Best Earbuds under 50 in 2022 (Affordable & Cheap)

Today we are in the 21st century where technology is gaining rapid progress. With such improvement, the devices which were a nightmare a decades ago are now at everyone’s palm. We are able to bring out so many new things and creativity is flourishing everywhere.

Such an improvement can be seen around Earbuds in the market. There are a different variety of earbuds in the market that has high-quality audio along with extra new features.

Choosing a right earbud can be tough whether it is due to budget or the extra specification that companies are delivering which in turn raises the cost of the earbuds itself.

So today we brought you the best earbuds that will fit in your budget under the price tag of $50. If you are free to spend money then these are not to be compared with the high-end earbuds but they actually have a great sound performance.

We have gone through some sort of criteria that we considered while choosing earbuds and you should also look around while buying one for yourself.

How to choose earbuds under $50?

  1. Sound quality: With the lower budget, you might think that the sound quality will decrease. While that is true to some extent but still the companies are giving their best within that range. After all, at the bottom line what matters is the sound quality. That’s what you are buying an earbud for right? So looking for a great audio quality must be your top priority while buying earbuds under $50 and this list gives you the best of those at present market.
  2. Build quality: The build quality of earbuds under $50 sounds too itchy. But we have listed you the product with the good build quality. You must always seek out the one with the best material. Besides the price, they must go the extra mile with no much wear and tear but also delivers good audio.
  3. Features: Many high-end headphones have features that amaze the user. While you can get some like better bass response, noise cancelation, and comfort, these might not satisfy as like the high end. Still, there must be great at what it is delivering.
  4. Design: Design is among the least considered factor but still is a major one. There are earbuds with round loop band around your ears which may not be quiet comfortable for few but others always have a good design to choose from. Opt for the one you like at first glance and you are always good to go.

List of Best Earbuds under $50

1. MEE Audio M6 Pro

MEE Audio M6 Pro

MEE Audio M6 Pro is a unique earbud with in-ear design. This headphone is a universal-fit-noise-isolating device that can deliver a powerful sound output with 2nd generation chips. It is the improved version of its former. The response to the mids and lower level notes are superb while the higher range can be furnished further.

This headphone has been carefully crafted to deal with real-world stability. For such a situation, the earbuds have a detachable hinge, replaceable cables, and a sweat-resistance design.

The earbuds are comfortable to wear for long use. The detachable cable has 3.5m audio cable to pair up with any device in the market. Besides all these cool features, it includes stereo cable, headset cable, carrying case and few ear tips for you in the box.

Good parts:

  1. Detachable cable
  2. Noise-isolating ear buds
  3. Comfortable in-ear design
  4. 1-year warranty from the company


  1. Wireless feature

2. Anker Soundcore Life P2 True Wireless Earbuds

Anker Soundcore Life P2 True Wireless Earbuds

Anker Soundcore Life P2 is another earbud on the list with quality sound output. It has a unique design with a hinge that rounds up on your ear. The earbud is carved with Expertly-tuned sound via graphene drivers, BassUp technology, and noise cancellation technology giving you the best of premium sound quality.

The earcups are comfortable and are customizable. The headset itself is wireless which is a great feature that you can get in earbuds for under $50. The battery life is greatt with 10-minute quick charge functionality.

The build quality feels premium with nano-coating for water resistance. With all these features, you get ear tips, earrings, Micro USB cable, Carrying pouch plus 18 months of the warranty period with friendly customer service.

Good parts:

  1. Perfect for Home Offices
  2. Incredible Sound Powered By Graphene Drivers
  3. 40-Hour Playtime* with Fast Charge
  4. IPX7 Waterproof
  5. One-Step Pairing
  6. Longer battery life


  1. Comfort for some user due to hinge around the ear

3. Beyerdynamic Byron

Beyerdynamic Byron

Beyerdynamic is one of the companies that manufactures the best of its technology. While the high-end product of this company is great on their own, the lower end products are also fabulous. This is Beyerdynamic Byron, one of the quality products by Beyerdynamic with a great sound quality that you can get under $50.

