Unisex Names That Start With C

When we think about someone, we usually associate them with their names. Everything has a name & it is an integral part of that thing or person. Today we are here with a list of some cool and trending list of unisex names that start with C.

So, if you are looking for some gender-neutral nicknames starting with C for your newborn, here your search ends.

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With C

ChristyItalyfollower of Christ
CarmeloItalian & Hebreworchard, garden
CarringtonBritishCharles’s town
CheriFrenchDear one;darling
CharisGreekgrace, kindness, and life
ChiquitaSpanishlittle girl
CoryIrishdeep hollow, ravine
CalebHebrewfaithful, devotion, whole hearted, bold, brave
CoreyIrisha cauldron, a seething pool, a hollow
ChasityLatinPurity; Innocence
CharlyOld Germanfree man or woman
ChandaraSanskritOf the moon
ClaireLatinbright or clear
ConstantineLatinConstant, steadfast
CurtisEnglishpolite, courteous, or well-bred
CaseyIrishvigilant or watchful
CarsonAmericanSon of Carr
CallahanIrishbright-headed, lover of churches
CleoGreekpride’, ‘fame’ or ‘glory’
CarmelHebrewfresh, vineyard
CorriEnglishFrom the round hill; seething pool; or ravine
CareyIrishFrom The Fort
CoriGreek and Old Norsemaiden
CristinIrishServant of Christ
CelinaFrenchsky or heaven
CortneyFrenchCourtly; courteous
ColemanIrish and Englisha burner of charcoal
CinthiaGreekfrom Mount Kynthos
ColinEnglishvictory of the people
CaelanIrishslender, narrow or fine
CharybdisGreekA deadly whirlpool
CherylEnglishdear one; darling
CassidyIrishclever or curly-haired
CarreyGermanlove; free man/woman
ConsueloSpanishwho brings consolation
CarollIrishFierce warrior
CamrenScottishcrooked nose
CamrynnScottishhappy joyful kind and sweet
CarrollIrishfierce in battle
CavallEnglishking Arthur’s dog
CashEnglish, Latinhollow

These were some of the top gender-neutral baby names that start C. In fact, most of the unisex names are not truly gender-neutral. Most of them are used majorly for one sex and only rarely for the other.

I hope you find this list helpful. We update our list regularly with unique & meaningful baby names, so keep visiting.