Best Bone Conduction Headphones of 2022 for Premium Audio & Crystal Clear Calls

Our top picks for best bone conduction headphones in 2022

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Bone conduction technology is probably the hottest đź”Ą right now. Many brands are coming up with several new ideas indulging in bone conduction technology. Bone conduction headphones are one of the major implementations of this system which enable the user to listen to music through the bones in their skull, rather than through their eardrums by transmitting sound waves directly to their inner ear.

These headset doesn’t block your ear so that you are aware of what’s going on in your surroundings while listening to the audio. You can comfortably use them on the bus or train without annoying other people because the sound doesn’t emanate from them.

If you have any doubts regarding this, you can read our complete review of this technology, where we have tried to answer all possible FAQs.

Top 10 Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones 2022

1) AfterShokz Aeropex Open-Ear Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones

AfterShokz Aeropex Open-Ear Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones

The new AfterShokz Aeropex Wireless Bone Conducting Headphones is out there at cheap rates currently.

If you prefer to spend your hard-earned money on new technology, then this may be the best option going to be on your list. For these sections, it may be difficult for you to settle on different headphones besides AfterShokz as they are completely different and sensible at what they’re giving to their users.


The open-ear style permits ME to pump up my audio recording, whereas still having the ability to listen to traffic and different goings-on around ME. However, the new AfterShokz Aeropex model appears to be the end result of the past years’ developments. It’s lighter than the previous Air model (Trekz being born from the merchandise name), with higher sound and improved waterproofing that ought to keep them from being at risk of perennial outpourings of sweat.

Although it is smaller in size, the Aeropex transducer is more powerful than the Trekz Air whilst consuming less power. And less power means a longer battery life.

One thing I love is the little but clear LED light on the side of the AfterShokz Aeropex. This light was also available in previous versions but this time they have increased its visibility being on the side of the controller part on the frame.

More Features:

  • IP67 RATED

Is it worth the money?

For me, it is worth the money.

Why? Because it is the first time a bone conduction brand has not only and mainly focused on the bone conduction part but also the sound quality part. Additionally, there is little to no sound leakage even at high volumes. Two aspects of “sound quality” and “sound leakage” which I have always believed to be impossible to enhance. AfterShokz did it though! It does have a lower weight and a smaller size than the Trekz Air. It does feel a bit more comfortable. It has more dynamic sound, enhanced bass, the decreased sound leakage, and decreased vibrations.

Aftershokz Aeropex Wireless Bone Conducting Headphones is the best option available in the market today for all types of sound solutions. You can buy it from the link below or read its complete review here.

2) AfterShokz Trekz Air

AfterShokz Trekz Air

AfterShokz Trekz Air is a wireless bone conduction headphone that delivers music via cheekbones. They have a very comfortable and lightweight design which they introduce as “OpenFit”.

OpenFit lets your ear breathe and nothing goes into your ear. As they are designed with sports enthusiasts in mind, they are water, dust, moisture resistance. You can easily connect with any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone to listen to music while you do your work.


The design of the AfterShokz Trekz Air is the main highlight of it. They are sleek and has a classic color finishing. With titanium and silicon in the headband, they expose a stable and durable body structure.

There are two transducers that have the silicon coating fitting right next to your ear and in the temple or cheekbones. Batteries and the functionality go in the small box behind the ear.

With rubber coating in the inner band, there is a less chance that the device will fall off even in the shaky work environment. They are probably water and dust resistance.

There are two volume buttons for increasing and decreasing the volume. They also possess multi-functionality which accepts calls and plays next songs on the list.


The performance of AfterShokz Trekz Air is very good. They provide ambient sound and high-quality audio. They are not that bombastic or punchy but have a crisp and clear sound.

We need to know that the vibration is sent through the bones instead of normally through the air. While the EQ preset seems well balanced to reduce the vibration, you might feel the vibration if you listen to max volume.

Mics, on the other hand, are very clear and is great to make outdoor call fluent. They are not noise-cancellation headphones but gives you the advantage of both the sound from your headset and your surrounding noise.

AfterShokz features LeakSlayer anti-leak technology which does not let any sound escape. That means what we are listening is only audible to us and not other people around us.

AfterShokz Trekz Air gives you a full 6 hour of playback and almost 10 days of standby time to let you enjoy the performance of the device. This device also features a quick charge that lets you charge within 15 minutes for an hour of listening.

Overall this headphone gives you the premium quality sound to listening music and is recommended choice for outdoor junkies.


