15 Best Grammar & Punctuation Checker Tools To Write Error-Free Content


You might have to come across this phase of life when you need to write some letters, applications, essays, or business emails, articles, or say you are writing a book to publish someday.

What you wish is that all your writing stays fresh, active, spelling mistake-free, and professional. Your writing should express the real you. And to help with your wonderful writings, below are the sites with complete reviews that can help you boost your writing for better and improved writing.

15 Best Online Grammar and Punctuation Checker Tools For Error-Free Writing in 2022

1. Grammarly

is paying for Grammarly worth it

Grammarly is one of the most popular errors and punctuation checker. It has been used by millions of people across the world. Available in multiple platforms like Windows, iOS, Linux, and Android, it provides easy and hassle-free checking of your writing.

If you are an emerging blogger, writer, student who wants to make a thesis or research paper, a business person, or an editor, Grammarly is there to cope with your problems related to error-free writing.

Grammarly checks and corrects over 150 types of errors. An error is shown with a red underline supporting every sort of writings. It also supports British and American English.

The database of Grammarly is huge to provide you the suggestion while making the sentence or correcting your paragraphs or phrases. But you can also manually add the subject-specific words to your Grammarly dictionary to remove the error flag in the future.

While there is the free version of Grammarly, the pricing is freemium meaning you have to pay for some extra features. You can also add it to your browser extension and work in Google Docs, MS Office, or any writing environment.

The free version and extensions give you the power to correct the spelling, punctuations, phrases and search for the meaning of certain words.

The paid version is more vast as it provides checking of plagiarism, synonyms, sentence structure, access over multiple devices. The paid service is much more for big offices and companies which ranges from $30 per month to $250 per year.

Best features:

  1. Advanced spell checking
  2. Advance grammar check, punctuation check
  3. Quick suggestions for sentence structure
  4. Dictionary
  5. Error explanation
  6. Available for PC, MACs, and smartphones

You can read the complete review of this contextual spell checker, by clicking here.

2. Ginger

Ginger Software - Grammare and spelling checking services

Ginger goes along with Grammarly head to head in the market and has got the attention of many users over the world. Ginger is basically an editing app that checks for your grammar, sentences, has a large database of words that suggest synonyms and meaning of the word.

Available in iOS, Ginger is being used by people to check for grammatical mistakes, punctuations, spell checking while writing their piece of work.

Ginger also provides a feature to translate your writing to 60+ different languages. It can also read out the text you have written.

You will also get a phrase of the day to enhance your vocabulary and improve your writing. You can also share your text to favorite apps. Ginger has rich text formatting features to make whatever changes you want to make in your writing.

Best features:

  1. Advance grammar check
  2. 60+ language translation
  3. Sentence rephrase
  4. A rich database of dictionary and synonyms
  5. Text reader to read out the text
  6. Phrase of the day to improve writing
  7. Rich text formatting
  8. Tablet workflow optimization

One of the downfalls of this software is that it is only available for Apple devices. You might want to use Ginger for better productivity and learning as it is full of advanced English checking features.

3. White Smoke

WhiteSmoke Grammar Check Tool For Error Free Flawless Writing

WHite Smoke is one of the English mistake correcting app available on all platforms across Windows, Android, iOS, and the web. White Smoke features enhanced tools for checking the grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes, punctuations, and overall English errors in your writing.

White Smoke integrates with word processor programs to check for English errors. A web-based correction will help the user while they are writing online. The mobile app user can also enjoy this app and the Pro version for the mobile users will let them translate the writing into 50 different languages.

There are also more than 100 different templates of cover letters and document templates or any sort of writing you can come across.

Apart from being heavy in the feature, this app is easy to use and if you find some problem you can always open up the tutorial section this app provides.

The cost of the free tail is none but for the monthly pack, the price starts from $2.5 to $9.95. If you are deep into writing stuff and want to sincerely manage your writing, go for the pro version and enjoy your beautiful creation.

Best features of White Smoke:

  1. Grammar check
  2. Spelling check
  3. Punctuation check
  4. Text formatting
  5. Translator and dictionary
  6. Video tutorial for how-to-use the app
  7. Explaining the error
  8. Translation over 50 language

4. ProWritingAid

Get started with a two-week free trial of ProWritingAid today

Pro writing aid is an online editor for the writer and a personal writing mentor. Prowritingaid has been among the top app for editing and writing English in a proper manner.

Unlike other in the list, Pro writing aid checks for all the grammatical error in the content and suggest furthermore for the sentence structure. The editing is faster as it improves the phrases with 1000s of style improvements you can do in your editing.

You can also fix your style issue. If the sentences are longer and have glued words, you will get highlighting in the sentence and improvements to be done. It is one of the best features of ProWritingAid.

Apart from that, you will learn to write in English while making your edits. There are a number of times when a small error can make your masterpiece look dramatic. No in the case if you are using ProWritingAid. You can also search for contextually related words, a dictionary, a reverse dictionary, rhymes, and examples from poetry and songs.

