Must Have Laptop Accessories & Cool Gadgets To Buy in 2022

Must-Have Cool Laptop Accessories & Gadgets

We all know how laptops & computers are becoming more common and significant in everyday life. But with the recent development of technology, we are equipped with some innovative cool laptop gadgets that have made our life easier, faster & more fun. These accessories have not only improved our productivity but also the accuracy & quality of our work.

In this post, we will be discussing some must-have laptop accessories and gadgets that have changed the way we communicate, entertain, learn and work.

For those who spend most of the time using their personal computer or someone who loves the latest technology and is a gadget freak, this list of best laptop accessories will surely excite them.

It doesn’t matter if you are a gamer, a business person or someone doing work from home, these best laptop essentials of 2022 will definitely prove to be useful to you.

list of laptop accessories

Must have cool laptop accessories

1. Laptop Bag

Laptop Bag

The laptop bag is an essential accessory to protect laptops from damage if it falls down. These backpacks are pretty important if you want to look cool and stylish. Because they are one of the very few items that we get to showcase a sense of style.

They usually last for a couple of years. So you should choose those which you enjoy wearing, which looks good. Read this article to know the exact steps to choose a good laptop bag. You can also go for the men’s laptop messenger bag, which also looks classy and are protective.

Keep these things in mind before purchasing any of them:

  • Any kind of normal-sized laptop should get fit into the sleeve bag.
  • It should hold a lot of stuff, at least what you require to carry.
  • They should be durable and made with water-resistant material.
  • Check for the warranty.
  • They should look good and protect your laptops.

Here are our best suggestions for you.

2. External Hard Disk / Portable SSD

Laptop Keyboard Cover And Skins

In this digital age, people need more gigabytes to store their information, media files, and other digital work. Either professionally or personally you need more space to keep records of your files.

This has significantly increased the usage of hard disks or portable SSD.

A hard disk is used for storing data that can’t be stored on your laptops or PCs. Using an external hard drive or portable SSD is important if you want to take the backup of your laptop or store your other data.

Look for these features before you buy any one of them.

  • Speed — You should consider not only the type of interface (USB 2, USB 3, eSATA) but also rotation speeds in mechanical HDDs.
  • Security — Lot’s of hard disk promise to deliver secure storage experience with additional security features like encryption, as well as software suites and more. Check for this option and go for the best.
  • Durability — These are the things that you do not purchase every other day or month. So check for durability and warranty options.

Useful guides for you:

Here are out best suggestions for you.

3. USB Flash Drive

USB Flash Drive

If you need to carry your files and documents around with you, USB Flash Drive is undoubtedly essential for you. Flash drive is good for storing anything from documents to photos and music.

How to choose the best USB flash drive

If you want to select the right flash drive for yourself, just consider following things:

  • You have to fist identify your size, speed, and security needs.
  • The amount of storage depends on how much data you want to store & transfer with the help of pen drive.
  • There are two most popular type of of USB interfaces available in the market – USB 2.0, USB 3.0. The USB 3.0 (transfer rates of 4.8 Gbps) does provide better data transfer speed but is little expensive than USB 2.0 (transfer rates of 480 Mbps). You can choose as per your budget.
  • You can go for top brands that usually offer better products but if you have time you can also do your research to find out some cheaper non branded option that are good.

Here are our best suggestions for you.

4. Laptop stands & lap desks

Laptop Stands

If you want to work on a laptop while sitting on your bed, then the lap desk will be the right choice for you. It protects our body from heat generated by the laptop.

Follow these points to find the best laptop stand for you.

  • You should choose a lap desk that pops up the laptop screen at an angle that helps you to maintain the right back and neck posture when you are working.
  • If you like to carry your lap desk along with your laptop to your workplace then it is best to choose a lightweight and foldable desk that takes up minimal space and is easy to set up.
  • You should also ensure that your laptop sits comfortably on the lap desk.

Here are our best suggestions for you.

5. Bluetooth / Wireless Keyboard

Wireless Keyboard

Bluetooth or a wireless quiet keyboard is a kind of laptop keyboard that allows the user to communicate with devices like computers, tablets or laptops with the help of radiofrequency, infrared or Bluetooth technology.