  1. Lightweight and comfortable
  2. OpenFit Design
  3. Titanium and Silicon makes it rigid and stable
  4. Bluetooth v4.2 connectivity for all devices
  5. LeakSlayer anti-leak technology
  6. Quick Charge with a battery life span of 6-hours


  1. Sound quality could be improved
  2. High Price
  3. Buttons can be improved

As a whole, this pair of headphones provide you what you are looking for in bone conduction headphones. You will enjoy living with them. While some may argue with the price and the sound quality, there are not many downsides to these pair of headphones. They are great to listen to music and podcast, look stylish and you can enjoy your music with them while retaining the focus of the environment around you.

If you want to learn in more depth, read our complete AfterShokz Trekz Air Review in this article.

3) Vidonn f1 titanium

Vidonn f1 titanium

WIth audience like runner, biker, and hiker in mind, Vidonn f1 Titanium eliminates the potential danger of accidents. It allows the user to listen to the outside world while listening to music. With titanium alloy backbone, Vidonn f1 provides the stability you need while wearing these headphones.


The design is pretty unique in Vidonn f1. The titanium alloy that makes up the backbone of the headset is flexible and makes the experience comfortable too. Two set of bone conduction transducers are mounted on either side to provide the necessary transmission of vibrations.

The open-ear design helps to stay safer for sports athletes. As the whole body is made of titanium, the headset is lightweight and upon wearing it you won’t feel that you are actually wearing it.

It has an IP55 waterproof rating. So, if you are working out in the gym or you are enjoying the hot breeze of summer, you need not worry about it.

The color finishing is quite classy if you are conscious about the color and look it possesses. Anti-drop design helps this device to stay put in the ear and never fall down. It also has micro USB for charging. The buttons are clicky and do their job without difficulties.


Vidonn f1 titanium is equipped with Bluetooth v4.2 for faster connectivity. It has a built-in 180mAh lithium-ion battery that runs the headset for 6 hours and puts it in stand by the time of 240 hours. This lithium battery needs to be charged for 2 hours to get the best output from the headset.

With CVC noise cancellation feature, this headset makes your call crystal clear even in the noisy environment. The weight is 38g and you can also use it without pushing the transducer for clear sound as they fit nicely in your ear.

Coming to the sound, you shouldn’t expect a rich bass and tempo with a lot of high and mids in the treble. The sound quality of Vidonn f1 is suitable for mild songs, podcast, white noise. People who are looking for deeper music experience may have to put their expectation low or choose from another normal set of headphones. Overall, the sound quality is premium and crisp to catch up with your musical journey.


  1. Light-weight and comfortable
  2. Anti-drop technology
  3. Water, sweat resistance
  4. CVC Noise cancellation
  5. Flexible titanium alloy for better portability
  6. Open ear design


  1. Sound quality is not as great as other normal headphones.
  2. Bending it over and over again may decrease its life span
  3. Batteries could be improved.

Many people who have bought these headsets are not complaining about what it has to offer. The battery is sufficient if you charge after every use, speakers are good to listen to music, your ears are free to breathe and you can also listen to the outer world. Overall, these are one of the best headsets for what they are offering.

4) Spedal Bone Conduction Headphones

Spedal Bone Conduction Headphones

Spedal bone conduction headphones are the headphone with a premium sound quality. This pair of headset sends the vibration to your inner ear via your cheekbones. Great for outdoor sports person and hearing-impaired people.


The design of Spedal Bone Conduction headphone is classy and rigid. It has a black color finish. Two transducer on either side sends the vibration to your ears.

There is a small section behind the speakers that houses the battery and other functionalities the headset has to feature.

There is also micro USB for charging on the left side along with 2 buttons for volume control and making calls. The speakers are big and rounded.

The headband fits firmly around the head with anti-drop technology. The Bluetooth v4.2 connectivity doesn’t let you miss call and interrupt the music you are listening. Overall the design of Spedal is classy and looks premium from every nooks and corner.


Coming to the performance of Spedal Bone Conduction, these headphones give you the performance you are looking for in the bone conduction headphones. It delivers crystal clear sound with decent audio quality. Bone conduction headphones are made to listen to music while you retain the focus around you.

You can hear the footsteps of people around you and traffic noise while you are listening to the music. They also feature IP55 rating for sweat and rain resistance.

So you might not worry about that part too. You are sure to love the headphone if you limit it to soft music or podcast listening. For music with a high degree of notes and bass, these might not offer the functionalities. Overall these headphones provide decent performance on sound quality, durability, and features.