You get a powerful sound with the in-ear design with the robust build quality. Though they are made from plastic material they will be with you in your long run. You also get a microphone and remote via which you can change the songs, pause and play music, pick or end your call. You also get quite some accessories in the box like ear tips, cable slip and soft case for travel.

If you want a headphone under $50 and you want premium sound quality, this is the earbud you are looking for.

Good Parts:

  1. Premium in-ear earphone
  2. Balanced and controlled bass
  3. Wired earphone with 3.5mm jack
  4. Compatible with any smartphone
  5. Remote in the wire
  6. Good build quality


  1. Wireless
  2. Better frequency response

4. Betron MK23

Betron MK23

Betron MK23 is another great earphone under $50 that you can buy. With a dynamic driver that delivers the sound from a wide range of frequency, you are sure to experience an audio quality that will amaze your ear. These pairs of earbuds are made for all sorts of music from classical, metal, to hip-hop or bass heavy music.

The build material is metal that is sturdy and robust to the clean heavy bass and a crisp treble for long times. The in-ear design also provides noise-isolation that helps to block out the ambient noise from the environment. Overall this earphone provides the ultimate package of superb audio quality in a compact price range that will blow user experience. The remote in the wire is capable of multi-function to help pick the call and end call or switch between the music. Overall, these sound great despite the price tag and are a great earpiece that provides a great sound output.

Good parts:

  1. Comfortable in-ear design
  2. Noise isolation
  3. Tangle-free wire
  4. Great mid-range and bass response
  5. Wide and dynamic frequency range
  6. Compatible with any device
  7. Metal build quality
  8. Multi-functional remote


  1. Wireless
  2. Input jack position may be uncomfortable for a few

5. Brainwavz S0

Brainwavz S0

Up upon the list is the BrainwAVZ S0, excellent mid-range headphones with premium built quality. You can trust this headphone despite its low cost. It has everything you need in a headphone, at least enough for any user to enjoy a fabulous audio quality.

The build material is metal with flat cables which finishes to 3.5mm input jack. The noise isolation of this headphone is also quite amazing as it blocks most noise. The earcups are with a standard size. The 9mm driver punches the sound at every to its best. With a good frequency range, this earphone is able to produce quality sound to listen. Overall, for a $50 earphone, this provides more than sufficient features to enjoy and is always a great choice.

Good parts

  1. Comfortable design
  2. Noise Isolation
  3. A powerful driver for quality sound
  4. 3.5mm input jack
  5. WIde and dynamic frequency range
  6. Excellent mid-range response


  1. Wireless
  2. Remote control

6. Shure SE112-GR

Shure SE112-GR

Shure has gain popularity in the audio market due to its emerging technology and quality product that they are manufacturing. Among such quality, the device is the   SE 112-GR. It is a budget headphone capable of producing clean and natural audio.

What makes this headphone great is the wireless feature that you can use in a hassle free way.

The build quality is firm and is designed to last longer you have expected. The audio driver is larger and produces natural blasting audio. The wired earphone ends with 3.5mm jack while the wireless one is connected via faster Bluetooth v4.1 for continuous streaming. You also get ear cushions within the box. Overall, this is a great headphone with a superb audio quality that is more than enough for a headphone under $50.

Good parts

  1. Comfortable and durable
  2. Wired and wireless earset available
  3. 3.5mm input jack
  4. Natural and powerful audio driver
  5. Faster Bluetooth connectivity
  6. In-line remote for answering calls and controlling volume
  7. Replaceable ear cushion for extra comfort
  8. Carrying pouch


  1. Premium material which can be upgraded

7. AKG Y23U


AKG is the one brand that lists itself in the most recognized brand for audio equipment. Of such is the AKG Y23U which is a low range headphone but a powerful one. It is driven by a signature 8mm driver by AKG delivering a blasting audio experience.

Apart from the blasting driver, this headphone is also light and made from plastic material which could have been upgraded but is durable and will last long with you. The wire has an in-line remote to control the volume as well as receiving calls. The earbuds are soft silicon material that comes in 3 different sizes to fit your ear size. Within the box, you also get a carrying pouch which is always a plus point while traveling.

