70+ Unisex Names That Start With C (Gender-Neutral Nicknames)

When we think about someone, we usually associate them with their names. Everything has a name & it is an integral part of that thing or person. Today we are here with a list of some cool and trending list of unisex names that start with C.

So, if you are looking for some gender-neutral nicknames starting with C for your newborn, here your search ends.

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With C

ChristyItalyfollower of Christ
CarmeloItalian & Hebreworchard, garden
CarringtonBritishCharles’s town
CheriFrenchDear one;darling
CharisGreekgrace, kindness, and life
ChiquitaSpanishlittle girl
CoryIrishdeep hollow, ravine
CalebHebrewfaithful, devotion, whole hearted, bold, brave
CoreyIrisha cauldron, a seething pool, a hollow
ChasityLatinPurity; Innocence
CharlyOld Germanfree man or woman
ChandaraSanskritOf the moon
ClaireLatinbright or clear
ConstantineLatinConstant, steadfast
CurtisEnglishpolite, courteous, or well-bred
CaseyIrishvigilant or watchful
CarsonAmericanSon of Carr
CallahanIrishbright-headed, lover of churches
CleoGreekpride’, ‘fame’ or ‘glory’
CarmelHebrewfresh, vineyard
CorriEnglishFrom the round hill; seething pool; or ravine
CareyIrishFrom The Fort
CoriGreek and Old Norsemaiden
CristinIrishServant of Christ
CelinaFrenchsky or heaven
CortneyFrenchCourtly; courteous
ColemanIrish and Englisha burner of charcoal
CinthiaGreekfrom Mount Kynthos
ColinEnglishvictory of the people
CaelanIrishslender, narrow or fine
CharybdisGreekA deadly whirlpool
CherylEnglishdear one; darling
CassidyIrishclever or curly-haired
CarreyGermanlove; free man/woman
ConsueloSpanishwho brings consolation
CarollIrishFierce warrior
CamrenScottishcrooked nose
CamrynnScottishhappy joyful kind and sweet
CarrollIrishfierce in battle
CavallEnglishking Arthur’s dog
CashEnglish, Latinhollow
ChristenLatinfollower of Christ
CandaceAfricanpure and innocent
ChristiaLatinfollower of Christ
CarlosSpanishfree man
CorderoSpanishyoung’, ‘new’
CotyEnglishCushion; helpful
CoraAncient Greekhonest, virtuous or good
CarloSpanish and Old German“warrior”, “army”
CarryOld Germanbeloved
ChannaHebrew and Gaelic“favor, grace”
ConnerIrish“Lover of wolves”
CooperOld Englishbarrel maker
ClarenceEnglish Babybright or clear
CandyLatinDazzling white
CarlinGaelicSmall champion
ChristinLatinfollower of Christ
CornellEnglishCornhill, Cornwell
CamdenScottishwinding valley
CelesteFrenchcelestial’, ‘heavenly’
CorinneFrench or English“girl, maiden”

These were some of the top gender-neutral baby names that start C. In fact, most of the unisex names are not truly gender-neutral. Most of them are used majorly for one sex and only rarely for the other.

I hope you find this list helpful. We update our list regularly with unique & meaningful baby names, so keep visiting.

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