15 Cool Living Room Accessories & Decoration Items Every Home Should Have

Curtains Living Room Accessories

Apart from the bedroom, a living room is the most comforting and enjoyable place where we relax after spending a long tiring day at work. It is the place where we get plenty of options to soothe our tiring mind.

Not only it is the busiest place in the house but it is also the centre point of the house. Hence anybody who visits your house will judge your personality and prosperity by the design of your living room. Keeping all in these in minds we have mentioned here 15 living room accessories every home should have.

Meanwhile, now it is easy to understand why the living room plays a very important role in reflecting someone’s taste and personality. Similarly, it is also very necessary that we should give another thought in giving a unique and attractive look to your living room interior.

All these living room essentials & decorative items will suit all home & decor style. These decor ideas and accessories can be implemented on any living room regardless of size and space. So, without wasting any time, here is a list of items that you should think of adding to your living room

15 cool living room accessories that you must have

1. Chandelier

Hile Lighting KU300074 Modern Chandelier Crystal Ball Fixture Pendant Ceiling Lamp

A Chandelier can add a beautiful and luxurious look to your living room. This decor will help to make your entire living room interior more attractive and also add a look of extravagance to any space no matter where you hang it around. These days chandeliers are available in different styles and designs.

The price of the chandelier depends upon its size, material, and design. You can choose them according to your budget. We highly recommend you to use crystal chandelier as it mixes with any type of environment and gives a luxurious and royal look to your living room. Maybe, this living room decor is costly but it will help you to utilize every single penny invested in it.

2. A center table

Walker Edison Cora Modern Round Faux Glass Top Coffee Table with X Base

For any living room, the thing which really matters the most is detailing. A center table is something that blends all the furniture together and add all minute and major details to the living room. In your living room, a center table attracts the guest more than any sofa set or television.

So, it should be your first priority to use a stylish and attractive center table for your living room. It has it’s own use and value in the living room. You can decorate it with differently designed boxes, sculpture, antique pieces or the candles

3. Television

TCL 32" 3-Series 720p Roku Smart TV

Now comes the main attraction point of the living room i.e, the television. There is no doubt that television is the focal point or the major source of entertainment in the whole house. A television is something that helps to connect all the family members together where they share a common bond.

Children watch cartoons on T.V., ladies of the house, on the other hand, watch daily soap serials, whereas the other family members used to watch news and movies on the television. Well, you can also say that our living room interior is incomplete without television.

Nowadays, there are different types of televisions available in the market like LED, LCD, Plasma display or smart TV. In our opinion you should use smart TV for your Living room as you can use to watch movies, cartoons or news as well as you can connect your play station or Xbox to play games. So all we can say that you should have this decorative element for your living room.

4. The lamps

Focondot USB Table Lamp

Lamps are another most beautiful decorative accessories for the living room. They can easily transform the ambiance of the living room. You can use them to give a magnificent look at your living room interior.

Well, the fascinating thing about a lamp is that its warm light helps you to feel relaxed and happy. These are very helpful for those who want to spend some me-time with themself. You can easily enjoy your own company under the light of the lamp.

There are plenty of color options and variations are available for the lamps in the market. You can use them according to your choice but always make sure that you are choosing the one which fits perfect for your living room.

5. Candles

Set of 3 Ivory Pillar Candles 3" x 4" Rustic Unscented Dripless for Weddings Home Decoration

We all know that candles are very useful in giving a romantic look to any environment. But it doesn’t mean that we can’t drive this functionality in our living room. They are very helpful in giving a cozier and warm look at our house.

Moreover, the best part about them is that you can arrange them in any order and size to create beautiful patterns and designs. Its lighting will give an artistic and pleasing look to the living room interior especially at night. You can keep them at the sideboards, entry table, near the dining table, on the bookshelves, etc.

6. Flower vases

Galashield Flower Vases for Decor Mosaic Ceramic Vase 11.8" Tall

This is the most simple but effective way to decorate your living room interior. It is the best method to dazzle any corner of the room in a romantic way. A vase with fresh flowers is like a boon to your monotonous house. A perfect flower vase can help to complement your room palette.

You can use orchids, lilies, roses and many other different random colored flowers for the vase. Well, you can also use lifelike flowers that acts similar to the fresh ones. All we can say that you should really use this decor accessory for your living room.

7. Family pictures

Family pictures

A living room does not have any impact if it doesn’t connect the whole house together. Well, you can achieve this all by adding some family pictures to the wall. It will make your room more comfortable and also helps to reflect the real feel of your home.

By adding family photos on the wall of the living room you can easily showcase your entire family hierarchy. This will help to give a personal touch to your living room where you are connecting all the three generations under the same frame. A living room does not look overwhelming if there are is no such pictures.

8. Decorative boxes

Decorative boxes

Maybe you think that what is the use of decorative boxes in your living box. Most probably you think that this idea doesn’t fit perfect up to the mark. But let us clear this thing to you these small changes can help to give a better and attractive look to your living room.

