How To Remove Bed Bugs With Heat: Heat Therapy Treatment

Do you want to get rid of bedbugs with heat treatment? Here, are the treatments to remove bed bugs with heat. Well, actually heat is a pretty good way to remove bed bugs. It’s a nice and natural tool that you can use to control bed bugs. Heat is a very high source to destroy things or pests. Heat tool used for bedbugs, if you try to use a hairdryer you can’t control the amount of heat right end up. May it cause burning your mattress or melting a cover that’s not what we are talking about okay! 

The heat that we want to use is going to be a combination of different things like a steamer. You can buy a steam cleaner a little handheld one or a little floor model. At someplace like in a Walmart right and you want to go along and you want to steam clean the entire mattress so steam is also the best tool to reduce bedbugs. 

Things To Consider Properly When Using Heat

  • It is not easy to take the heat of a structure up to 130 levels Fahrenheit and keep it low-temperature heat. The heat treatment requires the use of industrial-strength supporters fans. 
  • Temperature regulated by industrial heaters and sensors. It is also important to have a certified pest, like a professional pest controller. 
  • Heat treatment is used to prevent property damaged and loss of life. 
  • Sometimes the items can stay in a home that is also being heated.
  • If there is a need to prepare this treatment method. Your pest controller will outline the things that you will need to get ready for the heat treatment.

Sensitive Stuff You Should Remove Prior to Heat Treatment

There are several items that need to be removed before your heat treatment can begin. Here are some of them that users should be careful about using them

  • All pets, including fish in your fishbowl
  • Houseplants
  • Fruits and greens
  • Tables that can melt, like chocolate and candy
  • Makeups
  • Medicine and over the table drugs
  • Pressurized things, like fire extinguishers, hairspray, oxygen containers, etc.
  • Combustible things, like spirits, solutions, lights, etc.
  • Wax items, like lights, wax products, lipstick, dolls, etc.
  • Stringed musical devices
  • Valuable family group

Several Methods To Remove Bed Bugs With Heat Treatment

Yes, heat treatment to remove bed bugs works faster and it can finish all bedbugs very smartly. Treatment of the whole room is affected by the bedbugs because it involves pest management which brings in specialized equipment. That raises the temperature in your home and helps to kill the bed bugs. There are three major solutions for you that help you to destroy the bedbugs from the end of the points.

Steam treatment

Steam is another form of heat. It kills bed bugs, larvae, and eggs of bed bugs. This treatment is not labor-intensive unlike different methods, but also it’s not meant to penetrate materials deep enough to kill the hidden pests. It can work on such as box springs, bed frames, blankets, bedsheet curtains, and pillows. Steam is used in several works.

Hotbox for Bed Bugs

Hotbox Treatment for BedBugs is the best way to kill bedbugs. By placing the items such as shoe rack, Dry cleaning the blankets and bags all the clothing even luggage also into a hot box. Because it can use sustained heat to kill the bed bugs from the clothes and luggage. Lethal temperatures for bed bugs range from 120 degrees Fahrenheit to 122. The wall of the hotbox spray is more important than the recommended lethal range in order to permeate belongings saved within by removing and killing all the bed bugs.


A dryer can also kill the bedbugs, all the witty or affected clothes dries them. The dryers can destroy bed bugs. wash alone with hot soapy water can really help to kill them. But dry only those things which can only be dried but can not be washed and could run through a dryer circle without damage, such as animal stuffed things that can only be dry.

Heat is the best idea to get rid of bed bugs. It is best because heat is a conventional treatment. Apart from that, this is also an eco-friendly tool because it does not leave any residuals. Heat can kill all the life cycles of bedbugs, from egg to adult life. 

Post Heat Treatment Tips

Read and follow all instructions instantly after heat treatment.  

  • After the procedure, you will notice that your clothes, bedding, blankets, cushions, etc. are not the same as you left them. You need to relocate these elements to ensure an even heat distribution.  
  • Temperature may rise on return and requires recovery time. Opening a window or turning on the air conditioner will help with cooling.  
  • In some situations, it is necessary to remove baseboards, windows, and door trims, and/or fabric from the underside of box springs and sofas to allow better heat penetration into all rooms.
  • You may see dead bed bugs. Please do a thorough vacuum of the entire premises.
  • After treatment, you can see dead bed bugs. Vacuum the entire room thoroughly.  
  • Wash and dry all linens, duvets, sheets, and pillowcases over the high heat of the bed as soon as possible after treatment. 
  • It is recommended to purchase mattress covers and box springs, which in some cases can be an option to throwing away beddings and box springs.  
  • We strongly recommend weekly visual inspection of all previously contaminated items. Monitor regularly all the bed bugs or any pest in your living area.  

Winding Up

Heat treatment is the best way to kill Bedbugs from your home, building, apartments basically, all those areas where the bed bugs can get to, including cracks, holes, within walls, etc. Experts with proper equipment must apply this treatment in homes and apartments. This is generally reflected to be an effective but costly way to destroy bed bug infestations in all their spotlights, but when performed, it can often provide the best results for the pest control treatment.