  1. OpenEar design
  2. Lightweight and comfortable
  3. Rigid body structure for durability
  4. IP55 water and sweat resistance
  5. CVC noise cancellation for a clear audio experience
  6. Decent headset at an affordable price range
  7. Bluetooth v4.2 for connecting any Bluetooth enabled smartphone


  1. Not intended for heavy bass music
  2. Batteries could be extended for longer life span

5) G1 Bone

G1 bone is the coolest bone conduction headphone in this list. It is not even a headphone but a sunglass featuring a headphone. With bone conduction, the future is here. Glasses through which you can hear. That’s G1 Bone.


The design of the G1 bone is not much like other headsets. It is as you can see a pair of sunglass. It has anti-glare and anti UV light glasses on either side to protect your eyes. These headphones take care of your eyes with these features. The glasses themselves are detachable and you can use any glass as you like to too.

But what great about this headset is the smart touch feature. It has a capacitive screen touch panel which holds all the feature of this device. You can touch the panel slightly to answer or end a call. You can also play and pause the song you are listening to or change the song with a gentle touch.

One of the best features of this headset from all on the list is the battery. While many bone conduction headphone provides around 6 hours of life, this headset gives you a whopping 8 hour of continuous music to play with built-in 250mAh Polymer Battery.


The performance of this device is as good as the device itself. You get a high-quality sound from the speakers that are at the end of the glasses stands at both sides. The touch is also good with decent response time.

If you look at how the sound is, it pretty much as good for what bone conduction has to offer at present. It has decent sound quality that is enough to listen to soft music, speech, podcasts.

But as the bone conduction field is pretty backward regarding sound quality, you may not find these as good as the regular headset. But you are getting the best of 3 worlds at the same time. It protects your eyes, you get a good speaker to listen to music and you can retain focus of your surroundings.

One of the cool features this product is featuring is you can use Siri or Google to search for what you need. It has voice control to use the device. You can swipe forward and backward to change the music.


  1. A combo of two to protect your ears and eye
  2. Protect eyes from dangerous UV rays
  3. Touch Control
  4. 8 hour of calling and music
  5. Voice Control
  6. Detachable lenses


  1. Sound Leakage
  2. Touch works a bit slower than expected
  3. Thicker side arms of glasses

6) Genso bone conduction

Genso bone conduction

Genso Bone conduction headphones are high-quality, premium lightweight headphones that transmits the sound wave as vibration to our ear. They are designed for people involved in all sorts of outdoor activities.


The design of Genso Bone Conduction headphone is comfortable and with a clean finish. With Open Ear technology, it ensures to keep your ear safe and sound. The hook goes still in the top of the ear with a headband connecting the bone conduction speakers on either side.

Buttons are on the speakers with multiple functionalities like playing, pausing of music. These also hold the functions for making a call or ending a call. Genso comes in a grey and black finish which gives a top-notch style to it.

Genso Bone Conduction is extremely light and is very comfortable to use. The body has ABS and titanium alloy to make up the structure. Anti-drop and the curvy hooks with tight grip ensure the headphone stays right where it is. A micro USB port is in the warehouse behind the speaker where other functionalities of headphones are also stored.


With quick Bluetooth v4.2, Genso pairs up with any wireless Bluetooth enabled smartphone at a range of 10m. The two 200mAh lithium battery on either side gives a full 10 hour of music play. Buttons have a quick response time. It has also a waterproof rating of IP55 to let you enjoy the music even in rainy weather.

The sound quality of Genso is the center of attraction. This headphone gives you the decent sound quality that you can enjoy anytime anywhere. They have a detailed output of sound but still can’t be compared with other headphones. It doesn’t mean that the sound performance is weaker. It provides crisp and clear sound for you to enjoy mid-range music and podcasts.


  1. Lightweight and comfortable for daily use
  2. 200mAh batteries with 10-hour battery life span
  3. IP55 water resistance
  4. OpenEar design for a distraction-free ear


  1. Mic may have a weaker signal response
  2. Standard size, may not fit for every head
  3. Sound quality can be improved

7) Yaklee generation 2

Delivering a quality sound with a stylish design, Yaklee Bone conduction headphones is one of the best headsets for outdoor activities as well as hearing impaired people.

These headphones have a simple design that fits right into your cheekbones. It has open ear design to let air flow into your ears. For people who are fed up from the in-ear or over the ear headphones, Yaklee Generation II provides what you are looking for. Transferring the sound wave from the bones, this headset creates the vibration needed for you to hear a quality sound.


Unlike other bone conduction headphones, which are pretty similar, Yaklee gives you a unique design.

