50+ Best Gifts Ideas for Dancers (Ballet, Ballerinas to Hip-Hop)

50+ Best Gifts Ideas for Dancers (Ballet, Ballerinas to Hip-Hop)

Dancing is a beautiful art. As said by the famous American dancer Martha Graham, it is the hidden language of the soul.

It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, motivation to master this skill. But, what is achieved is the gorgeous talent that everyone loves to watch.

In some way, we can motivate their dedication and show appreciation for the extraordinary talent they achieved.

Below are the 50 creative & unique gifts ideas, you can surprise with for your dancer friend, family, relatives. Just surprise them with the gifts and motivate them to do their best.

Best gifts ideas for hip hop dancers & ballet lovers

1. Books

Books are always a great gift for any dancer. They know the love towards the dance. It’s a great source to keep them motivated towards art. They can feel the vibe as they read along the books’ line.

Below are some of the best books to gift for a dancer:

2. Duffle Bag

Olympia 8 Pocket Rolling Duffel Bag

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Help you as a dancer to carry your dancing items with Duffle Bags. Thesel bags are a must-have baggage item for travel.

Duffle bags are very lightweight carry bags made of good fabric which are used to carry all sort of items.

Either it is to go for routine practice or to carry all your dancing equipment when performing, duffle bag always comes in handy. You can also make some custom made duffle bags with what they love and surprise them.

3. Dance clock

Dance clock

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When you are into dance or any another form of art, you need to be strict in your routine. Practice is the only thing that helps you be best at what you do. For an emerging dancer, you can gift them with dance clock to keep them strict into the routine. Not only for discipline but every time they see the clock it reminds them of their beautiful art and keeps them motivated.

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4. Tank top

Tank top

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Tank top is a gift for all sort of dancer. Either they are in Hip Hop or freestyle, it gives the comfort and style they are looking for. You can also make your own tank top design and gift your dancer friend. With such custom made tank top, they will feel themselves and maybe it will become their best gift ever.

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5. Hand stamped dance Necklace

 Hand stamped dance Necklace

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Crave some of the inspiring words in the necklace and make a gift. No wonder they will wear it always and remember you for keeping faith in them on their dance.

6. Dance definition wall picture

Dance definition wall picture

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You keep yourself surrounded with the things you love. It can be your friend circle, your workspace, or your home. Wall pictures are a great gift for a dancer to make them feel the same. A wall picture with some inspiring words on dance and dancing is surely going to put a smile on their face.

7. Pop art dance leggings

Pop art dance leggings

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Pop art dance leggings are the coolest gift you can give for a dancer. They are cool, stylish, have modern looking art engraved in them. Not only they can wear while dancing but can match these leggings with T-shirts and shirts to give them their own look.

8. Dance mug

Dance mug

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A custom made dance girl mug is all you need to gift your dancer friend. After a long practice session, a good cup of coffee or green tea can be the catalyst you need. Just relaxing with your cup of tea and watching the dancing girl in your mug will definitely make you a lot happier.

9. Ballerina bookmark

 Ballerina bookmark

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If you want to gift your dancer friend who also loves to read the book, ballerina bookmark are a great gift for them. Not only it will be the bookmark for your next novel, but it also shows the love for the dance and the art.

10. Jewellery stand

Jewellery stand

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If she is your daughter, your girlfriend, your mom or any female relative, jewelry stand will be the gift they are waiting for a long time. It is the one stand for keeping the dance necklace, earrings or bracelets. All your dance jewellery in one place.

11. Knit dance socks

Practice can be tough and you need to keep your legs warm and firm. Until and unless your legs are fit and tough you will not be able to perform elitely. These custom made knit dance socks will keep your legs healthy after a long hour of the session.

Knit dance socks

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12. Custom made dance pillow

Custom made dance pillow

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Make a custom made dance pillow with the print on quotes or phrase that will help your dancer friend to stay alert and motivated. After a long tiring day, looking at your pillow and looking at those words will give them a positive vibe and give them a sound sleep.

13. Confidence T-shirt

 Confidence T-shirt

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Show your confidence in the art you pursue with the confidence t-shirt. They are great for day to day use but you can also use it while performing on stage to show how confident you are.

14. Heated Booties Slipper

Heated Booties Slipper

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This warming pair of slipper keeps your feet warm and soft after a long day of work and practice. It’s always a good idea to keep your feet healthy if you are keen towards your dance. They come in various color, shape, size, and design. Choose the one you like and keep your feet smooth and warm.

15. The San Francisco Music Box Company Ballerina Swan Lake Figurine

The San Francisco Music Box Company Ballerina Swan Lake Figurine

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The trinket box is stylish and beautiful in design. They are a small box where you can keep your jewelry. Or you can also get a dancing trinket box. It is a small trinket box when opened pops a dancing lady. It is surely an amazing gift to surprise with.

