Best Gifts For Deaf People & Hearing Impaired Adults To Make Their Lives a Little Easier

best gift ideas

Gift-giving is a part of the culture of every country in the world. As said by Craig D. Lounsbrough – The greatest dividends in life are those that we give away.

So if you are reading this article, probably you are looking for some gift ideas for your hearing-impaired friend, or someone who is deaf in your family.

Selecting gift ideas for any person need not be tedious work. Gift giving is a true art. You just need to understand the person who you intend to gift. Think about what they like, what they require, and what will bring a big smile to their face.

Someone suffering from hearing loss is no different than a person with normal hearing. So you need not think any different while selecting the best gift for them.

The ultimate motive of giving a present is to make them feel special – not like you think less of them. So just give them gifts you’d give anyone else with their age and interests.

However, each person has their unique requirements and needs, based upon which you can choose any gift for them.

Due to rapid growth in hearing technology, there are various devices and treatments available that can help the disabled to be the same as normal people. They can be provided with hearing aids. These devices can also be perfect gifts for hard of hearing. It will make them feel as you understand and respect their needs and will make living with deafness a little easier for them.

So without wasting more time, let’s have some great gift ideas for the hearing impaired. Whatever the occasion is like Christmas, birthday, or something special these surprise gift will win their heart.

Best gifts ideas for hearing impaired adults & deaf people

1. Happy Holidays

This is not a physical gift, this is a special gift that indicates that you care for the people who are impaired. You can spend time with them, makes them feel better. It shows that you care about their struggles and their need and can make a big difference in their life long after the holidays have passed.

The top spots for hearing-loss-friendly vacations:

2. Bone conduction headphones

Bone conduction headsets are surely the best hearing impaired gifts. It provides the necessary sound amplification for the deaf person, as they have structural issues with their middle ear system. There are three bones stirrup, anvil, and hammer which converts sound vibration on eardrums to the sensation which is then further processed by the inner ear(cochlea). But if you are hearing disabled, these bones stop working.

In the Bone Conduction listening devices such as headphones works as an eardrum that convert the sound waves to vibration and these vibrations are received by the cochlea via skull bone, then vibration is sent to the brain as an impulse signal via the auditory nerve. Therefore eardrums are not involved. You can read more about it here to know how this technology helps deaf people.

3. TV headphones or TV ears or Television Listening Device

Television Listening Devices For Hearing Impaired To Hear TV Better

TV listening devices combat the problem of hearing sound from the television. It helps in hearing television dialogue clearly while eliminating complaints about loud volume or the need to buy expensive hearing aids. It also reduces the external noise disturbance so that one can listen easily and enjoy any tv program.

Our Best Choice: SIMOLIO 100 ft Long-Distance Wireless TV Headphones for Digital and Analog TV


  • reduce TV background sounds and make TV dialogues stand out
  • superior sound reproduction
  • no interruption when people passing by
  • designed for people with different hearing levels
  • rechargeable & replaceable li-battery
  • personal sound amplifier function
  • wireless tv ear buds with impressive durability and flexibility
  • Voice clarifying circuiting
  • Ultra-lightweight wireless headphones.
  • Background noise reduction.

4. Wake up light alarm clock

This is basically a light alarm clock that produces colored light stimulation which feels better and also cool to show others.

There is a various option you can choose from vibrating alarm clock is a good option once you tried, you would show others how cool it is.

Philips has created a light alarm clock that wakes you up with colored sunrise stimulation natural light.

Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock with Sunrise Simulation


Available at Amazon: Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

  • You can choose your favorite color among the various options.
  • There are different charging options available for this device like USB, wall jack or back up batteries.

5. Books for children and teens with hearing loss.

Entertaining, as well as educational books, can also be a better option for children as well as teens. Books can ease the transition of wearing hearing aids and also informational too.

There are many kinds of books on various topics one can choose for his/her loving ones.

Some of them are:

6. Vibrating alarm clock

One of the main problems with deaf adults is that they cannot use the alarm clock to wake up early in the morning. The sound produced by the clock does not affect their ears. We can use a hearing aid like earbuds and overcome this problem, but it is difficult to sleep with such a device.

There are some devices discovered that act as an alarm clock for deaf people. These devices generally produce a kind of vibration instead of producing sound.

Best vibrating alarm clock: Sonic Bomb Dual Extra Loud Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

Vibrating alarm clock


  • Loud dual alarm clock with snooze
  • battery backup and full range dimmer
  • easy to use
  • Slim and modern design
  • sonic alert
  • 113db extra-loud alarm with adjustable tone & volume control
  • 12 volt bed shaker

7. Ring Video Doorbell

It is a great invention for hearing impaired people as it’s not possible for them to listen to the doorbell. These devices send alerts to their respective phones through which connected about any activity.

