41 Best Online Writing Tools & Software for Author, Writers & Bloggers


Whether you are an emerging writer, an individual who wants to kick-start the career in writing, someone who has some idea to make an article on, blogger, journalist, songwriter, filmmaker, or a poet – you might want to work on the best online writing tools available.

Here in this article, we have gathered a list of some free and paid online writing software, where you can start with your writing or complete your novel. These are among the best in the industry. They also provide you with the best tools and extensions to give the professional, distraction-free experience. These tools will also help you to improve your writing skills and become a better writer.

So let’s dive in.

1. Grammarly

is paying for Grammarly worth it

For writers, one of the things that scratch out their head is grammar, syntax, and punctuation. The structure of the sentence is the most important thing to take into consideration. If you want your reader to feel what you have written is professional then Grammarly is there to help you. Grammarly does the work by checking the spelling, punctuation, and sentences for any error.

Website: Grammarly

Cost: Freemium (free as basic, paid for premium features)

Read complete Grammarly review here.

2. BlankSlate

Blankslate is a place where you can get started with whatever you want to write. It is basically a blank site to just dive directly into writing. Anything you want to write down quickly, write it down. It’s like a blank piece of paper where you can start writing immediately. You can save them as pdf or as gdoc.

Website: https://blankslate.io

Cost: Free

3. Calmly writer

If you open up with an online Calmly writer the first time, it will take some time to even realize that you are in the site. It is the ultimate place for writing with almost no distraction. You can add file, image, save it to drive, print out your page. There is also a dark mode for people who love a bit of tweak to the screen. You don’t need to worry about back up as the site syncs your data wherever you want it to go. It is available for Windows, Linux, MacOS, and ChromeOS.

Website: https://www.calmlywriter.com/online

Cost: Free

4. Writer’s Cafe

Writer’s Cafe is the place where you can write, post, edit, share your writings. You can get great community support for your writing.

There are many numbers of contests going around. So you can participate to showcase your skills. Also, there are a vast number of writing courses you can learn to enhance your writing skills. This is a great platform for writers and authors to deliver their content.

Website: http://www.writerscafe.org/

Cost: Free

5. Blank Page

Blank page is the multi-platform writing tool that helps to start up your writing and motivate you along the way to publish it. It is a clutter-free place for the authors and writer who want to stick up with their writing without distraction. It is based on the fact that in order to finish up your novel or story, you need to have a step by step process. And all that process is filled up with a blank page.

Website: https://www.blankpage.io/

Cost: Paid

6. Editpad

Edit pad is an online text editor and WordPad that gives you the writing pad to deliver your content. It is made as simple as it could be with a total focus on the writer and the writing itself. You can download and save a copy of your writing after you are done with your writing.

Website: https://www.editpad.org/

Cost: Free

7. Google Docs

Google Docs is the most efficient online writing tool available out there. I, as the time of writing this article, am also using google docs. It is free, online and full of every rich feature you will ever want to start your writing. Developed by Google, it is the best writing tool (for me) and can be the one-stop point for all your writing necessities.

Website: Google Docs

Cost: Free

8. Day one

With an elegant interface, Day one makes the day-to-day writing an easy affair. It has features like create a habit, on-this-day flashback, memory enhancement, book printing which makes taking the day to day of journalism to the next level. You can get unlimited photos storage, unlimited journals, quick capture, Apple watch integration and many more. It is only available for Apples’ products.

Website: http://dayoneapp.com/

Cost: Free

9. Evernote

Evernote is basically an all-in-one app. It is used to take notes, write your homework, todo list, and anything that you can wish as a notebook. It is a notebook for all your writings. It also syncs with every device you connect to. You can add audios, reminder, and images. Evernote is the best app for students to sync their homework. It is similar to google docs but more like a digital notebook.

Website: Evernote

Cost: Freemium (free and premium)

10. 750 words

750 words is an online writing tool based on the concept of writing 750 words per day. Basically, on the standard page, there are 250 words. So, this site wants you to write only 3 pages of writing on a daily note. This is a great writing tool as it tracks down how often you are distracted, you can track your working, you will get points on how consistent you are to your writing and it helps you to get productive over time.

Website: 750 words

Cost: Free

11. Ginger software

Ginger software makes the commitment with its slogan “Make no mistake”. It is basically a productivity enhancement software for all of your writing. Same like Grammarly, it makes your writing crisp and clear. It is one of the must-have tools for all writers and authors.

Website: www.gingersoftware.com

Cost: Freemium

12. StackEdit

StackEdit is a place for every web writer. It has rich markdown editor, WYSIWYG controls, live preview with scroll sync, synchronization through Google Docs, DropBox, Github, WordPress and Blogger, inline comment, and you can also write in offline. You can write your code, complex mathematical formulas UML diagrams or song notes.

