Best Alarm Clock For Heavy Sleepers With Multiple Alarms (Updated Reviews)

Best Alarm Clock

Whether if you are a morning person or a heavy sleeper, you might want some of the good alarm clocks to wake you from the bed. Everyone seems to hit the snooze button and want some extra sleep. But, you need to be more productive and get out of bed for a healthy lifestyle.

You may have come across some of the best alarm clock apps on your smartphone. But, having a real alarm clock can do more good. Below is the list of the best alarm clock in the market that will guarantee to wake you up. They have loud sounds with different unique features on them. These can be even a perfect gift for the hearing disabled as there are some clocks with vibration and bed shake features. So let’s get started.

Here are some tips for choosing the best alarm clock for you.

Don’t consider look & style much, focus more on functionality. Determine whether you want an analog or digital clock.

Don’t go too bright. If your alarm clock emits too much light especially blue, then it can make it difficult to sleep. Always go for a soothing alarm clock that has an amber, orange, or red light.

Choose a model with a battery backup as an alarm with a built-in backup power source will be more reliable. You can go for a melodic alarm instead of a morning beep which can improve your alertness levels.

Consider different sounds. There are fancy and cool alarm clocks available in the market with different sonic sounds. If you are a heavy sleeper, go for an alarm clock with a growing volume. Or you can choose the one you like the most or you could listen to a different one each day!

Think about extra features. The market is full of lots of high techs advanced alarm clock with cool features. Some have the feature of bed vibration which can be helpful if you are hearing impaired or truly deep sleepers. Before considering any such features, think about how beneficial it will be for you.

Top 12 Best Alarm Clocks With Reviews

1. Super Loud Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker for Heavy Sleeper

Available on Amazon, this alarm clock weighs about 0.44 pounds. You can buy this alarm clock for the plethora of features and functionalities it offers. It has a beautiful, compact design. 

With three modes, buzzer mode, bed shaker mode and buzzer and bed shaker mode, you cannot expect to not wake up on time. The bed shaker mode is ideal for people with hearing dysfunctionalities.

The long cord of the alarm clock enables you to keep it on the bed easily. You can use two different alarms on this clock and even use Alarm Pause and Alarm Stop functions. This alarm clock’s large and clear display allows you to check the time even from considerable distances. 

It is electric-powered, and you can charge it. You can install two AAA batteries for your ease. You can return the product in 30 days for free if you are dissatisfied with its quality or work.

2. Loud Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

Equipped with the basic features, it also has all the up to the minute functions packed in the most stylish body. With a  7 inches LED display, you will have no problem watching time on this clock. 

It has two modes for alarm, specially designed for heavy sleepers. You get the sound buzzer mode as well as the bed shaker mode. This clock will leave no stones unturned to wake you up on time. 

It has a short memory space so that you can set two different alarms at different times. The snooze function will give you the ease of taking that last-minute nap as well! 

Its operation is effortless. With simple functions and less complicated, clever design, even older people can operate it efficiently. You can charge it using a USB cable. 

3. Marathon Silent Non-Ticking Alarm Clock

This alarm clock has a very classic appearance. This alarm clock comes with two AAA batteries. This clock is available in black and white variants. 

It is not a digital clock but a quartz clock that has a noiseless ticking movement. The AI sensors of the alarm clock recognize the dim or dark light, and the dial of this clock glows in the dark automatically. It has snooze functions to give you that extra sleep.

Weighing about 229 grams, it has dimensions of 3.5 x 3.75 x 1.5 inches. You can buy this clock for its old-school looks.

4. HoMedics SoundSpa Dual Alarm Digital FM Clock Radio

If you are looking for an alarm clock with a contemporary design and modish appearance, congratulations, you have got the one! Available on Amazon for $36.49, it hardly weighs 0.92 pounds and has a dimension of 5.4 x 2.5 x 4 inches. This alarm clock can be kept on a table as well as set freestanding. 

It is an alarm clock with dual functionalities. It also has an FM player incorporated in the alarm clock. You can choose to wake up to the sound of a buzzer or the songs playing on your favourite FM channel. It has a small blue coloured LED screen that displays the time. You get the option to turn off that LED light during the day. 

This clock automatically sets the date and time, and you don’t have to worry about changing the time and date daily. You also get eight musical soundtracks to choose from. You can wake up to the sound of campfire, ocean, rainforest or even a fan.

Another perk you will get is that you can choose to return the alarm clock within 30 days of buying with a cent per cent money-back guarantee.

5. Bedside Radio Alarm Clock with USB Charger

Available on Amazon, it is a very compact and stylish alarm clock. It has a cylindrical shape and got a cover to the fabric over it. It has the function to set FM channels as your alarm sound. 

With the easy charging options, you can either charge it using a USB cable or charge it wirelessly. You can set multiple alarms to wake up on time and never get late to your commitments. 