16. Dancing ribbon

Dancing ribbon

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The ribbon is one kind of prop used while dancing. They are a long piece of fine, soft cloth use to showcase the art of dance and the dance form. The dancing ribbon is mostly used in salsa and contemporary dance. So in case your dance partner is in the genre, this might be a good gift for them.

17. Dancer motivational flag

A flag can either be a prop for a dancer or you can also decorate your house with some motivational dance flag. A customized flag can be used to convey some sort of message. Choose the phrase you want to dig in the flag and surprise your companion with it.

18. Notebook


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The notebook can be used in various ways. One can write a journal, write your daily goals, write songs you love to listen or create your own dancing beats and notes. Either way, notebook is useful in many ways and you can always opt for them to your colleagues.

19. Spinner skins neoprene lyrical half sole women

If your friend is a ballerina dancer, you might see them dancing most of the time in their foot. And this requires a lot of strength.

Spinner skins neoprene lyrical half sole wome

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Spinner skin half sole gives you the support you need while dancing. It protects your front of the feet from any scratches to your feet. This is a great gift if your friend or relative is into ballerina dance form.

20. Pedicure

Pedicure is one of the most important grooming you can do to your feet if you are into dancing. It keeps your feet healthy. You can give your close one a pedicure session to make their feet healthy and keep up on their dancing. It might be a warm foot bath, a foot towel to make your skin glowing, or some epsom salt to nurture your feet.

21. Dance lesson (jazz, ballroom, ballet salsa)

Dance lesson (jazz, ballroom, ballet salsa

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If you see your loved one into dancing and want to help them in their dancing career or interest, you can gift them a dance lesson to help them improve. It can be the best gift you will ever give them.

22. Ballerina dancer svg graphics

There are various SVG graphics which are basically used for animation and graphics. You can choose from many dancing SVG graphics. It will change the mood every time you see the graphics.

23. Fitbit


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Fitbit keeps tracks of your health. You can wear them anywhere you go. Some features include heartbeat tracker, steps tracker which notifies them of their health on their wrist. This watch will surely make an impact that they will remember every time they see their wrist to track their health.

24. Dance Jar

It is basically a jar with all kind of small dance times. It might be some phrase to encourage them on their road to be a great dancer, some stickers, best wishes in their career.

It is a sweet gift you can give to your close one to keep their energy going in dancing.

25. ballerina shoe necklace

ballerina shoe necklace

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It is a necklace with a ballerina shoe in it. It is a great gift for ballerina dancer. Not only they look beautiful, but also show the art they possess.

26. Shoes

There are a variety of shoes for every form of dance. A good shoe shows the passion you have on the dance form you are into. There are various contemporary shoes, ballerina shoes, hip hop shoes, shoes for tap dance and many more. The first thing people see to know your personality is the shoe. So, choosing a good shoe is very important and are a great gift to give for your close one.

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27. Custom made water bottle

Personalized Custom Soccer Ball Stainless Steel Water Bottle

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Dancing is art which requires continues to practice. This means you will need to hydrate your body in regular interval. Every dancer needs a water bottle. There may be much different water bottle but you can choose a dancer water bottle as a gift. Just check out some water bottle with dancing tag or art or you can go with a custom made bottles too.

28. Custom made dancer phone case

One of the best gifts you can give to a dancer is a custom made dance phone case. The phone case is important for every phone and for a dance lover or a dancer, you can choose from a variety of custom made phone case and surely is a great gift. Every time you look at your phone you can get cherished by the look itself.

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29. Capezio

Manufactured by Italian shoemaker since 1887, Capezio has become one of the prominent makers of dance shoes. It is a branded shoemaker. It is basically a tap dance shoe maker that also create a variety of shoe material. They are stylish design shoe.

30. Toe pad

Toe pad

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Toe pad is hypoallergenic cushion filled with vitamins that help to protect blisters, corns, and scratches in your toe. They make the toes soft and healthy with their vitamins and soft stretchable pads. If your dance partner is having such problem you can go for this.

31.Foot rubz massager

Foot rubz massager

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After a long hour of the practice session, a good foot massage will give your foot the life it needs to help them stay healthy and strong. These small balls are made of acupuncture to help your foot reduce the pain.

32. Barre balm

Barre balm is the one thing that your dancer partner need to help them get rid of the pain, blister, swelling and bruising. They are inflammatory and are very good at reducing the damage from the practice session. They are made for dancer’s feet. These may be the life-saving gift you ever give to your dancing partner.

33. Dancer problem kit

Kinetic Bands Dance Leg Resistance Bands and Flexibility Strap Training Kit

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This is a medium size handy bag that will help you through your problems you face while dancing. Dancing is hard work and there may be a pain. Without pain, there is no gain. But to keep you pain away, this is the handy tool you need. This bag consists of all the solution to your problem. Either it is pain in the feet, bruises, swelling, cuts, or scratches, this bag consists of all the required thing for an emergency. Try this out as a gift for a dancer. They will surely love it.