Decorative boxes are one of the best decor accessories to refine the small and minute details of your living room. There are different types of decorative boxes available in the market. You can use them to store your precious jewellery, costly eyeglasses, and other beautiful accessories.

You can use plenty of designer boxes for your living room. The main aspect of this decor element is that you can use it for any area or room of your house.

9. White accessories

Sullivans Small White Ceramic Vase Set, Rustic White Home Decor, Great for Centerpieces, Kitchen, Office or Living Room

If you are willing to create your living room airy, bright and warm then you should opt for the white accessories. You can use them to make your living room space more spacious as we all know that white reflects peace and prosperity.

Using white elements with the bright colored background you can reflect the sense of beauty and royalness in your living room. This will help to attract more and more people towards your living room. Now, they will get amazed by the stunning look of your living room interior.

10. Wall arts

Abstract Artwork Landscape Wall Art: Blooming Tree Painting Print on Canvas for Bedroom

Wall art is one of the best ways to add boldness and drama in your living room. It can easily transform your living area into a beautiful art piece. in most of the cases, it is been seen that you don’t require any other decor element if you give a magnificent look to the wall of the living room.

Well, maybe it fits costly for you as you have to hire an artist who can create beautiful art on the wall. But if you are willing to create beautiful wall art for your living room at a minimum affordable price then you can consult our team and staff of the Dshell Design. They will help you to give a stunning and magical touch to your living room.

Moreover, we highly recommend you to use neutral colors of the wall art as it will give a bright and majestic look to your living room.

11. Sculptures

WU Bronze Greek Titan Atlas Carrying The World Statue

You can use different types of sculptures for your living room that will help you to add depth and warmth to your interior decoration. They are very helpful in giving an artistic look to your living room.

They are a great choice to personalize your living room according to your taste and personality. By using beautiful figures and sculptures you can indulge the visitor with the beauty of your living room.

Well, they are one of the best choices to display artwork, beauty, and creativity associated with it.

12. Plants

MyGift Set of 3 Artificial Plants, Faux Tabletop Greenery w/Clear Glass Pots

If you are a nature lover who loves the greenery of nature then you should really use green plants or ornamental plants in your living room. They are very helpful in enhancing the greenery of the house. Plants and flowers give a vibrant look to your whole house, not only this but your living house will also look fresher than ever before.

There are different geometric pots in which you can keep these beautiful plants. These pots are also available in different colors and sizes so you can use them according to your choice and space available in the living room.

Like the artificial flowers, you can also use artificial plants for your living room. They also have the same effect as the natural plant. If you are using natural plants then we suggest you keep them near the window.

There are different innovative and creative ideas that you can imply with plants like a hanging garden, beautiful wall garden and many more. Now, it’s your time to showcase some creativity and innovation with the plants.

13. Beautifully designed rugs and mats

Ottomanson Design Ottohome Bordered Rug

rugs and mats are very useful in making room living room floor more comfortable. These are something for which every living room has been craving for. They symbolize luxury and royalness. You can use them to create your living room environment more comfortable and beautiful.

They help in creating a welcoming environment of the living room that can attract any guest and visitor who visit our house. Different designers’ mats and rugs are available in different shapes and sizes in the market. You can use them according to your choice and budgets.

14. Pillows and cushions

Phantoscope Set of 4 New Living Series Coffee Color Decorative Throw Pillow Case Cushion Cover

In any living room, pillows and cushions have their own values and advantages. They are one of the best mediums to give a cozy and comfy feel to your living room.

pillows and cushions are very helpful in giving extra support to your sofa in the matter of comfortableness. You can easily give a pleasant feel to your guests so that they don’t have to feel any kind of uneasiness. Pillows are available in plenty of shapes and sizes in the market. You can use any kind that fits the best for your living room.

15. Curtains

Lush Decor Rowley Birds Curtains Room Darkening Window Panel Set for Living, Dining, Bedroom

Curtains are something that can really make a difference in your living room and have a great impression on visitors. They are just like a room through which you can add more variations and colors to your room.

They are one of the best choices to give a refreshing and look to all your designed space and room. Instead of disappearing the background they are very helpful in giving a majestic look to the background of your home interior.

Curtains are available in different colors and patterns. We really recommend you to choose the deep color curtain for your living room as it will have a better impact on our living room interior.

Here is a quick guide to choose the right curtains for your home living room.

Final Words

We all know that a living room has a special place and importance in our homes. It connects all the family members together where they can enjoy some quality time together. Meanwhile, we can also say that it is the most relaxing part of the house after the bedroom.

But it is also true that the look of your living room will reflect the taste and personality of the whole family who lives in that house. So, it is really necessary that we should also decorate our living room with beautiful decor elements and accessories that can help to give it a stunning look.

The special thing about using these living room decorative items is that you can implement it by yourselves. But we also recommend you to take help from an interior designer or expert who gives you better suggestions to make the living room more attractive.