Best Guitar Brands: Top Acoustic and Electric Guitars 2022


Top & best guitar brands reflect trust, loyalty and are known for delivering quality acoustic and impeccable electric instruments. Those who have ever gigged with an acoustic guitar can tell you what lifesaver acoustic pickups are.

The days are gone away when guitarists had to carefully positions their instruments in front of a microphone. Now these advanced acoustic and electric guitars have become plug and play instruments.

The best acoustic and electric guitar can be pretty tricky to find.

However, there are a lot of guitar manufacturers who have built up their reputations over the years. You’ve probably heard of most of them. There are also some new guitar brands making amazing instruments. When looking for a product such as a guitar, it is more likely that you would go for the best or most popular brand.

Here, this guide is designed to help you find out what makes each brand unique and decide whether their instruments are a good match for your needs. We’re going to highlight the top-rated brands of guitar.

Let’s have a look-

Top Guitar brands in the world 2022


Alvarez guitars

Alvarez guitar brand was founded in 1965 by distributor St. Louis Music. They have generally produced acoustic and electric instruments, including a few cool archtop classical guitars.

Alvarez has been around for over 50 years, and their acoustic and electric instruments are widely admired in the guitar world.

The many of its models are produced in China, the top-tier Alvarez-Yairi instruments are handmade at the Yairi factory in Kani, Gifu-Japan, part of the legacy of Kazuo Yairi, the late master luthier.

Artists who use Alvarez

  • Raulin Rodriguez
  • Anthony Santos
  • Devin Townsend
  • Bob weir Jon Anderson
  • graham Nash

B.C. Rich

B.C. Rich is an American brand founded by Bernardo Chavez Rico in 1969. They have specialized in acoustic and acoustic-electric guitars. B.C. Rich has produced some of the most legendary designs in the history of metal, including the Warlock, Bich, Virgin, and Mockingbird.

The company started to make electric guitars in the 1970s that were notable for their atypical body designs. With the popularity of heavy metal, they gained a broader exposure and a classic super strat style.

The Mk3 Series is one of the more well-known B.C. Rich designs such as the Warlock, Mockingbird, and even the ferocious Warbeast. There are other series as well, from Mk1 for beginners, all the way up to Mk11 for professional players. If you play metal, B.C. Rich should be top on your list of guitar companies to consider.

Artists who use B.C. Rich

  • Kerry King
  • Paolo Gregoletto
  • Trivium
  • Robb Flynn
  • Lita Ford


Breedlove guitars

Established in 1990 by luthiers Larry Breedlove and Steve Henderson, Breedlove Guitars have. Specialize in custom, fingerstyle six and twelve string guitars. Breedlove innovations include sound profiling technology, which has been implemented to the Parlor, Concerto, and Dreadnought.

This technology includes scrutiny of the soundboard to ensure specific thickness reaches the desired frequency and a precise sound meeting a high clarity standard. Other innovations such as- the use of smaller sound hole studies to produce guitars with extreme clarity and resonance

Artists who use Breedlove

  • Devin Sinha.
  • Stephen Carey.
  • Nicolas Scrios Perrault.
  • Karyn Ann.
  • Evan Knapp.
  • Jeff White.
  • Emily Angell.
  • JT Roach.

Carvin / Kiesel

Carvin is one of my favorite guitar companies which was founded by the Lowell Kiesel. Initially,

He sold guitars under his own name but later changed the company name to Carvin.

Carvin models are for about every musical style, from metal to jazz to country to plain old rock and roll. It is based around a handful of templates and each feature components that are individually chosen by the buyer. This is the reason, it’s very rare to find two Carvin that are completely identical.

Carvin is high-quality, American-made instruments, and pretty good deals too. If you’re looking for a guitar, Carvin is a great option.

Artists who use Carvin

  • Jason Becker
  • Joe Walsh.
  • Nick Rossi.
  • McRocklin.
  • Allan Holdsworth
  • frank gamble
  • Greg Howe
  • Neil Zaza
  • Craig Chaquico
  • Jason Charles Miller.


Charvel Joe Duplantier Signature San Dimas Style 2 HH Electric Guitar

Charvel was founded in the 1970s by Wayne Charvel in Azusa and headquartered in Glendora, both cities in California. Charvel guitars are widely popular with the tag of hard rock, metal, and brain-melting soloing. Their So Cal and San Dimas models are just as hot as their ancestors of the ‘80s. In our opinion, these are still at the top of the list of best superstars in the world.

These guitars became popular in the 1980s due to their association with famous rock and heavy metal guitarists such as Eddie Van Halen, Richie Sambora, Warren DeMartini, Randy Rhoads, Jake E. Lee, Vinnie Vincent, and others.

Modern Charvel players

  • Mike Orlando(Adrenaline Mob)
  • Guthrie Govan (The Aristocrats)
  • Joe Duplantier (Gojira)


Cordoba C5 CD Classical Acoustic Nylon String Guitar, Iberia Series

Cordoba is one of the best guitar brands when it comes to classical and nylon-string acoustic instruments. They make everything from student-sized guitars and a perfect choice for beginners, all the way up to pro-level gear. Another acoustic-electric nylon string guitars, for players who need to amplify their sound.