34. Dancer kinetic bands

Dancer kinetic bands

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This is a stretchable band that helps to make your legs, hips, and most of the core muscle of the body, flexible and strong. They are widely used to help dancer strength. This is the everyday need of a dancer to help them keep their body fit and stable.

35. Turnboard


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This small device is the answer to your training in ballet dance. You can practice your ballet dancing with it. It is a small device that is supposed to help you in turning in dance. It helps you by reducing the drag between your foot and the floor. This device is also used in many other athletics to practice turning.

36. Nike arc angel pointe shoe

You might have seen many dancers perform dancing on their toe. Nike has made a special shoe to help you practice you the dancing on the toe. This Nike arc angel pointe shoe helps you to stretch your ankle so that you know the physics behind it and improve your toe dancing practice. It might be the gift you are looking for your dancer friend, partner, child or close one.

37. E-traces

If you want to do some calligraphy while dancing, these ballet slippers are the ones for you. It is a creative innovation is called E-traces. With the help of Arduino, they detect the movement of your feet and make a drawing to make two of the art come together. This might be a great gift for the one who loves dance as well as drawing or calligraphy.

38. Nike studio wrap

Nike studio wrap

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These are a great tool to put your legs stable and energized. These are made by Nike and helps to stretch your feet while not hurting them. They are widely used by pilates and yoga practitioner.

39. Leg warmer

Leg warmer

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Leg warmer keeps your legs warm and makes sure that your leg gets the proper warmth they need. You need to practice a lot if you are a dancer and after a long hour of practice, leg warmer is a great help for your legs. They are soft and warm.

40. Arm warmer

Sheeper Womens Arm Warmer Sleeves Sun Protection Outdoor Driving Arm Cover

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Arm warmer is used for various purpose. They are the long piece of cloth that covers up your arm. They keep your arm from external injuries like scratch and cuts. They are also used in many dance form to showcase the style. With much different use, you can always gift it to your dancer friend.

41. Foot sink

After a long day of practice, work, you might want your foot to relax. You want to give them some freshness. A foot sink will be a great choice to rest your foot. With some essential oils and warm water, foot sink you provide your foot the charm and relaxation they need.

42. Makeup set

Makeup set

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If your friend is going for a dancing competition, you might want them to look beautiful. For that, a makeup set might come in handy. Not only when you have a show, but you can also use it on a regular basis and girls will love it.

43. Dancer hula hoop

PRO Hula Hoops

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Hula Hoop is a great gift for a dancer as it helps in keeping your body fit. It is around a toy that is swirl around neck, waist, and hip. It is used in dance as a prop. You can never go wrong with it as dancer love to practice with a hula hoop.

44. Dancer bracelet

Dancer bracelet

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Dancer Bracelets is one way to show the love you possess towards the art. There are many different types of dancers bracelets you can choose from. Surely you can find the one that fits as your gift for your companion.

45. Ballerina night light

Ballerina night light

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With dancing ballerina lightning up in the room, you are surely making a good vibe around your dance lover friend. They glow at night and give your room a vibrant feel of the art.

46. Essential oils

Essential Oils are the extracts from the plants. They are basically oils for which have a great smell, used for many health benefits like skin care, memory enhancement, dealing with emotions. You can choose from a variety of oil. This may be the most beautiful gift you will ever present a dance lover.

47. Mouse pad with dancer theme

Dancer love to make their surrounding like their own. So they reach out to every detail of their room or their working space. The mouse pad can be a great gift for them. You can choose a dancer theme to impress them and surely they will love it.

48. Hand printed fake nails

Girls love to make-up and polish themselves to look beautiful. Nail art is one of the things that girls love surely. Try to impress them with some hand printed fake nails. They are easy to use, have a beautiful design and you can use them whenever you like.

49. Trouser for hip hop dancer

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Hip-hop dance is one of the dance forms. And for a hip-hop dancer, their outfit shows their culture. Trousers are a great deal for a hip hop dance and they love to be in that attire. Choose from the one you think that they might love and present it to your loved one. They will surely love it.

50. Chocolates

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Accept it. Who doesn’t love chocolate? Chocolate is life. Also, it has many health benefits too. Go to the nearby store and grab a bunch of chocolate and surprise your friend. You might end up eating them together too. Lol.

These are some of the gift ideas for dancers you can choose from. There are many online sites where you can buy this product. Some of them are Amazon, etsy.com, Alibaba, eBay.

What matters most is to make them feel good and make them happy. You can choose from anything that they love. These might become the gift they will remember yours for. At a certain point in their dancing career, they might look back to you and give you the credit to keep them mesmerized and motivated.

Hope that help.

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