10 Best Bass Earbuds and In-Ear Headphones For Everyday Use in 2022

Music is a great form of art and with great art comes great effort.

Music that is rich in high notes and bass are made such that the user enjoys great audio with quality.

This is the hard work of a sound engineer or audio producer. They want you to listen to each notes that they create to enjoy every detail of the sound. There are a variety of best bass earbuds in the market but we choose the below list which is among the best in the industry with professional sound quality and great build quality.

But first, let us know things to look for while choosing the best earphones for bass and sound quality.

Factors to look out while buying best bass earbuds

1. Build quality

If you opt to buy any of the earbuds in the list then you must confirm that the build quality is at the top level. The use of durable material around the earbuds and body is prime importance.

Because we are buying the best earbuds with the capability to push supreme audio quality even at a higher base, the overall material should have the insight to hold that punch for a long time.

It must be comfortable around the ear for all people. So you might want to opt for ear-size option but standard size also fits well.

2. Performance

Performance covers the battery live, output deliverance and sound quality. The earbuds in the list are designed for higher bass tolerance.

So the impedance and the frequency range must be higher than normal headphones.  Some headphone features customizable volume control or EQ setting for quality audio.

The battery life must be more than 4 hours which is favourable for any situation. Overall, the earbud should provide the ultimate sound with clean notes.

3. Features

Along with ANC technology, the earbud can have some extra features that might come in handy.

If you are a tech freak then extra help with some cool voice assistant and volume control through app are some features you will fall love into.

Sweat resistance or dust resistance are also important if you are looking for such device. Go look out the features you like and choose the earbud and enjoy your ultimate bass music.

4. Price

While you search for the best earbud, it is easier to find devices with higher price range. This is obvious for the quality of the product they are giving with some extra settings.

All the earbuds with good bass are expensive to some extent but just choose from the earbud that fits your budget range and you are good to go with almost every earbud in the list.

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Best bass earbuds for the 2022

1. Sony XB50BS Extra Bass

Sony Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones
Sony Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones

Sony is known for its product and devices relating to sound and music. Of them, Sony XB50BS Extra Bass is one of them with high-quality noise-isolation sound and a lot of extra basses stuffed into it.

The frequency range is from 4-24000 Hz with 12mm driver giving a wide range of sound to hear. With 2.5 hours of charge, you can get a whopping 8.5 hour of continuous play without any interruption.

Available in 3 different colors, Sony XB50BS looks great on everyone. It also has a USB cable for charging, arc supporter and some silicon rubber earbuds inside its box. The inbuilt microphone makes easy to make calls and shuffle around the playlist.


  1. Unique and stable design with high comfort
  2. Great sound quality with extra bass
  3. Wide and Dynamic frequency range
  4. Long lasting battery
  5. IPX4 resistance for any liquid splash
  6. Wrap around headband
  7. 8 hour of battery lifespan


  1. May not be comfortable for everyone with different ear-size
  2. Heavy bass can cause hearing problems

Sony has been prominent in the audio industry providing professional-level sound quality which is why the Sony XB50BS Extra Bass is no other device. It is great on its own and you can enjoy a blissful sound with this great earbud.

2. RHA T20 IEMs (Gen. 2): DualCoil HiFi Noise Isolating Stainless Steel in-Ear Headphones

RHA T20 IEMs (Gen. 2): DualCoil HiFi Noise Isolating Stainless Steel in-Ear Headphones

RHA T20 IEMs (Gen. 2): DualCoil HiFi Noise Isolating Stainless Steel in-Ear Headphones is a best looking and well-built earbuds. The built is stainless buds, handmade drivers, interchangeable sound filter and noise isolation are best among its kind. For such a low price, RHA T10i is the best bass earbud in the market.

What you get within the pack is the 3-button remote and mic with a really nice leather case for carrying the earbuds. This 3-button remote is compatible with iOS devices. You also get 3 interchangeable filters to choose.

The bass is the main theme of this earbud. The sound performance is a noticeable boost in the upper mid-range. You can get the boost with natural sound and you can clearly hear each detail of your song.

CNET has rated the performance of the RHA T10i a 9 out of 10 and said that the earbuds are well built with a great audio system along with the swappable filters.


  1. Comfortable in-ear design
  2. Great built quality
  3. Interchangeable sound filter
  4. Noise Isolation drivers with ANC Technology
  5. Anti-leak sound
  6. 3-button remote for device compatibility across all platforms
  7. Bass heavy


  1. May not be comfortable for everyone who prefers over-ear or other design
  2. Heavy bass can cause hearing problems

Overall, if you want bass-heavy earbuds and want to listen to a detailed sound or music, this is the earbud for you. They are well built and have a lot of audio enhancement to improve the sound. RHA T20 IEMs (Gen. 2): DualCoil HiFi Noise Isolating Stainless Steel in-Ear Headphones might be the next earbud for your crazy music experience.