We always recommend the Cordoba C5 for those who are looking for their first classical or nylon string guitar. More experienced players can go with their C-Series like the C12, which is built for advanced guitarists.

Artists who use Cordoba

  • Sofia Talvik
  • charlie Gracie
  • Bryan Adams
  • Tom Petty
  • Robert Smith

Daisy Rock

Daisy Rock Pixie Acoustic-Electric Pink Sparkle Guitar

Founded in 2000 by Tish Ciravolo, Daisy Rock Girl Guitars is a girl-guitar company. They have instruments available in over 26 countries worldwide. Daisy Rock is dedicated to empowering girls and young women and giving them the resources.

They have a starter, short-scale acoustic guitars for little girls, and also produces some really high-grade guitars with professional-style appointments like the Stardust and Rock Candy models. Currently, JAM Industries distributes Daisy Rock Guitars globally with KMC Music for North American sales.

Artists who use Daisy Rock

  • Joan Jett.
  • Dolly Parton.
  • Robert Smith (The Cure)
  • Tim Butler (The Psychedelic Furs)
  • Sylvain Sylvain (The New York Dolls)
  • Chris Stein (Blondie)


Dean Vendetta XM Electric Guitar - Natural

Founded in 1976, Dean is an American manufacturer of stringed instruments and musical products. It is widely popular for its solid-body electric guitars, bass guitars, and acoustic guitars such as the Dean ML, the Dean Z, the Dean V, the Dean Razorback, Dean Stealth, Dean Zero, Dean Icon, and Dean Mako Acoustic Guitar.

If you are into metal, Dean is a guitar brand you’ll want to purchase. Their classic Dean ML design has become an icon in the extreme rock genre. and some sharper, more modern designs.

Dean also makes and/or distributes a full range of products to include resonator guitars, basses, banjos, mandolins, ukuleles, amplifiers, guitar cases, accessories, and custom guitar pickups.

Artists who use Dean

  • Bret Michaels of Poison.
  • Craig Wayne Boyd.
  • Eric Peterson of Testament.
  • Dave Mustaine of Megadeth.
  • Dimebag Darrell of Pantera and Damageplan.
  • Eddie Veliz of Kyng.


Epiphone SG Junior Electric Guitar Player Pack, Worn Black

Founded in 1873 by Anastasios Stathopoulos, Epiphone is American musical instrument manufacturer. This is one of the best electric guitar brands, known for producing quality instruments in the Gibson mold.

Epiphone makes both acoustic and electric guitars and many of their models are based on Gibson designs such as  Les Pauls, Explorers, SGs, Flying Vs, and other Gibson classics. And some entry-level guitars like the Les Paul Special II and the Les Paul 100 place them among the best guitar brands for beginners.

Artists who use Epiphone

  • Joe Pass.
  • Noel Gallagher
  • Gary Clark Jr.
  • Nick Valensi
  • Lee Malia
  • Paul Weller
  • Tom Delonge
  • Jack Casady


Daisy Rock Pixie Acoustic-Electric Pink Sparkle Guitar

Founded in 1946 by Clarence Leonidas Fender, it is one of the best guitar brands in the world and these are iconic guitar. Fender is excellent instruments and also available with a Floyd Rose tremolo, with pretty “plus” tops.

They bring us the affordable Standard Stratocaster, or “Made in Mexico” series.

Some guitars models are etched into history as greatest guitar ever made like Stratocaster and Telecaster.

Artists who use Fender

  • Ritchie Blackmore
  • Eric Clapton
  • David Gilmour
  • George Harrison
  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Buddy Holly
  • Eric Johnson


Gretsch Guitars Jim Dandy Flat Top Acoustic Guitar 2-Color Sunburst

The company was founded in 1883 in Brooklyn by Friedrich Gretsch. They make some truly beautiful instruments, especially hollow and semi-hollow body guitars. The Electromatic series offers some very affordable options for beginners and working pros.

The Gretsch White Falcon is a legendary music instrument with a price tag to match its status still, there are other models in the Gretsch lineup and something right for any level of player.

Artists who use Gretsch

  • Chet Atkins
  • Bono
  • Eddie Cochran
  • Bo Diddley
  • Billy Duffy


Guild Guitars DS-240 Slope Shoulder Acoustic Guitar

Guild is a United States-based guitar manufacturer founded in 1952 by Alfred Dronge. It makes some amazing semi-hollow electric guitars such as the Starfire and the Aristocrat.

These guitars are nail the retro-rock sound and have the looks to match. Guild also successfully manufactured the first dreadnought acoustic guitar with a “cut-away” in its lower shoulder to allow better access to the lower frets, the D40-C.