Overall, AKG Y23U is an awesome earphone that fits under everyone’s budget providing basic but high-end features. The AKG brand has a reputation over the market for its great audio and you can always trust them for any of their devices.

Good parts:

  1. Blasting 8 mm driver with a wide frequency range
  2. Noise-isolating ear buds
  3. Comfortable and replaceable ear cushions
  4. In-line remote
  5. Compatible with any device
  6. Carrying pouch for portability


  1. Wireless mode
  2. Premium build material

8. Sony MDRXB50AP Extra Bass

Sony MDRXB50AP Extra Bass

Sony is the name of the best audio experience among the companies and has always provided a great listening device. Sony MDRXB50AP is not an exception regardless of its price.

Driven by a 12mm dome type driver, it delivers powerful deep bass and great audio experience. The integrated microphone helps to control the playback and calls anytime and anywhere easily.

With a Y-type flat cord, this earphone ensures a tangle-free and powerful sound experience with a high-quality neodymium magnet. The frequency range is also quite impressive with a crisp mids and powerful high notes.

Overall, Sony MDRXB50AP is an excellent headphone that you can trust for a blasting audio experience despite the price range. Sony has been prominent in their field and this headphone is no such exception. Grab one from the link above and enjoy your music as you like.

Good parts:

  1.  12 mm dome type driver for blasting higher notes
  2. Crisp audio with high-energy neodymium magnets
  3. Flat cord for a tangle-free listening
  4. The frequency range of 4-24000 with 40-ohm impedance
  5. Comfortable silicone ear cushions
  6. In-line microphone and volume control buttons


  1. Wireless mode
  2. Decent length wire

9. Symphonized NRG

Symphonized NRG

Symphonized NRG is an all-natural wooden earphone that is capable to produce crisp, powerful, acoustic and blasting bass through its powerful 8 mm dynamic driver.

The comfort lies in the earbuds that can be customized according to the ear size through 3 differently sized ear cushions. This also features noise isolation to enjoy your music within yourself. Besides that, the earphone is simple to use and has simple but essential features that you can expect in an earphone.

The inline remote is handy to control volumes and answering the calls on the go. The microphone is also quite impressive ensuring a greater listening experience. The cables themselves are tangle-free TPE cable which rests with gold plated 3.5mm input jack at the end.

Overall this is a blasting earphone that can be paired up with any device giving you the powerful bass and excellent audio quality to enhance your listening.

Good parts

  1. Pure and powerful audio quality
  2. Comfortable earcups with 6 pair of customizable silicone tips
  3. Gold plated input audio jack
  4. Powerful and deep bass response
  5. Genuine wooden earcup body
  6. Built-in mic for hassle-free calls
  7. Carrying pouch


  1. Wireless
  2. Input jack style could have been modified for all users comfort

10. Toysdone Wireless Headphones Stereo Earbuds

Toysdone Wireless Headphones Stereo Earbuds

While the company may not be famous around the market like many other, Toysdone Wireless Headphones are among the favorites of many users in the Amazon market. With comfortable and noise-canceling earbuds that can be interchanged with 3 differently sized ear cushions, this earphone has been rumored to sell over a million units last year.

The device itself has a lightweight design with an IPX4 sweat resistance rating. You can use them whenever you want and however you want. Besides that wireless features ensures that there is no wire along the way to give you optimized listening with their adopted CVC 6.0 noise cancellation technology.

The battery can last 6 hours with an hour of charging time which also means that you are getting a USB port for charging. Bluetooth v4.0 helps you pair up with any smartphone or smart device available in the market.

One of the major features of this device is that it can connect 2 devices simultaneously and allows auto-connect features after first connectivity. Overall, Toysdone wireless headphone gives you the best of whole world compact in a small size. You get all the high-end features with a premium build quality.

Good parts:

  1. Noise cancellation earphones
  2. Wireless connection with Bluetooth v4.0
  3. IPX-4 sweat resistance
  4. Longer battery life
  5. Connect 2 devices simultaneously
  6. Comfortable ear cushions


  1. With all such features, this earphone has no or minimum features that we can counter into.

That’s all in this article. I hope it would have helped you buy the best earbuds under $50. Thanks for visiting. Check out our other similar articles: