Top 10 Popular & Best Headphone Brands in The World

Brand trust is one of the important factors which influence the purchase decision. This applies to all industries & headphones too.

People prefer to choose from top & famous headphone brands because they are known for delivering a positive experience and are more trustworthy as compared to other local & cheap brands in the market.

If listening to music is one of your daily activities, you might have already come over a hundred headphones brand & companies in your life.

But, do you know which are the most famous & trustworthy brands known for manufacturing High-quality Hi-Fi headphones.

To help you out, we have mentioned 10 most popular and best headphone brands in the market. You can choose from these headphones to get the best experience of music.

Best headphone brands in the world 2022

1. Sennheiser

German-based company, also known as Sennheiser Electronic GmbH & Co. KG, Sennheiser is a privately held company manufacturing a wide range of high-quality products related to sound, music microphones, telephones, and headphones.

Sennheiser was founded in 1954 by Fritz Sennheiser. The headquarter is in Watermark, Germany with almost 2200 employees.

The world’s first open headphones were introduced by Sennheiser in 1968. In 1982, Sennheiser entered into aviation market supplying Lufthansa with its headsets.

It also began producing modern wireless headphones in 1982.

Sennheiser makes a wide range of products from Orpheus $55000 headphone set, wireless microphone, multimedia to gaming headsets, speakers and amplifiers.

The product by Sennheiser is among the best in the market and with a long history of producing quality material you always get the best product from the company.

Sennheiser headphones are among the headphones in many professional studios as well as the home studio. In every way, people have appreciated the effort that the company had put to serve them.

Some of the best of Sennheiser Headphones are

and the list goes on. Sennheiser produces headphones in a wide range of quality. The budget-friendly headphones also provide a great sound while the higher range or professional headphones had gained the appreciation many years ago.

2. Audio-Technica

Audio Technica is an audio equipment manufacturing company in Japan. It manufactures professional microphones, headphones, and audio equipment. It was established by Hideo Matsushita in 1962.

Audio Technica provides the best in the industry device to its consumer. Many headphones in studios around the world are equipped with Audio Technica headphones and audio devices.

Audio Technica has been supplying microphones for US Presidential Debates. I am not wrong if I say Audio Technica is among the best in the business. They have been awarded multiple awards since 1965.

AT-1 is the company’s first along with AT-3 MM Stereo phono cartridges. The first headphone was launched in 1974 as AT-700. It gained a lot of popularity and ever since the company started making the business-wide.

Audio Technica also provides an audio solution for games and movies. Audio Technica pure digital drive wireless headphone ATH-DSR9BT received CES Innovation Honoree Award in 2017 using Trigence Dnote Technology.

If you want to buy some good audio interfaces, mixers, headphones, microphone and you opt for Audio Technica, you will enjoy every sort of best experience.

Some of the best headphones by Audio Technica are

You can always go to the official website of Audio Technica for more headphones.

3. Beyerdynamic

Beyerdynamic labeled as Beyerdynamic Gmbh & Co. KG is an audio equipment manufacturer from Germany. It has been family-owned ever since its establishment in 1924 by Eugen Beyer. The manufacturing items are headphones, headsets, microphones, Conference Systems, and Technology.

The first pair of dynamic headphones were introduced by Beyer in late 1930s. Stielhorer DT 49 was the most sought out at record-bars in the ’50s. Many singers at the time and music producer were using devices by Beyerdynamic. Their first wireless microphone was in 1962. Sound transformer and headphones were famous around the professional and live performers. Olympic Games in Seoul in 1988 used headsets from Beyerdynamic.

Popular Device

Basically, it has all the name and fame in the industry. It is a branded company providing industry-level equipment. They are focused on their work and love them. They are a talented, enthusiastic team of Beyerdynamic who work to give you the best experience.

4. Shure

Shure is a privately owned company founded in 1925 by Sidney Shure in Niles, Illinois, United States. They manufacture microphones, wireless microphone systems, headphones and earphones along with phono cartridges, mixers, and conferencing systems.

In 1932, the first Shure microphone Model 33N Two-Button Carbon Microphone was manufactured. Shure was among the four microphone manufacturers in the USA at that time. Model 55 Unidyne Microphone became one of the world’s most recognized headphones in 1933. The United States armed forces contracted with Shure to supply microphones during World War II.

Shure also dig their hands in phonograph cartridges and became the largest producer of phonograph cartridges in the USA.

If you want to get Shure headphones, you are good to go. The sound quality of Shure headphones is clean and high quality. They are well built, durable, comfortable and provides industry level experience. The price is also within everyone’s budget range. You can get the best device for yourself that will long last and provide decent performance.

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5. Bose

Started by Amar Bose in 1964, Bose has been the name in the audio equipment and headphone industry. Bose is among the reputed company all around the world. They introduce a wide range of devices like home theater, noise cancellation headphones, speakers. There are around 190 stores in the USA alone with many retail shops across the world. The headquarters is in Framingham, Massachusetts.

Bose makes noise cancellation headsets for aviation individuals in the Space Shuttle. Bose only manufactures selected headphones, wireless speakers and professional audio products. The main motto of the Bose as it started long ago is to provide better sound through research.

Bose has been in many fields delivering the best result from their products. They produce the professional audio system, military applications that have been used by U.S military and NASA.

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6. AKG

Founded in 1947 by Dr. Rudolf Gorike Ernst Pless in Vienna, Austria, AKG is named originally as Akustischeund Kino-Garate Gesellschaft, At present, AKG is more of a brand than a company and is owned by Samsung Electronics and managed by Harman International Business.

The main motto of the company as it was starting was to provide technical equipment for cinemas. D12 microphone in 1953 by AKG made then famous around the globe, setting standards for voice transmission.

AKG was acquired by Harman International in 1994.

AKG has been providing a great product for the professional music industry as well as the home individuals. The product quality is among the best and the performance of AKG is appreciated from time to time. If you are an individual or a professional music artist, buying AKG headphones will surely give you a boost and quality listening to your sound.

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7. Sony

Sony might be the most popular brand for headphones everyone knows about. This publicly owned company also known as Sony Kabushiki Kaisha, was founded on 7 May 1946 and has ever since served its customer will best product.

Sony manufactures a wide range of devices from consumer and professional electricals and appliances to the gaming and entertainment industry with its product. Sony has been named the largest music and video game console business also been a prominent manufacturer in films and television entertainment.

Coming to the headphones area of Sony business, they produce a variety of devices for every market. Sony has received numerous awards in the decades. Sony was ranked 97th in the Fortune Global 500 list in 2018. The low-end headphones sound amazing while the high-end professional headphones have been in many professional and home studio around the world.

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8. Skullcandy

Skullcandy is a privately owned American company located in Park City, Utah. Skullcandy has been manufacturing high-quality headphones, earphones, hands-free devices, and other audio products since its establishment in 2003 by Rick Alden.

All the products from Skullcandy have been blowing the mind of general consumers as well as the professional experts. According to Fortune Magazine, Skullcandy was given the title of “the worlds coolest ear bud” in December 2008.

Skullcandy earbuds have the bass for the high ends while the mids and lows are better the many in the market. They use the LINK technology which they acquired back in the days.

Some of the popular Skullcandy devices you can check out are:

Many people love SkullCandy for its high ends while some liked for the looks and features. You can choose from a variety of headphones or earphones like wired or wireless, noise cancellation headphones, open-back, closed-back, open-ear and many more. Just go for it and you will enjoy every detail of your song and who knows you might fall in love with the device.

9. Beats by Dre

Beats by Dre is labeled as Beats Electronics LLC is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. located in Culver City, California. It was founded by legendary music producer and rapper Dr. Dre and founder of Interscope Records Jimmy Iovine in 2006.

Beats by Dre is primarily focused on producing Headphones and speakers. Just 5 year after its establishment, in 2011, for higher than $100 headphones, Beats By Dre acquired a whopping 64% market share as per NPD Group.

Beats which was established by Dre was started with a motive that the speaker should listen to music as the producer wants them to hear or the way Dre listened to the music. Most of the beats headphones are leaned towards higher ends of the music. They are more bass heavy and directed towards hip-hop and pop music. That being said you can listen to any music crisp and clear and enjoy every hooks and beat of the song.

Beats is licensed under the name of Beats Audio. Many companies are merging the Beats technology in their devices. In 2009, HP Envy line is equipped with Beats Audio. And now that Appple Inc. has purchased it you are sure to enjoy music in every platform.

Some of the popular device of Beats by Dre are Beats Executive Noise-Cancelling device, which was their first headphone, Beats Studio 3

Popular Device

  1. Under $100Beats Ep Wired On-Ear Headphone
  2. Between $100 and $200Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones
  3. Above $200Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earphones

10. Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen is a public Danish company providing high-end electronics for its consumers. Among the electronics are the headphones and audio products. Bang & Olufsen was founded by Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen in 1925 with the motto of providing radio facility.

I personally too like Bang and Olfusen. Their product never misses impressing people with quality audio and healthy built materials used. You can become a retailer too if you are thinking of some kind of business to start.

Early in the days when it was first started by the two, they started as a radio manufacturer. They kept on emerging and grew the business slow and steady. One took care of the business while others took the technology to manufacture the best products.

The product ranges from headphones to speakers and audio equipment these days. Bang & Olufsen has acquired audio lens technology in 2007 while the Audi has already made an agreement for an advanced sound system in 2003.

Major subsidiaries of Bang & Olufsen are ICEpower which is basically a research and design organization that works on amplifiers. Bang & Olufsen Medicom, Bang & Olufsen Telecom are among other subsidiaries. Recently a newcomer to parent company is B&O Play which first came in 2012.

Best product

  1. Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H9i Headphones
  2. B&O Beoplay H4 Headphones
  3. B&O H8i Wireless Headphones
  4. B&O Beoplay H3 Headphones

Last words

These are brands that have a long history of hard work and stability.

They are experienced in their field of what they are manufacturing. Most of the devices are speakers, headphones that are made to give you the best audio listening you might yet have.

Their technology is equipped by major companies where you need some audio around you. We are glad to be a major part of their prominent user and they are great for what they are doing.

But apart from these brands mention in the above list, there are several others that are gaining popularity & trust. You can also choose the top brand by considering some factors.

How to Choose Headphones That Are Right for You

Stability: Stability here means after starting up the business, what is the progress of the company in profit and revenue. Is it adapting to emerging technology and are able to give their best? Major companies here are the versatile manufacture late before we were born and have experience towards their work.

Audio Technology: While choosing the best companies, the most important factor that actually matters is the Audio Technology and their adaption. These companies are more focused on bringing the product to the customer that would amaze them. New sound drivers and extra comfort, best audio output are the important factor that we had our eyes upon.

History: History of each and every company is full of hard work and dedication towards their work. These companies are what their history brought them. They stood up to make a change in their field and they have given us with best of the audio headphones we have ever listened to.

Go grab any headphone you want from the list of brands and you are sure to enjoy the best listening you ever have.

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