himalayan Ceiling Fan

Crompton Himalayan Ceiling Fan

Crompton Aura anti-dust 1200mm ceiling fan is one of those fans that Crompton has released earlier under their unique category of anti-dust series.  It is much more focused towards the performance than the designing factors of the product which obviously less important in many cases. Crompton did some really good work by offering a huge range of different color options.

The Aura Prime comes with a whole range of 15 different colors, which allows the buyers to easily take a suitable option according to the color theme of their homes. If you are one of those who cannot compromise with the comfort level and physical appearance is the secondary factor in your mind then this ceiling fan can be your perfect partner for a much longer period. Moving towards the blade and power details, the fan comes with a motor which has a speed of 380RPM coupled with the improved airflow of 230cmm.


  • 1200mm blade size.
  • Aluminum anti-dust blades.
  • Easy to clean blades
  • Stain-free material
  • Anti-dust technology


  • May create noise at low speed.

What to look for while purchasing the best Ceiling Fan in India?

  • Understanding the size of a room – While exploring the market you will come to understand that there are many ceiling fans which typically comes below the category of two, three, four, and five blades. Keeping the dimensions of your room in mind, you can go for any one of them.
  • Fan consumes less power– Best ceiling fans are designed in the sort of manner that they never fail to deliver the predicted performance and devour much less power. With the huge motor inside and fans running almost 24 X 7, you might want to look for the fan that consumes less power and saves your electricity bill.
  • Airflow & Blade Span– The quantity of airflow which takes location during the running is measured in CFM. CFM stands for cubic feet according to the minute. Higher the CFM of the fan, better it would be in its airflow.
  • Noise– User might be irritated by way of the fact that the product is too noisy and creates a disturbance. While buying a ceiling fan, noise is an important aspect to choose it. Choose something that is first-rate throughout its running and does now not motive a disturbance.

Your ceiling fan is an amazing appliance that don’t require a great maintenance. However, a touch a little bit of care can grow the lifespan of your fan significantly. All in all, it’s far pretty a vital selection to pick the pleasant ceiling fan for yourself.


The listing of the first-class ceiling fans makes it simpler to find out your ideal model (in line with your private requirements) without compromising at the consolation of your property. Choose the one that best fits your need. If you want any extra features like wireless than you can choose them too. We have jotted down the best ceiling fan in India for you. Go grab one for your home and enjoy a pleasant summer with beautiful airflow. Happy Ceiling Fan shopping!

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