Artists who use Guild

  • Barry Gibb.
  • Buddy Guy.
  • Dan Auerbach
  • Richie Havens.
  • Scott Matthews.


Jackson 6 String JS Series Dinky Arch Top JS22 Electric Guitar

Jackson is an electric guitars and electric bass guitars manufacturer that bears the name of its founder, Grover Jackson. In the 1980s, it appeared like Jackson guitars were in the hands of just about every metal and hard rock player on the planet.

Jackson models like the King V, Kelly, Rhoads, Soloist, and Dinky are still craved for their great sound and performance. Their models are available in very expensive custom-shop and made-in-the-USA versions.

Artists who use Jackson

  • Gojira.
  • Christian Andreu.
  • Trivium.
  • Corey Beaulieu.
  • Hatebreed.
  • Chris Beattie.


Little Martin LX1RE Acoustic-Electric Guitar with Gig Bag

Martin is an American guitar manufacturer founded in 1833 by Christian Frederick Martin. They invented the now-classic dreadnought shape in an effort to help musicians who wanted more projection out of their guitars onstage.

Martin makes some unbelievable and expensive instruments like the D-28 and D-45, and some affordable guitars that will fit into the budgets of up-and-coming players.

Artists who use Martin

  • Elvis Presley
  • Don McLean
  • Bob Dylan
  • Kurt Cobain


PRS SE P20 Tonare Parlor Vintage Mahogany

PRS is an American guitar and amplifier manufacturer, founded by luthier Paul Reed Smith in 1985. They are recognized as some of the finest electric guitar makers in the world, on par and often surpassing high-end Gibsons.

PRS guitars are a classy if somewhat expensive, the alternative to some of the more traditional brand names in the guitar industry.

Artists who use PRS

  • Alex Lifeson.
  • Carlos Santana.
  • David Grissom.
  • Dustie Waring.
  • Gary Grainger.
  • John Mayer


RainSong V-DR1100N2 Vintage Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

RainSong is an acoustic and electric guitar manufacturer. They make high-end carbon fiber (graphite) bodied acoustics and acoustic electrics, with past models including nylon string guitars, 12-string guitars, and a jazz archtop.

Rainsong guitars are very unique, known for high-level acoustic instruments with details the tonewood debate. Their guitars are made of carbon fiber which enables the tuning stability, better resistance to climate changes and excellent craftsmanship.

Artists who use RainSong

  • Erin Bennett
  • Ellen Allard


Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar Limited Edition Tennessee Red with Bag

Seagull is a Canadian company, founded in 1982 by Robert Godin and a few of his friends. It’s a sub-brand of Godin Guitars that produces acoustic guitars. These acoustic guitars are among the best values you are going find.

Seagull offers unique tonewoods and high-quality construction techniques at an affordable price. The Seagull S6 Original is one of the best series for beginners and intermediate players.

Artists who use Seagull

  • Michalis Hatzigiannis
  • Peppino D’Agostino
  • James Blunt
  • Emm Gryner
  • Michelle Lambert


Taylor GS Mini Mahogany GS Mini Acoustic Guitar , Sapele

Taylor Guitars is an American guitar manufacturer, founded in 1974 by Bob Taylor. They make some incredible acoustic and electric guitar designs. These guitars are incredible and the best in the world.

Taylor guitar’s 200-series is reasonably priced, and their Baby, Big Baby, the GS Mini guitars are perfect for beginners.

Artists who use Taylor

  • Tori Kelly
  • Zac Brown Band
  • Jade Bird
  • Shawn Mendes
  • Emily King


Yamaha C40II Classical Guitar

The Yamaha is one of the most affordable guitar brands that you find in the market due to the fact that they looked really good and performs even better. So, the design perspective this guitar brand is available in a wide variety of color combinations.

Its RS 420 will get your attention from the moment you take it off the box due to the fact of it looks wonderful from the top to the bottom. And its body was made from a solid NATO with the maple top. The presence of the NATO can be noticed also at its slim neck and in addition, the fretboard is made of rosewood, has a total number of 22 frets.

I would also like to inform you that the magnet and the v h3  humbuckers are capable enough to produce a vintage output so you can immediately notice the rock-heavy tones that will be impressively defined. Another great thing about this guitar is the dry switch tone control which can dramatically reduce and filter out the low frequencies.

Artists who use Yamaha

  • Don Alder
  • James Blunt
  • Paul Bostaph
  • Michael Bublé
  • Sheryl Crow
  • Jamie Cullum

Other Guitar Makers

Here, we’re providing you our ranking of guitar companies sorted by acoustic and electric guitars.

Top 10 Acoustic Guitar Brands

  • Martin
  • Taylor
  • Gibson
  • Takamine
  • Fender
  • Guild
  • Seagull
  • Yamaha
  • Ovation
  • Epiphone

Top 10 Electric Guitar Brands

  • Gibson
  • Fender
  • PRS
  • Schecter
  • Yamaha
  • Rickenbacker
  • Ibanez
  • ESP
  • Jackson
  • Epiphone

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