This clock comes with the feature of playing Apple music and Google play track to fill up your room with sweet music in the morning. Its 6 Watt speakers give the best performance. You can set this alarm clock in any corner of your house, and its design will add to the beauty of your home.

You get a year warranty from the manufacturers and an option to return it if you are dissatisfied with the clock.

6. Sonic bomb with shaker

Waking up early might be the hardest thing for many people. Hitting the snooze button has never helped. Also for a heavy sleeper, the light alarm sound of a smartphone or other regular clocks might not wake you up. You might want an earthquake to wake you up and get going.

Sonic Bomb with Shaker is here to help you wake up.

The Sonic Bomb is a beast that roars like an elephant. It comes with a classic red display that shows the time of the day. It also brightens and blinks every time an alarm is set. For some light sleeper, this might be ok to get you out of the bed. But, for heavy sleeper comes the best feature of Sonic Bomb, it’s sound.

The noise rating of this beast is 113db. You can call it a sound or a roar. Believe me, this might be more than enough to step out of your bed and start working for your day when you hear the sound.

“Ok, that noise was good. But, I can’t wake up from that too.”

If this is your problem, no worries. It also comes with a bed shaker to give you the earthquake every morning. This shaker is so powerful that you will eventually wake up after the loud sound and a jolting bed.

Sonic Bomb might not be the regular alarm clock you might see. It has many features that can act as a substitute for your regular table clock. Even if you are in a dim light environment, it will glow and make the light sensor trigger the illumination.

Just take the clock out from the box, add some batteries and you are good to go.


  • Noise rating of 113db to wake you up
  • Bed shaker for a heavy sleeper
  • Adjustable volume and tone
  • 5 level dimmer snooze button
  • High and low noise settings
  • Snooze diffuser
  • A large and explosive Red LCD display

7. Philips SmartSleep Wake-up Light

If you are a person who wants to wake up with sunlight, then you will be delighted to find Philips Wake Up Light alarm clock. Philips has been manufacturing electronics for a long time and providing good electrical items.

This is Philips wake-up alarm clock. It wakes you with gradually increasing artificial sunlight. This is a great alarm clock for people living in a cold region as the sun doesn’t rise early and you might not get out of bed thinking it’s still night.

Phile Wake up alarm clock will gradually increase the intensity before 30 to 40 minutes you wake up. It stimulates the natural sunlight like light to help you with a natural feeling of sunlight. It also has 5 different sounds to choose from to wake up early morning with natural sounds.

The design of this alarm clock is circular and has LEDs that emit a yellowish light with a small rectangle box where the time is shown. Just get the alarm clock out of the box, put it in the nearest table possible to enjoy the glorious light and ambient sound while you wake up.

The performance of the Philips Wake up alarm clock is more than just numbers. It is well suited for any individual and has won the hearts of many with a 92% success rate among testers. You can choose from 20 different light settings. At night, it gives you soft sound and dimming light to help you sleep and in the morning before 40 minutes of your actual alarm, light gradually increases and at your alarm time, it plays your favourite radio program or your song.


  • Stylish design to fit with any home decor
  • Provides gradually increasing sunlight to wake up
  • 5 different natural sounds to choose from
  • FM radio option
  • Large LEDs to emit decent intensity of light
  • 20 lightening settings
  • Replacing the bulb not needed

8. Screaming Meanie 110 alarm timer tz-120

Screaming Meanie is basically a rectangular box with the beast inside it. It is a simple-looking design with many functionalities in it. The display of this alarm clock might be smaller but what is important is to get you out of the best. And, this alarm clock does that job very nicely.

An hour and minute buttons are on the left-hand side along with timer and clock option. You can set a timer to wake you up at a certain time or just a clock to wake you up. The volume of this clock is 120 decibels at maximum but you can change that with a low setting of 70 decibels, the medium volume of 95 decibels which is quite loud and at maximum volume, it beeps at 120 decibel which is loud enough to wake you up from your bed. It uses a 9-volt battery to power up the system.

There is also an Audio Homing Beacon function. Say you are hiking or cycling in the mountains or hills and you get lost. This feature puts the alarm at loudest and after every 10 minutes, the alarm goes. Probably this will help you and if you get lost somewhere someone will find you with the loud sound it is providing.


  • 120-decibel noise rating
  • Simple and clear
  • Audio Homing Beacon function
  • 2 Pre-alarm function
  • Post alarm function and panic alarm settings
  • Easy to carry
  • 9-volt battery to keep it running

9. iHome IBT297

iHome IBT297 is a gorgeous alarm clock with colour-changing functionality. The whole clock is the well-connected LED that illuminates a vibrant, bright and clam light to provide your room with a wonderful glow. It has millions of colours that it can generate from.

iHome is not just an alarm clock. You can do much more than that. It is a Bluetooth enabled device to stream music from your device. The big screen on the front displays the time, the Bluetooth connectivity icon with the iHome logo. You can put whatever you like and connect to the device and with the colour setting, you can choose the mood for you and your home.

