Publish Your Sponsored Post To Increase Exposure & Brand Awareness

At OnlineSpunky, we write articles, review products and services, and few times we post articles from other sponsors or bloggers. These blog post from sponsors or bloggers are paid publication and we only accept them for posting if they fulfill our guidelines.

We will be happy if you choose OnlineSpunky to sponsor your content, products or services. With the help of our growing online community of daily visitors, we can help you by sending quality traffic to your site, which will ultimately increase your brand awareness and online visibility.

We will provide you our audience with interesting insights while also creating brand awareness for your company.

At OnlineSpunky, every post will go through our editorial staff to make your content rich and also to make sure that the post is non-promotional and highly relevant to our audience.

You can either provide us your content or pay us extra to write about the product, brand or service you want to promote.

What are sponsored posts?

A sponsored post is the type of native ads. Native ads are that type of ads that match the look, feel and function of the media format in which they appear so that they did not look odd just like other types of ads that frustrate people. 

Just like this, sponsored posts are also crafted to match the environment where it is going to appear.

They often look more like an article and less like an ad. Instead of normal ads where the focus is to sell the products, in a sponsored post, the focus is to describe the product and attract the customer.

What is the need for a sponsored post?

Nowadays it’s getting harder to stand out from the crowd when day by day more and more brands are coming into the market and with new ways.

In this situation, the best way is to invest in different forms of content marketing like blogging. But the fact is that you just can’t rely solely on blogging if you want to reach your content to a wider audience.

Here, the sponsored post will help you to get you in front of your target audience, not in their blind spot like traditional ads.

Generally, people learn about brands through content and context. Context plays an important part as it matters how people are first introduced to your brand.

And when people learn about your brand through someone they trust (like a friend, authority, or beloved brand) they are more likely to transfer that trust over to you.

In addition, with the help of sponsored post, you don’t have to wait for people to come to you, instead, you are able to go where your audience already lived.

Following are our post guidelines which must be fulfilled for posting:

  • If you want to publish a post on OnlineSpunky and also want a link back then this is termed as advertising and thus it needs sponsorship.
  • According to FTC regulations, it will be mentioned in all the sponsored post that they are sponsored posts. For example, all sponsored post will usually end with a bottom line mentioning “This blog post was sponsored by (NAME)”.
  • The sponsored post will be accepted only when we will be informed in advance.
  • The fee charges of a sponsored post will totally depend on your post and your case. Currently, we have a strong readership based on organic traffic, social media, email subscribers and direct visitors.
  • We will allow a maximum of 2 no-follow links according to Google’s guidelines.
  • Your post should be a minimum of 1000 words and we also reserve the right to edit your post to correct spelling, formatting or grammar.
  • Your post content should be on fresh, thoughtful and relevant to technology written by someone with unique and proper experience.
  • Your post must include at least one high-resolution relevant picture on which you should have your copyright. The same rule applies for videos too.
  • While writing the content, keep the audience of OnlineSpunky in mind.
  • The payment will be accepted in advance. Discount will be considered for frequent sponsored posts from the same source. 
  • All sponsored post will be in accordance with OnlineSpunky theme and we also reserve the final decision to accept or reject the post.
  • Custom links on keywords and custom anchor texts are strictly against our guideline rules. So don’t ask for it. 
  • The terms of partnership must not be disclosed to any other third party.
  • We reserve the right to take down the sponsored post and take further actions if your product or service violates any copyright/patent.
  • We didn’t own any relationship with the sponsor and the views expressed in the sponsored post don’t represent OnlineSpunky.

To know more about the sponsored post on OnlineSpunky or other ways to advertise or partner with us you can contact us by filling this form.