Our Best Choice: SkyBell Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Version 2.0 Classic


  • Pair with select Alexa-enabled devices
  • 1080p HD video
  • See, hear and talk to anyone from your device
  • Easy to set up
  • Crisper night vision
  • Adjustable motion zones
  • Built in rechargeable battery

8. Apps for hearing aids:

There are various helpful apps for hearing disabled people like decibel meter and learning sign language. In the apps, you need not to listen you can learn things by seeing only.

Day by day apps are increasing and you can find out on any app store for the required app. Some must-have apps for individuals with hearing loss.

1) SoundMeter
2) TV Louder
3) AUD-1
4) Clear Captions

9. Sound amplifier or Personal sound amplification products (PSAPs)

The best thing about the sound amplifier is that it’s cheaper than other devices like hearing aids, earing buds. These are low-cost hearing devices that can range from just $10 to $500

One can amplify the sound the device consists of a transmitter, receiver, Microphone, etc. one more quality of this device is that its smaller in size compared to other devices.

Our #1 Pick: Digital Hearing Amplifier by Britzgo BHA-220

Digital Hearing Amplifier by Britzgo BHA-220.


  • This PSAP device comes with the in-built digital chip and frequency control which automatically adapts to the sounds of the environment.
  • The products come with a 500+ hour battery life.
  • It is small, compact and can fit either ear.

10. Hearables

This can be the best gift as this high tech device directly go into your ear to listen to you better, moreover other feature of the Hearable signs monitoring activity tracking and personal biometric authentication. This can be the gift for deaf people as it has many features like

Our best pick for you:

Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset with Built-In Heart Rate Monitor


  • It’s invisible which remove the stigma of wearing a hearing aid
  • Augmented hearing which improves the hearing quality above normal levels
  • Facility of linking the device to iPhone
  • Layered listening to filter and enhance the specific sound.

11. Games for hearing impaired children:

Children love games whether they are normal ones or physically disabled. This can be the best gift for hearing disabled children as it will make them happy. Children love playing games. There is a list of games you can give to your loving ones.

Some deaf-friendly party games:

  • Marbles catchoo 3.0
  • Sign name* game
  • Fruit salad game
  • Squigz
  • Koosh Ball 3 inch
  • Magnetic alpha tab
  • Mini Squigz

12. Hearing device decorations

In most cases younger are not as happy to wear hearing aids, you can gift them hearing device decorations so,  that the hearing devices can be made more attractive and fancy.

There are many online and offline shops from where you can buy them like Check out lugs the UK based online shop that helps you find beautiful decoration devices.

13. Hearing Impaired Phone for Deaf & Seniors

For someone with a hearing impairment, they face a lot of challenges while communicating with normal telephones. Just imagine how difficult the phone conversation would be for someone who relies on visual techniques like lip-reading or sign language.

Our #1 Choice: Hamilton CapTel 840i – Real-Time Captioning Corded Telephone

Hamilton CapTel 840i - Real Time Captioning Corded Telephone - Includes Free Liberty Health Supply Microfiber Screen Cloth!

Check out: Best phone for hearing impaired

14. Movie Theaters with captioning

You can gift a card to the AMC or Regal cinema chains, which provide captions for those who have a hearing problem but make sure that the particular cinema has the facility of captioning devices for the hearing impaired persons. The movie chains are installing this facility and soon all will have.

15. Skinits

Skinits are designed to fit properly and they are pre-cut, long-lasting, easy to wear and they leave no residue when removed from the devices. You can also change or customize them according to your need.


  • They can be applied directly to your device so that you can design them any way you choose.
  • They are removable, and you can customize according to your requirements.
  • There are lots of options to choose from and customize accordingly.

16. Membership to a hearing-friendly museum

Another exciting gift can be a membership to a hearing-friendly museum which can be a better place for enjoyment. You can search out about a hearing-friendly museum nearby. Some of them are:

17. A helping hearing group

If the hearing impaired person attends the hearing helping group it will in improvements and also social interaction. You can look up for any association or group and gift membership to your loving ones.

18. A painting or Print

A painting or print does not require any hearing capability. It’s nice to gift any kind of artwork which can be used for home, office decoration and also gives a meaningful message.


I have mentioned the 15 most useful gifts which you can give to your family, friends and loving ones. Hope you will find it helpful.

These are some of the best gifts for deaf people which can be really exciting as well as informational and educational for them. You can also check out this Pinterest board to find out some more interesting ideas.