You can also get an in-depth report about your writing. You can check for the styles, Grammer, Overused words, CLiches, repeated words, combo, length of sentence, pronouns, alteration, transitions, plagiarism, and meaning of the words.

Best about ProWritingAid:

  1. Quality report about your writing
  2. Available in Windows and Macs
  3. Integrated with MS Word, Open Office, Google Docs, Scrivener and Google Chrome
  4. Synonyms and Dictionary
  5. Plagiarism Checker
  6. Word Explorer
  7. Grammar checking
  8. A detailed explanation of an error
  9. Repeated word check
  10. Context sensitive style suggestions for better writing

If you are serious about your writing, ProWritingAid is the editing tool you might be wondering about. With a lot of features, it helps you achieve your height of mastery in your writing.

5. Reverso

Reverso is another app on the list for making your writing better in every way. Apart from checking the grammar, spelling, and punctuation, Reverso gives you the flexibility to translate into various different languages.

Developed by Softissimo Inc. Reverso helps to make the user comfortable with 11 different languages. It also helps in translation via text or voice.

If you are a regular traveler who wants to learn and write a different language then Reverso is there to help you. You also get a PhraseBook feature that lets you save your progress in learning the desired language.

Best about Reverso:

  1. Translation to 11 different language
  2. Explains vai real-time examples
  3. Serves natural pronunciation for the desired language
  4. PhraseBook features
  5. Real-time words suggestion
  6. Translation of text and websites
  7. Instant sharing via email or social media
  8. Flashcards for longer memory

Though it might not sound like an app for grammatical and spelling error correction, it is the same as providing additional features of translating into another language.

This app is best for the traveler as well as writers who want to translate their work into other languages.

6. LanguageTool

LanguageTool - Free Grammar and spell checker

Language tool is a spelling checking and grammar checking app. It is an attractive app that checks for your writing errors. There are over 1700 patterns to find an error in English. It also supports 30 different language translations.

While the app is free for the basic version, you can get the Premium and Enterprise versions for more features. These include an Add-on for Microsoft words, Libre office, detection of typos in English and German.

Language tool also supports add-on for Google Docs, Firefox, and Chrome, Libreoffice or you can get a desktop version for offline use.

Best about Language Tools:

  1. Over 1700+ patterns to check error in English and German
  2. Supports over 30+ language translation
  3. Advanced Grammar and spelling check
  4. Available for both Windows and MAC
  5. Add-ons for various writing platforms

7. After the deadline


After the Deadline is another spelling and Grammar checking app that you can enjoy writing on. It uses artificial intelligence and NLP to find the error in your writing and offers a smart suggestion.

After the Deadline is available on WordPress as well as many other libraries and plugins, add-ons, and extensions. It is totally free of cost and the License is distributed under LGPL and you can also contribute to the app by going to the developer section on the official website.

Best about After the deadline:

  1. Advanced Grammar checking
  2. Style checking
  3. Spell check
  4. Available on WordPress and on other platforms
  5. Free of Cost
  6. Use AI and NLP for smart suggestions

8. Grammar Check

grammarcheck.net screenshot

Grammar check is an online editor for grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. It is a web-based app where you can paste the work and find errors in them. It also suggests a proper wording alternative and explains about them.

You also get a Deep check option that checks for minor details in your writing like run-on sentences or dangling modifiers. It also offers 10 times more mistake detection than any other popular word processing.

If you are writing on the go and need some writing help online then this might be the one place that you can trust. Grammar Check is unique on its own and is very helpful for making the reports, writings, and assignments error-free.

Best about Grammar Check:

  1. Online editing software
  2. Checks for grammatical error
  3. Advanced spell checking
  4. Option for Deep check
  5. Instant Grammar Check
  6. Writing style check

9. Online Correction


As the name says, Online Correction is an online platform to correct your typos. It is a simple online application that checks the spelling error as well as grammatical and style errors in English text.

It doesn’t support many other functionalities outside the online environment but is a very powerful app to check for errors in your writing. If you are searching for an online editing tool then Online Correction is there to help you.

Errors are highlighted in red and highlighting over the word gives the suggestion for correction. You can check your grammar, sentence style, punctuation, pronouns, adverbs, and many more. It can dialect the text into 4 different English forms; American, New Zealand, Australian, South African, and UK English.

The best feature of Online Correction:

  1. Online grammar checking app
  2. Free of cost
  3. Checks for Grammar errors
  4. Advanced spell checking
  5. Can Dialect over 5 different English forms

10. Paper Rater

PaperRater. Free Online Grammar Checker

Paper Rater is an online tool that helps us to make our writing error-free. It provides features like robust grammar checking, writing suggestions to improve your writing, and a plagiarism checker.

Paper Rater is based on Artificial Intelligence and Data Science making us easy to use in every sort of way. It also features cloud-based software that analyzes the syntactic structure of the text without any signup or downloads. It claims to be the most rapid software to provide real-time suggestions.