The alarm clock is also has a built-in mic to manage your phone calls. You can pick your calls without reaching out to your phone. The speakers are good and loud. There is an AUX input, a USB port, and a battery backup of CR2460 to give you the extra benefits to enjoy the device. You can charge your phone with it too with that battery backup and it supports all the devices in the market.

This device is well suited for the Apple user but if you are not one, no worries, it is still a great choice to go for.


  • Color-changing LEDs to set your mood
  • Bluetooth for connectivity
  • Battery backup in case of power shortage
  • USB for charging phones
  • Different color and wake up modes to choose from

10. American Lifetime Day Clock

American Lifetime brings you the simplest yet most beautiful alarm clock. It is a big 8’’ alarm clock that shows part of the day in this large display. It has nothing more in its display apart from what you need in an alarm clock. It shows the day of the week, time of the day either it is morning, evening or night, time in the day, months and year.

The design of the American Lifetime is basic but more realistic. It is what an alarm clock must feature. At the front is what see in the above picture. At the back, you get a charging port, a USB port, menu buttons, navigation buttons, and a power button.

Powering this is simple. Just plug the cable to the power outlet and you are good to go. You can choose a different color scheme to display the fonts in that color.

Inspired by elder people, American Lifetime is a helping hand for many of the elderly people to remind them of the medicine to take. It has 5 different language settings to choose with a leg stand to keep in your desk near your or a keyhole to hang in the wall.


  • Easy to set up
  • 5 different alarm mode to choose from
  • Best for people who need to take medicine
  • Color mode to choose from
  • A USB port for charging

11. iLuv SmartShaker 3 Vibration Bed Shaker Bluetooth Alarm Clock

Listening to loud noise in the morning might not be something you want to wake up with. Some people are comfortable with it but some might find that offensive. If you are a person who doesn’t like to wake up with loud noise and rather opt for something that will wake you up gently, then this is the device for you.

SmartShaker 3 is a slim design vibrating device to wake you up. Vibration is important for people who either are deep sleeper or someone who doesn’t like noise. This is a thin and light device that you can put under your pillow and it does the job of waking you up in the morning by vibrations. Some people might find it that simple as a regular phone can do that job nowadays. But SmartShaker 3 has a vibration that feels like an earthquake. Its vibration is much more powerful than any other device of such.

SmartShaker 3 also comes with Bluetooth connectivity that pairs up with an app that is available for Android and iOS devices. Not just the vibration but it also has an audio alarm in case you need some music to wake you up.


  • 5 vibration strengths
  • multiple alarms & settings
  • notifications & alerts
  • wake up in silence

12. Clocky Alarm Clock

Clocky alarm is one of the out-of-the-box alarm clocks on the list. If you are fed up with all the alarm clock that doesn’t wake you up then give a try to Clocky alarm clock and it will guarantee to wake you up unless you go to bed again.

The design of this alarm clock is quite funny. It runs away around the house and you must get out of your bed to turn it off. It runs on 4 3A batteries to operate. It has a sound that is inspired by R2D2.

What is best about this device is that it can fall from a height of 3 feet and run around the house. It is quite durable as the device is made from durable aluminium material. The wheels are made up of rubber and protect the body from any damage. This comes in 2 versions one being the Chrome version and the other the plastic version.

The design is quite unique. It has wheels on either side that is attached to the alarm box itself. It has an LCD display with the time and runaway features icons. Speaker is at the back with a loud sound that will wake you definitely in the morning.

The software in this device is made such that it can move in any direction and after some blockade is detected it changes the direction. So if you are wondering if it stops anywhere in the room, it won’t. Overall this alarm clock is quite productive and functional as you must get out of your bed to turn it off.


  • Made of aluminum and rubber for durability
  • Loud sound
  • Chrome and plastic version
  • Different sound settings inspired by R2D2
  • Can handle fall of 3 feet with no damage

Final Words

In spite of the fact of being just a healthy habit, waking up early can result in many positive impacts in creating a successful professional as well as personal life. You can have some extra hours doing productive work done while others are just sleeping. The fresh air and great vibes can fill your whole day with zeal and enthusiasm.

To achieve these good goals in life with ease, an alarm clock at your bedside is the needed equipment. Therefore we showed you the best alarm clock with different features available in the market with the complete reviews.

Most of them are loud enough to wake you up in the morning but still every one of them has some unique of their own. You can opt from these alarm clocks to pull you out from your bed in order to make your day productive.

Everyone should make a habit of waking up early and these alarm clock can be a good start to form a habit for your own good. Go choose from them and give your morning a headstart.