The transducer is aligned on either side to send the vibration through the cheekbones. Yaklee makes their headphones keeping the sportsperson in mind.

So whether you are a runner, cyclist or someone who needs a new pair of headphones to listen to music and work at the same time, this is the headphone for you.

Yaklee Generation is finished with black color that gives a shiny look at it. You can rotate the headset at 90 degrees and fold it at 180 degrees. That means they are super adjustable and super portable to walk around with.

Yaklee also comes with sweat proof and water resistance. So if you are hitting the gym with them, you need no to worry to damage these.

It also fits around your head firmly and features anti-drop design to stick it in your head. The build quality itself is very steady and will last for a longer period of time. You can also adjust the headset to fit in your head with the extended headband it is providing.


Performance is what the Yaklee is about. With Bluetooth v4.2, you can quickly pair up with any smartphone. Battery life span is 6 hours after 2 hours of charging.

So enjoy your favorite jam at work or gym without worrying. It also has a standby time of 30 days on a full charge. There is a single button to provide you with the features you want. You can take calls on the go and switch to the song you were listening with a single button.

While coming to the sound, Yaklee Generation II doesn’t let you down. They provide a crystal clear sound. You will get a wide angle of sound to experience a concert-like listening experience.

While the device may go shaky at high volume, they still provide a vibrant sound. These pair of headphones are suitable for well-balanced music like the classical and instrumental sound but you can always listen to what you like. You won’t get the high bass but you won’t regret the sound experience.


  1. 90-degree rotation and 180-degree folding
  2. Stylish, lightweight and comfortable design
  3. Bluetooth v4.2 connection for rapid connectivity
  4. Premium quality sound
  5. Anti-drop design
  6. Great for hearing impaired people


  1. Vibration can be felt at maximum volume
  2. Sound quality for higher bass is low
  3. Battery life might be shorter for some people and can be improved

Yaklee Generation II is a great set of headphones. They provide premium quality sound. While some functionalities can be added for better user experience, it is still best at what it is providing. Stylish design and great for people who want to have a good music experience while working or playing.

Bone Conduction Headphones Review & Frequently Asked Questions

Bone conduction is an emerging technology that is not still in the mainstream but is gaining popularity day by day. Not only bone conduction is used in headphone devices these days but are also being used to make many other devices like glasses and caps.

Though bone conduction was invented a long time ago, the required innovation and development is lagging behind the time. However, the bone conduction is in the market and some of you might want to opt for one.

Either you are a sports person, want to listen to others while you play something in your brain, or a hearing-impaired individual, bone conduction headphone is a great choice for you guys. They are stylish and are gaining more popularity as time is passing by.

But there may be a lot of questions you might be questioning about this technology. If you are looking for bone conduction headphones review, this article is for you. To clear your all doubt, I have researched, reviewed and prepare this guide for you.

Let’s look at some of the frequently asked questions about bone conduction headphones. You can click on any of these questions to skip to that particular section.

1. What is bone conduction headphones?

First of all, let us talk about the technology itself. I want to simplify the answer to the question by explaining how we hear.

Normally, we hear the sound when the sound wave passes from our pinna, goes through our ear canal and oscillates the eardrum which in turn makes the movement of tiny hair inside Cochlea.

This hair passes the electrical signal to our auditory nerve to the brain and brain responds to the sound thus giving us the power to hear something. You can think of it as a path how we hear normally and via other headphones or devices.

In bone conduction methodology and via bone conduction headphones, a vibrating wave is sent directly to the Cochlea to trigger the tiny hair inside it and send the electrical signal to the brain. They bypass the eardrum and tiny bones in the middle ear and send the vibration directly to the inner ear.

2. How do we wear bone conduction headphones?

We wear the bone conduction headphones around our head. They have transducer on either side and rests comfortably just outside our temple or cheekbones. A bone conduction headset sends the vibration from the cheekbones. In order to do so, both the transducer stays right next to your ear, not inside your ear.


3. How does the vibration feel like?

For the first time, the vibration may be odd to feel like. You might not actually feel the vibration at a lower volume. But, if you make the volume higher then you may notice the vibration in your cheekbone.

It is actually ticklish if its need to describe properly. The sound wave is passing through your cheekbones so if you raise the volume the vibration needs to pass at a higher ratio. They are soothing and after some time you will actually like the vibration.

4. Can we wear the bone conduction headphones with caps and glasses on?

Bone conduction headphones have two transducers that are connected by a rigid band from the back of your head. They come to sit right next to your small flexy muscle in front of your ear. That means they give you the proper space for the caps. It is also comfortable to wear alongside glasses as you can adjust the position very easily.