3. Sony MDR-XB90EX

Sony MDR-XB90EX in-Ear Extra Bass Headphones
Sony MDR-XB90EX in-Ear Extra Bass Headphones

Sony is known for its high-quality products. Being most experienced in the audio industry, Sony knows what customer love and how they can give it to them.

Sony MDR-XB90EX is not an exception to make. With Neodymium magnet in the driver, this bass-heavy earbud gives the clean and crispy music to listen. The impedance is 16 ohms with a wide frequency range of 4-27kHz.

The driver is little bigger in size producing a cleaner and extra bass. The box also contains differently sized ear cushions suitable for every individual. Sony MDR-XB90Ex is one of the best bass heavy earbuds available from Sony in the market.


  1. Lightweight and comfortable use
  2. Dynamic Neodymium driver for extra bass
  3. Wide frequency range 4-27kHz
  4. Advanced Direct Vibe Structure for maximizing sound isolation
  5. Vertical in-ear design
  6. Tangling-free structure


  1. Mid-level bass can be finished cleaner
  2. Can be heavy bass for some user

4. Sennheiser IE80

Sennheiser IE 80 Professional Ear-Canal Headphones - Noise Reducing Earbuds
Sennheiser IE 80 Professional Ear-Canal Headphones – Noise Reducing Earbuds

Sennheiser IE80 is a well-built device providing high-fidelity stereo sound with high noise attenuation. With powerful neodymium magnets, you are sure to get a sonic accuracy and clarity of your music. The attenuation of ambient noise is 26db. The design is extremely durable with interchangeable cable.

What is great about this earbud is that you can manually change the frequency response according to your use. The range of frequency is between 10-20000 Hz giving you a wide range to listen from. The connector jack is 3.5mm and the impedance of this excellent device is 16ohm. It is compatible around all platform and connects easily. You also get a 2-year warranty if you buy from the official site.


  1. Lightweight and durable material
  2. High fidelity stereo sound
  3. Noise Attenuation with 26db
  4. Wide frequency range
  5. 3.5mm audio jack
  6. Manual optimization of frequency
  7. 2-year warranty


  1. Some have reported issues with customer service
  2. Quite expensive

While Sennheiser is among the top player in the audio equipments industry, it shows with this device why they are great acheiver. They are built good and perform exceptionally well in each and evey situtaions.

5. 1MORE Triple Driver Hi-Res Best Bass Earbuds

1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Earphones Hi-Res Headphones with High Resolution, Bass Driven Sound
1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Earphones Hi-Res Headphones with High Resolution, Bass Driven Sound

As the title is, the main feature of the 1MORE Triple Driver is the triple driver. Two of the armatures are well balanced with a separate driver to deliver an accurate listening experience from deep bass to fluent highs.

The tuning of this great earbud is done by a Grammy Award Winning Sound Engineer Luca Bignardi for perfectness. The earbuds themselves are aluminum and a rose gold color to give a classy finish and with complete comforts.

1MORE Triple Driver comes with a 3-button remote to connect among various platforms while allowing you to pick and end a call. You also get to shuffle through your playlist with these buttons too.

The triple driver means the sound quality is just awesome. The armature is balanced with 2 drivers holding same and one for is a separate driver. You can hear each instrument clearly and enjoy every note of your song.

Overall, if you want a serious bass heavy earbud, 1MORE Triple Driver Hi-Res Best Bass earbuds are for you.


  1. Light, comfortable and durable
  2. Tuned by Grammy Award Winning Sound Engineer
  3. 3-Drivers for perfect and precise listening
  4. 3-button remote for controls
  5. Stereo sound quality
  6. OBLIQUE angled ear fitting
  7. Intelligent control technology


  1. Rubber cable
  2. Remote could have more features

6. Audiophile Elite In-Ear Best Bass Earbuds

Audiophile Elite In-Ear Best Bass Earbuds
Noise Isolating with Powerful Massive Bass Driver, The Absolute IEM, Ultra Clear Highs and Mids from Dynamic Dual Drivers

Audiophile is owning the headphone market with products like Audiophile Elite In-Ear Earbud. The dual driver with quality material gives you a powerful and detailed listening experience. The output is 118 decibels with a frequency range from 5Hz to 31000 Hz.

Just imagine with such output and frequency range, how will be the sound quality? You can listen to each and every instrument in your song with a clear sound.

The audio driver is finished by audio engineers to give you the best experience. WIth 16 ohm impedance, you can use it with any device. The best part of this earphone is that if you are not satisfied from day one, you can send it back to a full refund to the company with simple conditions.

Overall, they are a great bass heavy piece of earbuds that can your listening in each and every way.


  1. Lightweight and extremely durable
  2. Dynamic drivers for the best audio experience
  3. Wide frequency range
  4. An output of 118 decibels
  5. Surround sound system
  6. The impedance of 16 ohm
  7. Full refund if not satisfied


  1. A full refund may have conditions
  2. The wire is a bit short

7. Shure SE846-CL Best Bass Earbuds

Shure SE846-CL Sound Isolating Earphones with Quad High Definition MicroDrivers and True Subwoofer
Shure SE846-CL Sound Isolating Earphones with Quad High Definition MicroDrivers and True Subwoofer

Shure is known for its audio equipment. On the bass-heavy line is the Shure SE846-CL giving you the most powerful and punchy bass. This noise-isolating device features four high definition drivers for high-end clarity and gives you true subwoofer performance.