There are different types of wireless keyboards available in the market with different specifications and features. You should consider choosing the one according to your need.

Some Tips for Choosing The Perfect Keyboard For You

  • Checkout the design, find our if it will be comfortable to work & spend hour typing on your new keyboard?
  • Decide if you want to buy wired or wireless keyboards, bot have its own pro and cons. The Wireless are more comfortable but need batteries to operate.
  • Check for hotkeys and media Keys
  • There are different types of keyboard made for different purposes like -gaming, quiet, ergonomic, office etc. Identify your categories & choose accordingly.

Here are our suggestions for you:

6. Laptop keyboard cover and skins

Buying a laptop keyboard cover and skin is a crucial thing as it protects your keys from dust, wear, tear, food crumbs, and liquid.

You can look for those which are thinner, stylish, removable and washable as well. Make sure it protects the keyboard from dust and water.

7. Keyboard Cleaner Kit

It is used to clean dust from the keyboard, it is an important tool to clean the keyboard of the laptops but instead cleaner kit, silicone keyboard covers can also be used. Both things are used to perform the same task.

8. Bluetooth Mouse

Bluetooth Mouse

For laptops – for mobility, you should use a Bluetooth or wireless mouse. Some of them are not so expensive.

While playing high-end PC games, you all need the right gaming mouse. It is one of the must-have laptop accessories you should have.

You can also buy a mousepad along with any wireless mouse. They are ultra-thin and their precise surface helps improve the performance of the optical mouse.

9. Mouse Pads

Mouse Pads

A mouse pad gives better traction and a more precise cursor movement for a mouse than a normal surface. These mousepads are rubber or plastic cushion with plastic or textured surface. Moreover, some mouse pads include a cushion for the user’s hand or wrist. The mousepads come in a wide variety of styles and sizes which are designed for better performance and durability.

10. Speakers / Computer Speaker System

Laptops and desktops, both have speakers but of low sound and clarity. If you are tired of your computer speaker sounding tinny and unrealistic, it might be time to try out a set of desktop speakers for your computer. You should compare the best speaker in the market best on price and performance.

11. OTG cable

We can connect a pen drive with an OTG cable to your Android phone and access the content. The use of OTG Cable will blow your mind.

You can connect your keyboard and USB mouse to the Android phone with an OTG cable. There are many other things that you can connect like a USB fan, memory card reader, game controller, USB based lamp, LAN cable, hard drive, etc.

12. Laptop Cooler Pad

If a laptop gets heat up, then to cool down its heat, the cooling pad is used. It saves the user from excessive heating of laptops.

13. Headphones

Whenever you watch movies, listen to music and play games you should use earphones or headphones for clarity of music or sound, therefore this new product Headphone XC serves the purpose. It is launched in different colors and sizes.

Read this in-depth guide to know the best way to pick the headphone for your budget.

Best headphone in various categories:

14. Laptop Cable Lock

Laptop Cable Lock

It is a lock for the laptops whenever you are in the office and you cannot take your laptop all the time with you. You can use the cable lock, there is a cable from which you can lock the laptop and there is also one lock from which you can lock the laptop.

15. Wireless Printer

The printing is an integral part of every unit, whether you’re a professional, businessman, or student. It is one of the must-have accessories for your laptop or computer. Read this printer buying guide to explore the different types of printers & choose the best picks.

16. Ethernet Cable

Ethernet cable is used for networks using wifi. This ethernet cable is also known as LAN(Local Area Network) cable.

17. USB Hubs

In the laptops, there are only 2-3 ports for the USB drive. This USB hub has 8 USB ports by which you can connect 8 USB drives to it. It is very lightweight and easy to carry.

18. TV Tuner Card for laptop

You can use a TV Tuner Card for watching live TV shows on laptops or desktops. It records the episode, cricket match and all those things which are being telecast on TVs.