5. Can I make a call or answer a call?

Bone conduction comes with the feature to answer a call or reject it. They are great to listen to music but alongside the transducer, there is a play and pause button via which the calls can be answered or rejected.

6. What to do for the best listening experience on these headphones?

These headphones give you a cool experience to take away with you. That is to listen and be aware of the surrounding environment while you listen to your music. This is like when you are singing a song in your head while walking or talking or if you are in the gym.

To take the best listening experience, put the volume at the level that is sufficient enough for you to hear. I am saying it because you might get ticklish from the higher volume. You can opt for higher volume but eventually, you will notice the difference and reduce to the point where it feels good for you.

7. How is the sound quality is like?

We know that the bone conduction headphones send the vibration via which we hear through our bones. That means the intensity of sending the waves is greater as compared to the normal air conduction method or normally via the ear canal.

Sound quality is at the best it can offer to date but it can’t be compared to the normal headphones sound. I must agree that these headphones do not have the rich bass in it. But the clarity is good enough.

Bone conduction lets you hear the noises and sound around you and aware you of what is going on around you while you are secretly listening to some music in your head. It might not be the same as the in-ear, on-the-ear headphones and may lack the actual boost in its speaker but for a decent listening, it is actually pretty good. People using these headphones enjoy a decent sound and actually know how they must be used. You do not need to max the volume.

The vibration gets higher intensity above 70% and you may find some ticklish around at this level of sound. They are great for sportsperson as well as hearing-impaired people. You can listen to the footsteps while actually playing the music. They are a better option for hearing impaired people.

8. Normal headphones over bone conduction headphones?

If you are a heavy music listener, you need to feel the bass and the drums, each beat of the music then this is not the headphone for you.

Sorry to tell that these headphones don’t give you that feature. Not until now. Maybe in near future. But at present, they are meant to be worn to listen to both the music and the sound around you.

They are great for athletes who need to get conscious of their surroundings while they listen to music. They are also a great device for hearing impaired people.

You might get the comfort at your ear as you are not putting anything inside your ear but you may not want to switch over to the bone conduction headphones from the normal headphone. You can listen to podcasts, some white noise, a motivational speech or anything that needs just the actual hearing you need.

difference between bone conduction and air conduction hearing

9. Will I damage my hearing at maximum volume?

No, you won’t. First thing is, above a certain volume you will feel the vibration. Some may like it but some will definitely get offended by the vibration. This means that you want the sound at the level where you are comfortable hearing. Yes, you might hurt your inner ear if the volume is at max but normally you are comfortable to listen to what you like at a decent volume

10. How is it beneficial for hearing impaired people?

For people with hearing disability, these pair of headphone gives great benefits. Unlike other hearing aid devices, you don’t need to plug anything inside your ear. It is a big relief for people who find such devices uncomfortable. Bone conduction headphones lay outside of your ear so there is no need to worry about putting anything inside your ear.

Below are some of the benefits of bone conduction headphones for hearing impaired people:

  1. Easy to use
  2. Comfortable
  3. Light-weight
  4. Many come in wireless too
  5. Water resistance and sweat resistance

Some people have a lot of ear wax inside their ear. This is a big relief for such people too even if they are hearing impaired or not.

11. Pros and cons of bone conduction headphones


  1. The best thing about the bone conduction headphone is that you don’t let any kind of plug inside your ear. This means that there is a lower risk of damaging your eardrum from the higher sound as in other earplugs or headphones.
  2. Easy to wear, very light that you won’t even notice wearing it.
  3. People with hearing disabilities can get the most out of this device.
  4. Lets you to focus on other activities while playing music or sound alongside
  5. Pick or reject your calls
  6. Amplify the sound according to your need


  1. While the headphone causes vibration, this vibration may be awkward for many people.
  2. The sound quality is not as good as normal headphones.
  3. Expensive than other normal headphones at the same or lower price

12. Is it worth it?

The answer is up to you. Bone conduction headphones are used on their own circumstances like playing a piece of light music while you work and talk with people around you.

You do two things at once; listen to music on your head and do what you are doing. They are great for listening to a podcast on the go. They are also a great device for hearing disabled people. But, the only downfall is, for the price range the sound quality is not the same as the normal headphone.

These are some of the frequently asked questions about bone conduction headphones. I gathered all the queries related to it and gave you the most feasible answer. The rest is up to you. Bone conduction is a new technology and if you are a tech freak, you must definitely try it once.

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