Website: https://stackedit.io

Cost: Free

13. Libre office

LibreOffice is an open-source office suite software. It is a bundle of word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software. It lets you present your ideas and format in the best way possible. LibreOffice is one of the best platforms to give you the best practice of writing. It is free and available in all platform. It might not be the online environment. But is efficient to write all your articles and journals.

Website: www.libre.org

Cost: Free

14. Ideaflip

If you are a writer with some great ideas to write, who want to collaborate with others to publish books and articles, then this is the tool for you. It is basically a board like a web app that lets you create small ideas and join the idea to make a road map to your writings. This app lets your creativity to uprise to a new level. Great app to brainstorm your idea.

Website: IdeaFlip

Cost: Freemium

15. MS Notepad

Microsoft notepad has been since the evolution of Microsoft. It is very simple but provides you the best and minimalistic approach to your writing. You can get it in your windows operating system as the default note-taking software.

Website: MS Notepad

Cost: Free

16. Hemingway editor

Hemingway Editor is an online writing tool that comes with many error checking facility. It checks your sentence and tries to make that as simple as clear. It rates your sentence to how complex it is. There is the various color combination to notify you about the error in the sentence. You can give it a try and hopefully, you will never regret it.

Website: http://www.hemingwayapp.com/

Cost: Free

17. Write monkey

Write monkey is a place where you and your thoughts are left alone to create your own piece of writing. It is a light, simple, easy and fast workplace for all the writers and authors. You might want to try to write monkey as it gives you the simplistic area to deliver your content.

Website: WriteMonkey

Cost: Free

18. MS Word

You might know MS Word as it is one of the oldest writing tools available from the Microsoft team. It gives you all the features to write anything you like. You can add templates, images, format the text as you like, and supports almost all file extension you might want to save it. MS Word is the “tool of titans” for writers and authors. It also provides synchronization of your all devices to give your content wherever you like.

Website: MS Word

Cost: Freemium

19. AbiWord

Abi word is almost identical to MS Word. It is a free word processing software. It might not be online but is a good option for writers who want to try new software that may give some new features. You can create graphs and diagrams if you want to add it to your writing.

Website: AbiWord

Cost: Free

20. WPS office

WPS Office is an office suite that makes your writing simpler. It has OS compatibility and can be used in any devices from Android to Linux. This is a handy tool to write and edit on the go. You can sync with your Google Drive, Onenote and DropBox to access any of your files.

It consists of three software WPS Presentation, WPS Spreadsheets, WPS Writer. Though it is not online it is one of the most popular writing tools out there in the market.

Website: WPS

Cost: Free

21. Softmaker Free office

Softmaker claim to be the best alternative of Microsoft Office. It provides the same rich features like the Word but while MS Office is paid service, this software is free across all platforms. You can get it on windows, mac, and Linux. Since the start of the company in 1987, SoftMaker is providing the best utility software. And this Free office is a one-stop solution to all the writers and authors to get started with your writings.

Website: Softmaker Free Office

Cost: Free

22. zoho writer

Zoho writer is new around the market but it doesn’t compromise on the quality of writing you want for your writing. It is the online place where you can start writing your stuff.

It provides an elegant and clean interface with features like sentence correction, word count, grammar check and many more. You can also keep the backup and is accessible across all devices connected.

Website: Zoho Writer

Cost: Free

23. Scribus

Scribus is an open-source desktop publishing platform for all your publishing. It has been around 2001 and gives a professional environment for writing all sorts of publishing. Above all, it is free, providing quality features to brush up your writing. It is also available across all the operating systems.

Website: Scribus

Cost: Free

24. Reedsy

Reedsy is the one platform to make your writing alive. It comes with many presentation features you can add to your book and novel to provide the best experience to your reader. You cannot sit in a room, alone, and come up with a great book. For this, you get a vast community of professionals to provide you with the proper feedback to maximize the writing content.

Website: Reedsy

Cost: Free

25. iLys

iLys is the platform for everyone. There is a time when you are at the peak experience. iLys lets you write in a distracted free environment and tracks your habit of writing. It is for any writer, artist, doctor, authors, anyone who wants to write. It provides full privacy and you can make your story count.

Website: iLys

Cost: Free

26. Most dangerous writing app

It might be the most dangerous writing app you might come across as the name applies. If you stop writing then all your data will be lost. You might think why to use it if my data is lost. It makes you continue your writing. The main motive is to keep up with what you are writing.

Website: https://www.themostdangerouswritingapp.com/

Cost: Free

27. Typewrite

Typewrite is an online writing platform to get started with your writing. It gives you a blank canvas and you can create anything you want. It also provides a markdown feature, Dropbox sync, Instagram integration. It is one place to get your writing started.

Website: TypeWrite

Cost: Free

28.  Draft

Draft is an easy way to write better. It is the best place for writers to collaborate and share their writings. It also provides easy version control. If you want to start your writing, the Draft might be the app you are looking for. It also provides jobs portion to help you with your writing career.

