How to Keep & Stop Wireless Earbuds from Falling Out (Easy Hacks)

Tired of having those earbuds falling out your ears? Well, this is not just one individual’s problem, instead, it has now become a common matter for a majority of the people, young and old.

Many people use earbuds, especially when they need a good night’s sleep, or when they are swimming or are at a shooting range. Although earbuds come in varieties, however, they all have a standard fit with little or no adjustment options offered.

Since every individual’s ear may not be of the exact size, it thus creates a problem of having earbuds pop out quite often, whether you are staying still or when you make movements.

This is a concern for many individuals and here, we shall provide you solution on how to wear earbuds and prevent them from falling off of your ears.

Why do Earbuds Fall Out?

Earbuds that pop out of your ears constantly can become an annoyance and this can be mainly due to the lack of fitting into your ears. If you are struggling with adjusting earbuds in your ear, then you can probably find a solution here.

Earbuds should fit in the ear canal so that their little speakers are snug inside the ear canal, allowing sound waves to hit the eardrum more directly. Everyone’s ears and ear canals are of a different size and shape, so standard-sized earbuds are not going to fit well in every person’s ears.

Children usually have small ears as compare to adults and their ear canals are small as well, while most men and women have larger ear canals than others. The problem is, if your ear canal is too big, there is nothing for the earbuds to sit against, so they will automatically fall out from your ears.

On the other hand, if the ear canal is too small, the earbuds will not be able to sit in properly enough and can easily pop out, no matter how much you try to make it fit in your ears. Even if your ear canals are typical size, a wax build-up could cause the earbuds not fit properly in your ears.

Is Earwax Also a Problem For Earbuds?

Yes, earwax might also be a reason for popping out of earbuds from your ear. Take a look at those earbuds the next time you whip them out, or the next time they topple out of your ears.

If they are caked in earwax, do not just get grossed out, instead, wipe them off and scrub the sight from your mind, too. It could be a sign your ear canals are filled with earwax and the earbuds are just packing the wax deeper.

Sometimes, people have plenty of earwax build-up against the eardrum and there is no way for the wax to get pushed in like that unless it’s by an earbud or any other object which can be inserted inside the ears.

Earwax build-up is a natural mechanism for protecting your ears from foreign bodies like dust particles and your ears do their self-cleansing process from time to time. However, you may opt for seeing a doctor if you think that the earwax build-up is interfering with your ability to hear or wearing earbuds comfortably.

Is There Any Other Physical Reason Too?

Earbuds can also fall out due to the closeness of your ears to your jaw. On each side of your skull, you have a temporomandibular joint that acts as a hinge allowing you to do things like a swallow, chew and talk.

temporomandibular joint

But, since your ears lie just behind these joints, anything that moves your jaw can temporarily alter the shape of your ear canal, sometimes, even a slight movement is all it takes.

If your earbuds are repeatedly falling out, every time you move your jaw, or even causing you pain because they fit too tightly, it’s time for a change.

Easy hacks to stop wireless earbuds from falling out

Today, there are foam and rubber earbuds that are designed to go deeper into the ear canal and makes a great fit for ears of all shapes and sizes. The foam earbuds work like earplugs for sleeping, so you can roll them into thin cylinders then pop them into your ears letting them expand to make a better fit.

Pull your earlobe toward the back of your head to open the ear canal a little wider. Once they are in, shake your head and jump to see if they stay put and do not fall out. If they do not fall out, then it’s a perfect fit for your ears and you should have no problems struggling with adjusting your earbuds anymore.

Following are 4 easy tricks that you can use to stop falling out of earphones or earbuds from your ear:

Hang the cord – Insert your earbuds upside down and loop its cord over the back of your ear because the cords hang straight down from your ear canal can make it easy to fall down your earplugs.

Insert Earbuds Firmly – Earbuds should fit comfortably into your ear canal. If your earbuds don’t fit snugly into your ears you might simply need to insert them carefully. Open your ear canal by gently pulling your earlobe while inserting earbud and release it. By this, your ear canal shapes itself around the earbud and able to form a tight seal.

Use the Attachments – Use the attachments that you got with your earbuds. These extra foam or silicone tips that come with your earbuds can provide comfortability to your ears.

Purchase Special Attachments – If you found out that your earplugs don’t fit in your ear and they are costly too so you can’t ignore them then you can purchase special attachments for your existing earbuds to customize the fit.

Far End Gear BudLoks Earphone Sport Grips for in-Ear and Ear Canal Earbuds
Far End Gear BudLoks Earphone Sport Grips for in-Ear and Ear Canal Earbuds

Even after all these methods, you are still not comfortable with the fitting of your earbuds then its time to replace them with well-fitting earplugs.

Some Tips to Choose the Right Earbuds for You

Choose Earbuds With Ear Hooks – If you are planning to use earbuds during an exercise then basic circular earbuds might not be the right option for you. Buy Specialized sports headphones that include features like ear hooks or band that can wrap around the head to provide a slip-free listening experience while you exercise.

Wireless Earbuds Sport, Mpow Flame Lite in Ear Bluetooth Earbuds
Far End Gear BudLoks Earphone Sport Grips for in-Ear and Ear Canal Earbuds

Choose Sweat-proof Earbuds – If you wear earplugs during an intense workout or in warm weather then sweat can be a reason of slipping out your earbuds. In this scenario choose sweat-proof earplugs.

Buy Waterproof Earplugs – Choose waterproof earplugs if you are expecting your earbuds to expose to water. Choosing these types of earbuds during long distance running, swimming or in winter sports ensures that excess moisture doesn’t cause your earbuds to fall out.

Choose Wireless Earbuds – If the cause of your earbud slipping is its cord which is being pulled or caught on clothing or other objects, then you should go for wireless earbuds. They are expensive but if you use earbuds frequently than they are a worthwhile investment.

Choose Earbuds for Small Ears – This option is applicable when you have tried everything but still cannot keep your earbuds from falling out. This can be because you might have a small ear canal.