70+ Unisex Names That Start With A

Find out some unique, cool, and awesome list of unisex names that start with A. These are gender-neutral names starting with A, perfect to be used as baby names for both girls or boys, and have no definite gender association.

A unisex name as the name suggests can be used for any baby regardless of their gender (girl or boy). These types of nonbinary names are becoming more popular especially in the U.S.

Gender Neutral Names Starting With A

AnThe name An means Peace and is of Chinese origin.
ArdenIt means a place of solitude and great beauty
AkpofureMeans “life is peaceful” in Urhobo.
AmabilisThe name Amabilis means Lovable and is of Latin origin
AnanIn Muslim Baby Names the meaning of the name Anan is: Clouds
AlvaThe meaning of the name Alva is: Brightness, exalted, exalted one
Adiel“ornament of God” or “God is my ornament”
AhuiliztliThe meaning of the name “Ahuiliztli” is: “Joy”
AnchorThe meaning of Anchor is “stability”
AshlyMeadow of ash trees
ArichArich is a Greek name for girls meaning Princess of the Royal Blood of Athens
Addisynson of Adam
Amselnickname for someone fond of singing or an occupational name for a bird catcher
AnatPossibly derived from a Semitic root meaning “water spring”
Ademeans king, crown or royalty in the Yoruba language
AlexiThe meaning of Alexi is ‘Defender’
ArthanIt is probably a development of the ancient Gaelic “Garth” meaning “a bear”
Aeon“life”, “vital force” or “being”, “generation” or “a period of time”
AshtonDerived from an English surname derived from a place name meaning “ash tree town.”
AraThe meaning of Ara is “brings rain”
AlixOf the nobility
AndreaIn French Baby Names, meaning of the name Andrea is: Brave.
AethnenMeaning “Aspen” or “Poplar.”
Adetokunbo“the king/crown/royalty from across the seas”
AviThe word is of Hebrew origin meaning “father”
AlfajiriThe meaning of the name “Alfajiri” is: “Dawn”
AimOrigin: American. Meaning: Direct Toward Target
AtlThe name Atl means Water and is of Aztec origin.
AmitThe Indian or Israeli origin word, means “infinite” or “boundless
AndyDerived from the Greek name Andreas, meaning “manlike” or “brave”
AureThe name Aure means Soft Air, Breeze and is of French origin.
AlkahestIt is a “universal solvent”: able to dissolve every other substance
ArrianThe meaning of the name “Arrian” is: “Holy”
ArionOrigin is Hebrew & the meaning is “melodious”
AmanziIt is of Xhosa origin and means “Water”
ArnonIn Biblical Names the meaning of the name Arnon is: Rejoicing, sunlight.
AbidaIt means the one who worships.
ArianIn Welsh Baby Names the meaning of the name Arian is: Silver
AlvarGerman origin meaning “fair, white”
AbbyMeaning of the name Abby is: Father rejoiced, or father’s joy
AugustLatin origin meaning “great, magnificent”
AshleyAshley means – from the ash tree
ArloThe name Arlo means Hill and is of German origin
AkuchiThe meaning of Akuchi is “wealth from God”
AvivHebrew origin meaning “springtime, freshness, youth”
AnneHebrew, French, English origin meaning “grace”
Abanname of a mountain mentioned in Arabic dictionaries
AlvaBrightness, exalted, exalted one
AtalyahIn Biblical Names, the meaning of the name Athaliah is The time of the Lord.
AkiOrigin:Japanese. Meaning:autumn; bright; glistening
AmanaOrigin:Hebrew. Meaning:loyal, faithful
AutumnThe name Autumn is a seasonal name associated with the Fall season.
ArienA gender-neutral name of Hebrew origin that means Enchanted.
AftonA gender-neutral name of English origin, name of a river
AlyMeaning: Noble kind; of the noble sort;
AldusMeaning:old one or elder
AkiaA gender-neutral name of African – Uganda origin that means First Born.
ApinyaApinya originates in Thai language and it means “magical power”
AceMeaning number one or best, Ace is an English name.
AbiAbi is a baby name of Hebrew origin.
Andrena gender-neutral name of American origin that means Manly
AviyaMeaning: God is my Father.
AdlerOld German origin, and the meaning of Adler is “eagle”
AstonMeaning:east town; ash tree settlement.
AmaraIn Italian, “Amara” means “bitter.” in Sanskrit, Amara means “immortal.”
AaleMeaning Noble in Finnish origin
AindreaAindrea is primarily a gender-neutral name of Irish origin that means Man
AvinoamUnisex name of Hebrew origin that means Blessed Father
AryaAn Indo-Iranian word meaning “Aryan” or “noble.”

I hope you find this list of unisex names that start with A helpful. We keep updating this list as soon we find more any more popular gender neutral names beginning with A.

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