Website: Draft

Cost: Free

29. ZenPen

What is the most important thing while you are writing? Distraction-free environment. That’s what ZenPen is about. You get a simple text editor that blocks away all of the distractions and leaves you and your thoughts to get down on papers.

Website: ZenPen

Cost: Free

30. Twords

If you are someone who wants to keep track of the goal while writing, then this is the place for you. With Twords, you can get a track of your daily goals. It takes you from one word a day to a full book. It is a great place to write as well as keep track of your writing habits. It helps you to become a better writer keeping track of your goals. Twords is used by bloggers, students and aspiring author to become good at writing.

Website: Twords

Cost: Free

31. Ommwriter

Do you enjoy being yourself while writing? Do you want a pleasant place to focus only on your writing? Ommwriter gives you a place to start writing with just you and yourself. It stimulates your concentration while you are writing. It has plenty of natural backgrounds, white noise, and motivational quotes to keep you up with your writing.

Website: Ommwriter

Cost: Free

32. Writer

Writer is an environment with no distraction to write something of your own. It has a cool green color and black background that you might have seen in some hacker movie. It provides text formatting, saves automatically, customizes colors and many more. It’s like a typewriter but with some cool features.

Website: Writer, the Internet Typewriter

Cost: Freemium

33. Hermit

Do you want a safe and secure place to begin your writing? Hermit is a double encrypted site where you can enjoy your writing. It has clean, simple and easy to use interface. You can publish your writing and get recognition. You can also get a weekly report on your writing.

Website: Hermit

Cost: Free

Writing is about the idea and you. It doesn’t matter what platform you choose to write, the thing is you should be comfortable enough with that and should provide you what you are looking for. Just sit down and get started with your writing.

Hope that helps. How do you like this article about free and paid online writing tools & software for writers, authors & bloggers. Do mention your opinions, feedback, and suggestions in the comment section.

34. Write It Now

Power writer is powerful creative writing software. It helps to cope with the big process of writing any novels, books. It simplifies the writing process by dividing it into what they call as book text and background details.

All the fonts, chapters and indexes are divided under the book text and the background details cover what the chapters are all about. It is a highly creative and organized way to start your book or novel writing. It is not an online platform but you can sync your work project to get it in the cloud anywhere.

Website: https://www.ravensheadservices.com/

Cost: Paid

35. Focuswriter

Focuswriter is a software that provides a distraction-free environment to kick start your writing. It is a simple and efficient way to work on as it makes all your other work to hide by simply moving your mouse edge to the corner of the window.

Though not online, it is great software with all the rich features like text-formatting, backup, spell checking, daily goals, timers, and alarms. You can choose to work on any operating system as it is available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

Website: https://gottcode.org/focuswriter/

Cost: Paid

36. Scrivener

You might have some ideas or topics you want to write something on, from the title to the end. Scrivener provides you typewriting space, ring-binder, and scrapbook that will guide you towards the completion of your project. It is one of the best writing and publishing software you might want to work on.

Website: Scrivener

Cost: Paid

37. IA writer

If you want a calm and focused writing space, IA writer is here for you. It gives you what you might want as a writer; a space to write and you. It is a distraction-free workplace to start up with your writing. You can focus solely on your writing with IA writer. New York Times and The Guardian have given a good compliment to this app. So, this might be your place to write something of your own.

Website: IA Writer

Cost: Paid

38. Ulysses

Ulysses is one of the most popular apps out there. It provides a pleasant environment to jot down your ideas and helps you by managing the document very effectively. It also organizes all you work in a place. You get your own library, anywhere and anytime. It is used by many of the top authors around the world to deliver their content. You can get keyword linkage, filters which helps you to stay more organized. It is available for Mac, iPad, iPhone.

Website: https://ulysses.app/

Cost: Paid

39. Final draft

For almost 2 decades, the final draft has shown why it is the prominent choice for writers around the world. You can collaborate with others in real-time. It formats your pages to the industry standard. It is mostly used by screenwriter but everyone can benefit from the software. Speech to the script, smart type, night mode, and alternate dialogue are the features that the final draft provides.

Website: Final Draft

Cost: Paid

40. Power Writer

Power writer is the software that provides that provides simplicity of use. It is not your regular writing software. It is designed to handle all sort of writing from poems to books. You can sync your working in the cloud. It has an on-screen dictionary that helps you with your grammar as you write. It also has a character name bank from different non-fictional areas.

Website: Power Writer

Cost: Paid

41. ProWritingAid

Do you want a grammar guru, a style editor, and a writing mentor? ProWritingAid is there to help you. It is an all-in-one package for all of your writing. It helps you to complete your writing in style and at a professional level. This is one of the most recommended sites for writers out there. Just go and sign up to get the ProWritingAid.

Website: ProWritingAid

Cost: Paid