How to Choose a Laptop Bag That is Best For You!

How to Choose a Laptop Bag

In today’s highly mobile business world, laptop bags are more necessary for a businessperson, executives, office goers, students or travelers.

A good laptop bag is highly required when you are planning to carry your laptop and it’s accessories with freedom of mobility.

The classic backpack cases are designed to protect the laptops during transport and keep one’s portable office supplies organized in the process. It’s necessary to do everything you can to guard your laptop and promote its longevity.

Considering the laptop bag as insurance for your computer, it will allow you to really appreciate the value of purchasing a laptop bag that is sturdy, long-lasting and protective. Considering all these, this can also be a perfect gift option for your techie friends who have to carry lots of gadgets with his laptop.

7 Steps to Choose the Right Laptop Bag

In order to choose a good laptop bag, there are some points to consider. Laptop bags come in different types of designs to suit a variety of needs, both for those who favor hand-held sleeves or messenger bags, as well as backpacks and over the shoulder totes.

So, how do you go about choosing a perfect laptop bag? Here are some factors & easy steps to choose the best laptop bag for yourself.

1. Work or Pleasure?

If you only use your laptop for work, then you’ll likely need something flexible and efficient that can be carried to and from work with ease. If you catch public transport, the bag may need extra padding for protection. If you ride a bike, a backpack style laptop bag is the best option. If you walk, choose a bag that is waterproof for those rainy seasons. So first you need to select a bag according to work or pleasure.

2. Laptop Bag Styles

Depending upon your lifestyle, there are plenty of laptop bag styles to choose from. Each design has its own comfort and features make them perfect for certain circumstances. Here are some of the most common types of laptop bags and some hand-picked selection to make finding the perfect bag easier:

Messenger bags:

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Equipped to carry any guy’s most frequently used possessions, messenger bags are available in different sizes and styles. These bags can be used in almost any condition:

Courier Bag: These are great courier bags if you have small deliveries, few samples to show or small packages to deliver.

Mail Bag: You would have seen postman carrying a large messenger bag to deliver the mail. It helps in storing the mail and posts together and can hold a lot.

School Bag: These are even ideal choice for carrying those heavy books, binders and other schools/college supplies.

Laptop Bag: Messenger bags with thick foam padding are just ideal to protect your laptops and other must-have accessories and gadgets.

Diaper Bag: These types of bags are a great help for parents as they can carry those little things for their babies while traveling outside.

Briefcase-style Laptop Bags and Shoulder Bags:

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If you like to switch between carrying a bag over the shoulder or by the handles, then Briefcase laptop bags and shoulder bags are a good choice for you. It looks very professional as well as classic and is lightweight and compact in size.

If you are planning to buy these kinds of bags, look for padded handles or straps, compartments on the outside or inside for your small items, and room for your papers.

Backpack Laptop Bags

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If you are a student and has to carry heavy loads, backpack laptop bags is a good choice for you. They look more casual and are better for those who are in less corporate environments.

Advantages of Backpack

  • Most of the backpack straps and back are padded so when you are wearing backpack you feel comfortable.
  • There are lots of space and compartment inside it, so you have the freedom to carry your essential goods along with your laptop.
  • The best thing about this is that they look both professional and casual. So whether you are a college student or a business professional, it will suit you.
  • Backpacks are tremendously contemporary and thus balance the weight evenly on your shoulder and back, making it more comfortable.

3. Bag Size

You need to focus on bag size to fit your laptop. In case of laptop bag doesn’t specify exactly what makes or models of laptops it works for, it’s better to measure the size of the bag and compare it to laptop size.

Furthermore, you can carry your laptop with you when purchasing the bag so that you can check the bag size comfortably.

You can also follow this chart while shopping on Amazon or other e-commerce sites online.

4. Check for storage

Good laptop bags should have a main compartment and a secondary compartment.

A secondary compartment is necessary for files, notebooks, cords, batteries, and other accessories.

Moreover, it is essential that your bag has multiple pockets for some other useful accessories like USBs, pens, your mouse, business cards.

These scratch resistant compartments will protect your laptop from bumps and scratches, as well as protect your accessories from being damaged by the weight of the laptop.

If you want to carry only your laptop, A laptop sleeve is a better idea by placing the laptop in a sleeve and then into a backpack.

5. Shoulder strap

Adjustable shoulder straps are one of the important parts in order to choose the best laptop bag. It can help to customize the design to better fit your body, as well as preserving the bag as ergonomic as possible for when you’re on your way in train or bus.

6. Quality zippers

When it comes to select a laptop bag with a quality zipper, you’ll need to check the durability of zips. Because as a broken zipper will deem the entire bag useless.

Moreover, it is critical for keeping your laptop safely locked in the bag.

7. Warranty

While choosing a laptop bag to protects your computer, you should want to protect the bag itself as well. A warranty will allow you to fix the damages free of cost if it breaks due to factors other than general wear and tear. So don’t forget to ask about the warranty.

I hope, the article helps to find the best laptop bag. This guide talks simple steps to consider before buying the best designer laptop bag. If you wish to add any of your suggestions and feedback, please mention them in the comment.

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