Aftershokz Aeropex Wireless Bone Conducting Headphones – Full Review and comparison to old model!

Bone conductivity technology is gaining a lift in itself. AfterShokz is providing the most effective headphones using this technology within the market. They may be lacking some analysis and development however in close to the future, these are dealt with as expected. At present, before shopping for this cool headphone, you want to perceive the particular use of it. These headphones are not supposed to be used to listen to music while talking or commuting.

Aftershokz AS800 Bluetooth for Sports Wireless On-Ear Headphones

The new AfterShokz Aeropex Wireless Bone Conducting Headphones is out there at cheap rates currently. I could use them for the past few weeks, therefore I will offer some perspective on however this new model works, particularly compared to previous versions.

They give you the sound observation of 2 things directly. You’ll be able to hear music or podcast while you are doing your issue say hearing peoples speaking or specializing in your studies. 

And, if you prefer to spend your hard-earned money on new technology, then this may be the best option going to be on your list. For of these sections, it may be difficult for you to settle on different headphones besides AfterShokz as they are completely different and sensible at what they’re giving to their user.

The open-ear style permits ME to pump up my audio recording, whereas still having the ability to listen to traffic and different goings-on around ME. 

However, the new AfterShokz Aeropex model appears to be the end result of the past years’ developments. It’s lighter than the previous Air model (Trekz being born from the merchandise name), with higher sound and improved waterproofing that ought to keep them from being at risk of perennial outpourings of sweat.

Why spend on AfterShokz Aeropex Wireless Bone Conducting Headphones only?

As always, I would like to produce the caveat to those who are new to AfterShokz Aeropex Wireless Bone Conducting Headphones

These headphones sound nice for what they’re, there is no comparison with over-ear or in-ear headphones. Also, the open-ear style diminishes the output once you are in loud environments.

Ultimately, the open-ear vogue is not ideal for each moment if you are into full immersion. Moreover, if you’ve got long hair, you will probably get to tie it into a ponytail to wear these headphones properly.

You will find out some changes in the materials though if you drop the headset or toss it on the table. Before it was a rubbery impact, whereas now it’s a clacking sound.

I’m positive they are even as sturdy.

The Aeropex has the loudest volume capability to this point from AfterShokz and in a very slimmer kind than ever. It fills your head with sound in a very pleasing manner whereas conjointly permitting you to understand the skin world.

Typically while riding I even have to dial back the amount since they are blasting away a touch too loud. Unless it’s quiet although, I do sometimes run 85-100% volume levels.

On the opposite finish of the spectrum, you’ll viably keep it up conversations and hang around with individuals whereas keeping a non-stop flow of tunes going at low volume if you’ll handle that a lot of stimulation.

And as I’ve mentioned before, these area headphones are very nice for turn-by-turn directions where people are in the automobile or perhaps as headphones for video calls and music whereas at your pc.

What are the features of this Aftershokz Aeropex Wireless Bone Conducting Headphone?

1. The controls can all be used to combo power on /volume up /pairing button and a volume down next to that. On the left transducer, you will find a multifunction button, which you’ll primarily use for starting, stopping or skipping tracks.

It also can answer calls (which I ne’er do, spam!) and even redial the last call. This accidentally happens to me every once in a while and I’m always scrambling to remember how to cancel it, so it’s far from my favorite feature.

2. A two-second press of this button also calls up your phone’s assistant, be it Google or Siri. Trying to activate this feature and not simply the start/stop playlist perform is difficult.

When I managed to nail the timing arrangement on my tests, I did not get a vocal response to my inquiries. The phone registered the request, however, I did not hear anything over the headphones. AfterShokz checked and confirmed the feature works, though, so I’ll chalk it up to my aging OnePlus 5 or a weird settings issue for now.

3. While the Aeropex has one of the smallest form factors from AfterShokz yet (it’s similar to the upcoming Xtrainerz) the battery life has increased. The Air had up to 6 hours and up to 20 days standby. Aeropex has up to 8 hours, but only up to 10 days standby.

I’ve typically taken many 20-30 minute rides without any fear to charge them and whereas an extended standby time is nice if you do not use your device, 10 days is more than enough for users. You can also get a status check with a quick click of the power/+volume button when not playing audio.

4. On the subject of charging, there is a new proprietary cable for this headphone. Like many devices nowadays, it has a magnetic connection making it an easy plugin without hunting for the right angle or side of a MicroUSB. And surprisingly, I am told that every device will come along with 2 cables.

5. The external charging surface does not have a cover now, thus there is a possibility that you will have water or sweat there if you set them down to recharge right once a workout or sweat. In order to avoid any issues with the battery, the system has associated with an alert once the charger is connected and it detects wetness, So you can just wipe it off.

6. It also increases situational awareness. If you’re out for a jog, you’ll be able to hear another runner approaching behind you. If you’re in construction, you’ll be able to relish your music whereas still being awake to hazards. If you’re operating during a cubicle, you stay connected to the workplace surroundings and approachable to your colleagues.

7. A male cyclist wearing blue bone conduction headphones under a bike helmet.

8. Do your earbuds fall out? Do your ear canals hurt? Are lifesize headphones too serious for your morning run? Are speakers getting all up in your earrings’ business?

Most headphones don’t get their name for being so comfortable. Few things are more annoying than running on a treadmill with your right earbud dangling by the wire because you’re working up a sweat and the darn things won’t stay in.

Bone conductivity headphones do away with the drama by effort your ears out of the equation. A man and woman out jogging wearing bone conduction headphones. For many individuals, it’s a whole lot more comfortable.

9. Longer battery life: Although it is smaller in size, the Aeropex transducer is more powerful than the Trekz Air whilst consuming less power. And less power means a longer battery life.

The extended battery life is also reached by implementing the latest Qualcomm chip 3024. This chip greatly reduces Bluetooth power consumption. So, whilst the battery life is reduced to 145 mAh from 180 mAh at the Air, the battery life is extended to 8 hours at the Aeropex from 6 hours at the Air.

Of course, I took the test and my Aeropex managed to continuously play music for 8 hours and 21 minutes in a row. And a full charge took me only 1 hour and 56 minutes. AfterShokz clearly fulfilled their promises on this one and it is a significant improvement for those people who would define themselves as long-term athletes.

One thing I love is the little but clear LED light on the side of the AfterShokz Aeropex. This light was also available in previous versions but this time they have increased its visibility being on the side of the controller part on the frame.

Is it worth the money?

For me, it is worth the money.

Why? Because it is the first time a bone conduction brand has not only and mainly focused on the bone conduction part but also the sound quality part. Additionally, there is little to no sound leakage even at high volumes. Two aspects of “sound quality” and “sound leakage” which I have always believed to be impossible to enhance. AfterShokz did it though! It does have a lower weight and a smaller size than the Trekz Air. It does feel a bit more comfortable. It has more dynamic sound, enhanced bass, the decreased sound leakage, and decreased vibrations. 

Aftershokz Aeropex Wireless Bone Conducting Headphones is the best option available in the market today for all types of sound solutions.