Best about Paper Rater:

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Data Science for a quick suggestion
  2. Cloud-based software for real-time analyses
  3. Advance grammar check
  4. Plagiarism checking
  5. Word and syntax suggestion in real time
  6. No need for Sign Up and Downloads
  7. Free of Cost

11. Spell checker Plus Pro

SpellCheckPlus Grammar Checker

Spell checker plus pro is another tool for checking grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. It is a very decent tool for students who also want to learn English as a second language.

Spell checker pro is based on the procedural paradigm. That means the user is processed with an error at a time. It is like process-based learning where you learn by solving the issues step-by-step.

Spell checker also explains why you are committing the errors and spelling mistakes and helps you to analyze your progress.

While the free version is only limited to 2000 characters which might not be enough for longer text but is enough to make you check your writing again. This restriction is removed from the paid version which is $15 per year which is I think the cheapest on the list.

Best about SpellCheck Plus:

  1. Procedural error check
  2. Grammar and spell check
  3. Determined for serious English learner and writer
  4. Explanation of the error
  5. Teaches clean English writing
  6. Cheaper than other similar software

12. Hemingway app


Another on the list is the Hemingway app that is a simple word processor and proofreading software designed for serious writers. It is available as a web app as well as a desktop program.

If you are a person who tangles up the word and creates a lengthy sentence with useless phrases and words then this is the app you might be in quest of.

Hemingway app helps you by detecting complex words, lengthy sentences, passive voice in the sentence, grammatical errors, spelling error,s and suggest you the best way to write the same.

You can also enjoy rich text formatting to make your writing more clear and stylish. The errors are colored with various colors and explain the nature of the error before helping you to correct those.

Hemingway app is available as plugins and add-ons and can be integrated with popular blogging or writing sites like Medium and WordPress. You can directly publish with Hemingway app on these sites.

Best Features about Hemingway app:

  1. Online and Offline app
  2. Color coded errors
  3. Improving hard to understand the sentence
  4. Advanced Grammar check
  5. Advance quick suggestions
  6. Fixing lengthy sentences
  7. Rich formatting features
  8. Import and export to other editors

The cost of the Hemingway app is free but for the desktop version, you should pay around $20 which is quite good for the wide amount of features they provide. You should try this app as it is fun to write on and the functionalities are also great.

13. Text Fixer


If you ever want to convert your text to HTML paragraphs, generate random words, and improve your line breaks then Text Fixer is there to help you. As the name says, it fixes the text you write which includes checking grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, punctuation marks, and sentence structure.

The site itself contains a lot of other tools to help you write better. These tools include changing your text to HTML or HTML to text, generating HTML tables, removing duplicate lines, random verb generator, and many more.

The bottom line is Text Fixer is whatever you want it to be. It is also a publishing tool that nourishes your writing at a professional level and you can mend your resources accordingly.

The cost of Text Fixer is absolutely free to use and you can enjoy every detail of correcting your work in any possible manner.

Best about Text Fixer:

  1. Alphabetical order of lists
  2. Removes line break from text
  3. Converting text to html and vice versa
  4. Random word generator
  5. HTML tools to make changes as per need
  6. Encode URL
  7. Convert Word to HTML

14. Virtual Writing Tutor

Virtual Writing Tutor

Virtual Writing Tutor is an online writing tool and a tutor to help you master English writing. The membership for this app is absolutely free and provides advance grammatical error checks.

You can either type, copy, or speak in the text box to generate your work. The limitation of the word is 3000 but it is a good way to kick start your professional writing. It also counts words as you write or speak, check for any paraphrasing, suggest improved word choice and master the English language.

There is also a game that you can enjoy called the Error Correction game that trains learners and teachers to become better at proofreading.

You can also get the API in case you need to integrate it into some other app. The API has a free one-month trial, to begin with.

Vocabulary checking features in Virtual Writing Tutor helps to enhance your vocabulary and make your work look professional.

Best features about Virtual Writing Tutor

  1. Essay check
  2. Word count
  3. Advance Spelling checker
  4. Advance Grammar check
  5. API service for developer
  6. Vocabulary enhancement
  7. Target Structures
  8. Error correction game
  9. HyperText creator

15. Textly.ai

Textly.AI Grammar and Spell Checker

Textly.ai is an AI-powered writing mentor that smartly detects the writing style of the user and helps them to improve their writing in a sophisticated manner. Textly.ai notifies the grammatical error, spelling errors based on more than 2000 rules on context.

The smart suggestion is a part of this app that notifies you of the better writing methodology and alternative words and phrases eliminating instances of poor sentence structure and typing errors.

The AI learns from your word choice, sentence structure and analyzes your work, and recommends better word choice or syntax in the sentences.

Best about Textly.ai

  1. Grammar, spelling, and syntax check of the sentences
  2. 9 million typos database to help you improve
  3. Smart AI to analyze your work
  4. Smart Recommendation on the basis of your work
  5. Performance stats for your work
  6. Templates of the text of different styles
  7. Handbook for how-tos’


If you asked one tool to recommend, we will advise you to choose Grammarly. But all other grammar & punctuation checker tools are also best at what they had to offer. You can opt to get paid version unless you don’t need one. The basic version provides sufficient features you can enjoy.

Thank you for reading. Hope this helps you.

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