The high end and the lower end of this device is groundbreaking and gives you the cleanly finished music.

The frequency range is wide and adjustable for customized sound signatures. You also get a removable metal nozzle and changeable nozzle inserts according to your comfort.

The cable itself is detachable so you need not worry about breaking the wire. The ambient noise isolation is 37db. You also get a Bluetooth 4.1 cable, 3.5mm cable, standard 3.5 mm audio cable, micro-USB for charging, clothing clip, airline adapter along with changeable nozzles and carrying case.


  1. Light and comfortable
  2. Quality material for durability
  3. Four High-definition driver
  4. Adjustable frequency range
  5. Ambient Noise Isolation of 37db.
  6. Changeable nozzles
  7. Quad High-Definition MicroDrivers
  8. Low-pass filter earphone design


  1. Apart from being expensive, this device has not any cons

SHure has been in the audio industry for longer than we have thought and this is possible due to their dedication to providing a great product which makes this earbud a great work by the Shure team with almost not any cons. Buy from one and enjoy a great music.

8. V-MODA Zn Audiophile Best Bass Earbuds

V-MODA Zn In-Ear Modern Audiophile Headphones with microphone
V-MODA Zn In-Ear Modern Audiophile Headphones with microphone

Audiophile has set its market in the earphone market with a high-quality device. V-MODA Zn Audiophile is one of their best products. With zinc alloy in the housing and an 8mm dynamic driver, V-MODA Zn Audiophile ensures that the audio experience is at the best in the market.

Coming to the sound quality itself, this is a bass beast. It has deep and punchy bass. While the vocals don’t fade, the mids and highs are clean and precise while listening.

The design is super cool and the earbud itself is very comfortable in the ear. The Active Flex sports ear hook fits comfortably in the ear. The 3-button Apple iOS remote is stick with the wire for multiple functionalities like answering and ending a call or controlling the music or using voice assistance on the go


  1. Stylish, comfortable earbud
  2. Very low distortion 8mm dynamic driver
  3. Bass heavy with clean and crisp audio
  4. Tangle-free DiamondBack Cable
  5. 3-button remote for music control
  6. Dynamic frequency range
  7. 8mm Driver boost with low distortion


  1. Sound leakage in a noisy surrounding

9. AKG K374SLV

AKG K374SLV Premium High-Performance In-Ear Headphones
AKG K374SLV Premium High-Performance In-Ear Headphones

Made by Harman International, AKG K374SLV is a closed-back earplug equipped with AKG Acoustics. The body of this earpiece is aluminum that provides extended bass response and makes the device robust and durable.

The frequency response is dynamic and ranges from 10 hz to 24 kHz giving a range of details of the sound you are listening.

You also get 3 differently sized silicon sleeves to comfortably fit the device in your ear. The impedance is 28-ohm providing bass-heavy music. The highs and mids are great and they have worked on it better on this device. You get the control button to shuffle through your music and connect/end your call. Under $100, along with great sound quality and performance, AKG K374 is the best earbud you can get for.


  1. High-performance AKG sound
  2. Aluminum housing for durability
  3. The frequency range of 10-24khz
  4. Silicon sleeves for variable size choice
  5. 28ohm of the input impedance
  6. Best value for money earbud with extra bass
  7. Great for daily long time use


  1. The lower range could be improved

10. Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear

Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear (Android version) - Black Red
Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear (Android version)

Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear is the first of its kind earphones. It is the foremost in the momentum series by Sennheiser that serves its user with stylish earphones with great sound quality.

The bottom end and the sub-bass response has excellent follow through and makes the device much more powerful. The beautiful combination of the plastic and metal body gives an excellent look that catches anyone’s eye. The outer part is plastic but after you peel off the tip, you see the stainless steel tunnel made of metal.

This headphone comes in two versions; each one for Android and iPhone. You get the respective 3-button remote for each version you buy. You can control the music and the calls from the remote itself. The In-Ear wireless component supports apt-X Bluetooth audio codec.


  1. Lightweight and comfortable
  2. Robust and durable
  3. High-quality sound with punchy bass
  4. Clean-finished sound with clarity
  5. For anyone who loves to listen to music to its detail
  6. Long Battery life
  7. Micro-USB cable


  1. Mid-level sound have breaks sometimes
  2. The price tag can be high for a few
  3. Too bright and loud sometimes


Every earbud goes by some brand name with some extra features that they engrave in the earbud to promote the device but at the professional level.

They are meant to be used by all individual under their listening environment. While the price may depart them among others, the quality is top notch in every single earbud. If you opt to choose the earbud you like you are having a great step towards a beautiful listening experience.

Go grab one of them and have a great listening experience that you might not regret. But one thing you should always take care of is to use headphone properly so that it doesn’t affect your hearing.

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