19. Docking Stations

A docking station is a hardware device that offers portable computers to connect with other devices whether you take your laptop everywhere or always leave it in the house. Especially when your machine is sitting on your desk and you don’t have enough ports, you can attach your system to multiple monitors. Docking stations enable users with a laptop computer to convert it into a desktop computer by allowing a wide variety of peripherals with extra USB ports.

20. Screen FiltersLaptop Screen Protector

Those who work on a computer for a long period of time, you may find that your eyes start to get too tired. The screen filters over your screen are used to reduce your eye strain and help with dyslexia and visual stress. In this type of screen filters, there are several layers of coatings that are applied to the acrylic blue light screen protector panel. These Blue Light Reduction coatings are anti-flicker, scratch resistance and a Hard Coating.

21. Laptop Skin Stickers

Laptop skin stickers are one of from other tech accessories that gives you personalized protection for any new device with unique decal skins. These skin stickers decor your system with thin, protective layers of awesome brand designs, trendy & bold styles.

22. Laptop Adapters

A laptop adapter functions to convert alternating current or AC supply to DC in order to charge your laptop’s battery. These adapters are designed as you can use the same laptop adapter in any country.

23. Portable Laptop Power Bank

Do you also hate it when your laptop battery is empty especially while you are on a trip or outside? The easiest way to extend laptop battery life is to use a power bank. Yes, it is possible to charge a laptop with a power bank. This is one of the essential things to pack in your backpack while on a trip.

But which one you should buy?

There are different kinds of power banks with different battery technologies. It is not just the cost, but getting the right one for your use. The cheaper one discharge and get hot soon. Many of the companies just lie about the battery capacity.

Before you buy a power bank:

  • check for the mAh capacity
  • Look for the type of cells — Lithium-ion or Lithium. Li-ion is cheap and easily available. While Li-poly cells are costly and provide more charging capacity per unit weight.
  • Always buy from trusted and reputed brand.

24. DVD Writers

DVDs are still trustworthy physical sources to backup digital data. In case your laptops and computers do not have optical drives that can burn DVDs. You can purchase an external DVD writer to give your device the capability of writing on a DVD. External DVD writers are highly affordable and are widely compatible with different kinds of operating systems. Moreover, those have old mix CDs or movies and want to access your latest slim laptop, a DVD writer would be the perfect option.

25. Webcams

A webcam is a small digital camera connected to a computer network. They offer a variety of purposes, from taking pictures as well as high-definition videos. Webcams are often used in the corporate world for video conferencing and make remote work possible. However, laptops have a built-in webcam to the computer screen, but external webcams are still in action and although the video quality can be lower compared to other camera models.

26. Wireless Laser Presenter

A wireless laser presenter is used to enhance presentations. If you give professional presentations, the wireless presenter with laser pointer makes it easy to control your presentation from up to 50 feet away. One can highlight an important fact with the laser pointer or fade the screen to black. It comes with a soft-touch surface to hold the device in your hand and comfortably navigate your audience through the buttons. Moreover, some laser presenters can even remind you at determined intervals to move along with the presentation.

27. Spike Busters & Surge Protectors

Spike busters & surge protectors are necessary to protect your system from any form of voltage fluctuation. Spike busters are generally known as surge protectors devices that restrict the voltage supplied to an appliance or an electronic device by stopping or shorting any unwanted voltages. So you can say that a surge protector is also one of the useful accessories.

28. USB Fingerprint Scanners (EKYC)

USB fingerprint scanners utilize the fingerprint impression for the unique identification process of an individual based on the physiological characteristics of a person. These eKYC devices are also known as Aadhaar enabled biometric fingerprint devices. These devices are USB devices that can be directly connected to a laptop, computer or any other device. The fingerprint scanners are widely popular for the human identification and registration process.

One doesn’t need to be a gadget freak or any YouTube celebrity to own these funky gadgets. You can get these gadgets just to provide protection and up-gradation of your systems. All these cool and fun gadgets/accessories will work fine with both laptops and desktops. You can use them for different purposes, such as gaming, data storage, etc.

So start using these latest accessories and gadgets and pride yourself on keeping at the cutting edge of technology.