Best Flea Bombs and Foggers For the House in 2022

We all have misunderstandings that fleas only affect pets, but it is not the fact, they also are the reasons for humans transmitting diseases like plague & anemia. So, be careful with this tiny creature and use the best flea bombs and foggers to eradicate the fleas from your living space or away from your pets. 

Flea foggers or bombs are a simple mechanism that contains a strong pesticide that can kill fleas, ticks, and other pests. It also ensures that the fleas will disappear permanently. In any case, flea sprayers are usually regarded as the last option to choose because they contain chemical residues which may harm your family and pets if not handled properly.

So, here are some flea bombs and mosquito fogger machines that are mentioned with the expert review, read them thoroughly, and choose according to your needs and preferences.

List Of Expert Reviewed Best Flea Bombs and Foggers

Here we are providing you an expert review of the best flea bombs and foggers for the house in 2022. These are most effective and really work.

1. Precor Plus IGR Fogger Flea Control

Precor Plus IGR can work well in large areas (approximately 750 square meters). If you have a big house, then this product is the perfect choice for you. It is good to use in basements, garages, and many other places in your home. 

Precor foggers can prevent re-infestation for up to 7 months. It contains Plus Permethrin that kills adult fleas quickly and effectively, also can prevent from occurring new infestation. In addition, the molecules in the product can penetrate deep into the hiding places of fleas and exterminate them instantly.

After activating the product, you must immediately leave home with your children and pets for at least 12 hours. Also, don’t forget to vacuum carpets and furniture and provide proper treatment to your pets for fleas. Precor is an outstanding flea insecticide that kills flea eggs and larvae without letting them mature.


  • This will prevent you from up to 7 months.  
  • No smell when spraying.  
  • Easy to use and will not stain carpets or furniture.  
  • Eliminate the whole fleas life cycle.


  • Some insects can resist this product

2. BASF 671858 PT Ultracide Pressurized Flea Insecticide

This Ultracide flea control insecticide is specially devised to treat flea contaminations. It contains three superior active ingredients that help to control the fleas instantly. Permethrin provides continuous control and permethrin ensures the rapid breakdown of fleas, and pyriproxyfen works as an insect growth regulator (IGR) to kill larvae and prevent re-infection.

A single unit of Ultracide fogger covers 2,625 square feet which is good enough for large areas. After spraying, the product can prevent fleas for up to 7 months. This product is perfect for use in and around homes, cars, veterinarians, warehouses, apartments, and any other commercial buildings. It gives a soft fragrance and leaves no oily sediment.


  • Provides full protection for 30 weeks and prevents the formation of more flea eggs. 
  • Safe to use for both cats and dogs. 
  • You can use it for a working area of ​​2625 square meters.


  • This product contains dangerous chemicals that can be inhaled or absorbed by the skin.

3. Hot Shot Indoor Fogger 

Hot Shot Fogger is also one of the best flea bombs, providing a flawless experience of dealing with fleas, spiders, ants, and cockroaches. The product produces a fine and penetrable spray that can enter deep into cracks and holes to kill and eradicate hidden fleas or other insects. This spray will kill the fleas after getting in contact and can work for two months after spraying.

If you use this product in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, this will not damage carpets, curtains, bedding, furniture, upholstery, tiles, and fabrics. This fogger is a multi-purpose product that can give you the same outcome for all kinds of pests, so you don’t need to buy a separate insecticide to kill different pests in your home. In terms of convenience, this product won the expert’s trust.

In addition, it will not leave any smell after use. This is a huge benefit because most pesticides do not contain odor neutralizers. After activating this product, you need to leave home for 2 hours and come back after 2 hours.


  • This will prevent you from up to 7 months.  
  • No smell when spraying.  
  • Easy to use and will not stain carpets or furniture.  
  • Eliminate the whole fleas life cycle.
  • Effective on all kinds of pests.


  • Compared with other pesticides, pest prevention requires less time.

4. Raid Flea Flogger Plus Killer, Kills Fleas and Hatching Eggs

Raid Flea Flogger Plus Killer can work on a large area and kill fleas completely. The advantage of this best flea sprayer is that it can effectively remove insects, ticks, mites, pests eggs, and moths. Its unique method can destroy eggs that have been hatched for more than 4 months. It also contains growth regulators that can quickly kill fleas.

This product does not leave any marks on cushioning or clothing, it may become sticky over time. This is not a huge issue because it can be easily washed off with a wet towel.   In order to completely eradicate flea infestation, spray the infected area three times a day, preferably for five days.


  • It can completely kill fleas and eggs for up to four months. 
  • Equipped with four powerful insecticidal components.  
  • It has no residue


  • Gives a little pungent smell which lasts a day

5. Bengal Chemical 55201 Roach: Flea Indoor Fogger

The indoor fogger for cockroaches and fleas is one of the best flea bombs. It is highly effective in penetrating the walls and hidden places of fleas and baby cockroaches and kill them quickly. This stain-free formula prevents stains, dirt residues, and unpleasant odors on the walls.

The Bengal chemical foggers have a long-lasting formula that can serve around 14 months, depending on how often your home is cleaned. Compared to other products, this product is very economical, especially when you consider that the package contains 3 servings. Although the Bengal chemical cockroach is not lethal when touched, it will pull the fleas out of their hiding place and kill them suddenly.


  • It is made with a dry, non-residual method.  
  • It has no fragrance and is safe, suitable for indoor use.  
  • Effectively kills fleas, cockroaches, crickets, ticks, lice, and ants.  
  • Greatly handles 6000 cubic foot area


  • Contact is not lethal

6. HARRIS 12 Week Indoor Insect Fogger

This flea bomb is an excellent choice for controlling flea infestation in your home. It goes deep into the small cracks and pits where fleas hide. It can also be used to kill various pests, including removing bed bugs and ticks. After using this product, the pesticide will prevent fleas infestation for twelve weeks. One pack of Harris indoor foggers contains 3 units that will be quite sufficient to contaminate a large area.

Each unit covers 2,000 cubic feet. So the entire package can treat 6,000 cubic feet, so it is worth the money. Make sure to cover or remove dishes and food before spraying the house to avoid the risk of poison.


  • Long-lasting results up to 12 weeks
  • Each pack contains 3 units
  • Work effectively on small openings to eliminate the fleas
  • Active on a variety of insects.


  • Not good to use in outdoors

How To Use Flea Fogger? Or What Precaution Measure Do I Need To Have?

It takes a lot of time and effort to create a setup before spraying foggers and bombs. So, here are some precautions that you should take before activating these products.

  • Switch off all the pilot lights of your home.
  • Unplug all electrical appliances, such as refrigerators, ovens, toasters, etc.
  • Store all edible items in sealed containers.
  • Cover all those items with garbage bags that you do not want to clean after springing the foggers.
  • Remove the bedding from every infected room and separate the mattress, boxes, and frame to maximize contact with eggs and adult fleas.

It can be done, but still, you need to follow the instructions by manufacturers carefully so you do not have to worry about your health or safety.

If you have kids, babies, or pets in your home, it may be safe to use flea sprays, but you should take extra care and precautions to keep the windows open for at least an hour to let inner air out. Needless to say, but before starting the foggers and bombs, make sure that everyone, including children and pets, must go outside the house.

After returning home, you need to clean anything that has been in contact with the spray. This could be clothes, furniture, toys and mobile phones, bedding, and anything else that the child can reach. There are some residues left on these home items that your child should not touch.

Ideally, you can leave the carpet uncleaned for a few days to keep the insecticide active, but it is not necessary. Therefore, it is best to use the fogger at home when you are planning to go on vacation for 2-3 days. If you did this before leaving home then after returning, be sure to open the doors and windows to expel any remaining spray and let the mist air out.

What are the main factors that need to be considered before buying flea foggers?

These days, there are lots of flea foggers and their alternatives available in the market, and determining the best flea spray can be a challenge. When considering buying a flea pump for your home, there are several factors to consider in order to choose the most effective flea bombs. 

  • Efficiency

You might think that all foggers or bombs have the same effect, but not all are capable of showing instant results. A good flea bomb is only effective if you buy a quality product that can kill fleas and their life cycle. Some flea foggers are only composed to kill fleas, not eggs. Choosing a high-quality flea fogger can handle eggs and ensure that it kills the complete lifecycle. Choose products that contain flea powerful agents such as Pyrethroid and pyrethrins.

  • Versatility

The flea pesticide that is purchased should be versatile. Do not buy products that are only effective on only fleas. There may be other harmful pests in your home, and you need flea control products that can kill these pests in your home. So choose a flea bomb that can completely kill fleas, ticks, ants, cockroaches, ants, moths, mosquitoes, spiders, and many other pests.

  • Re-infestation Control

Choose a flea spray that can inhibit reinfection for up to 7 months. Many of the insect growth regulators can take up to 210 days to exterminate the eggs. A good flea killer should be able to control fleas or pests from growing up.

  • Does the spray contaminate your home?

Most insecticides are dangerous to our health, so make sure to buy an insecticide that is unlikely to infect your home. When the spray falls, it can even stick to the surface and contaminate those areas. Choose a non-toxic fogger. You can buy something that uses dry mist and does not stain or leave a smell on the surface.

  • Home Infected Area

Flea bombs are available in different quantities. If your house is large, consider buying a large fogger. This ensures that there are no more unprocessed areas. Remember that flea infestation can happen quickly, so you should clean your house regularly to completely cover all areas.

In nutshell, there are many pesticides or foggers available in the market, so factors such as high quality, affordability, versatility, and protection must be considered when choosing. Considering the size of the area where you plan to use them, make sure these products are suitable for your home. If in case you feel that you cannot solve the problem, you can seek expert assistance also on how to get rid of fleas.